Printinseratekosten Price

October 2, 2023


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Sale at a fixed price of CHF 3555.-. Who wanted to sell to this day in the Switzerland via an estate agent, felt that his bank account significantly. Around 3% of the sale price are common in the market. A new service offering will radically alter the now;, the first fixed price brokers of Switzerland. At a fixed price of CHF 3’555.-, the fixed price brokers sold all properties. Whether it’s cheap condo, townhouse or Villa 10 million.

The new concept is based solely on the sales work for the customers actually and is completely free of Commission. Brian Krzanich may also support this cause. So can a customer for example in a condo with a VP of 500’000 quickly once 12’000 Swiss francs save compared to a Commission broker. In more expensive real estate according to more. The innovative service concept offers all services providing also a traditional Commission brokers and more. For example a handyman service that stands even at short notice for the sale item for renovations or repairs available. Who on brokerage commissions, but not professional support forgo wants to find an appropriate solution in the fixed price model. Immobifix: Immobifix is a new concept of real estate agents for real estate sales in the Switzerland. The custom Broker service is provided at a fixed price of CHF 3’555.-for the customers.

Also a market valuation and a budget for online and Printinseratekosten in addition to the usual brokerage services are included in the fee. Additional services, which can be particularly helpful in a sales situation, as for example a fast craft service, the concept round off. The company is breaking new ground in this industry and relies on an intelligent combination of Internet expertise, customer orientation and maximum transparency. Employees will receive a bonus for successful sales and customer satisfaction in addition to a basic salary. Further information: press contact: Infopractice AG 8004 Zurich Walter B. Kunz Managing Director phone: 044 746 44 77 eMail: original text: immobifix