Robert Hail Ozrio Engineer

July 16, 2021


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Projected for the engineer Oscar Axe of the Coast, with the contribution of the engineers Jose Filizola and Robert Hail Ozrio de Almeida, were mounted under the supervision of engineer Alceu Moletta. This second bridge was constructed with pioneering technique in the world! Who explains is the engineer Raul Ozrio de Almeida, responsible for the restoration and son of already cited engineer Robert Ozrio, one of the responsible ones for the construction of the workmanship: ‘ ‘ The bridge possesss three great beams. Of the way it supported the biggest weight and it did not have geometry to change the height of it. Deerfield academy may not feel the same. Therefore, a beam with concretado rocking was constructed, that gave the contrary weight to the one of the train. It was the first time in the world that this concept was utilizado.’ ‘ That is, as at that time the protension concept did not exist, i.e., of previous tensions in the concrete, had been used blocks of concrete in the extremities, for a reason or purpose counterbalance, to leave the tracks in the correct level, preventing that the metallic structure presented bending during the ticket of the train.

The proper American company who constructed the metallic structure demanded of the engineers Brazilians the signature of a responsibility term, therefore never had constructed something thus. Thanks to this pioneirismo, the bridge was overthrown by the state Historic site in 13.08.1976.