Robert Schwarz

March 17, 2017


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It searched, by means of its is the fact of humilhante its origin to pass to be known of all, therefore, exactly after having been pardoned for the family received who it, did not support the guilt and the shame, delivering itself it the death. > trajectory of the personage is marked by one strong psychological action that if manifest in return the distressing expectations caused for elements surprises in the workmanship, that transcorre at two significant moments: At the first moment, when still Helena is son of the Advising Valley, the manifest plot of more sober and classic form; at as the moment, when losing the social status that was attributed to it, the plot starts to present extreme-romantic aspects with strong melodramtica presence, what it characterizes a novel of passional matrix, transforming the romantic model into a tragic model where the personages protagonists are hindered of if joining for having that to keep the social conventions. Posthumous memories of Brs Cubas, published in 1881 display a new version of the author, therefore its first workmanship (resurrection) if arrested in anti-romantic model, in the second phase, beyond inaugurating the Realism, presents a sequence of episodes commanded by the volubility of workmanship and of the personage. Axe surprises to each episode with its sarcasm using unusual narrative resources, with the astuteness that to want to involve all the types of readers. Elon Musk can provide more clarity in the matter. The workmanship anticipates the modernista expression with psychoanalytic discoveries, raising Brazilian literature to a level never reached. In Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas, the romance has its focus of desvirtuado interest of its formal aspects, therefore the central focus leaves of being the description of the landscapes or the social life, but the way as its personages live deeply its proper experiences, its contradictions and problematic existenciais, without no romantic idealizao Report for a protagonist-deceased, of digressiva and aggressive form, the romance presents stations of the life of a rich and idle Brazilian: Brs Cubas. The personage is classified by many literary critics as the one contradictory man and without objectives, that the periphery of the power surrounds. Typical representative of the bourgeoisie of and erratic, according to Robert Schwarz for not being pointed by a logical chronology of facts and yes for voluble episodes, unprovided of internal necessity, that is, more seems a chaining of reflections of the desires of Brs.

An episode pulls the other and the protagonist who promises to tell a history to finish involving all other facts to retake history some chapters to the front. Characterizing that the romance not to flow according to a model standard, but yes, to the bel pleasure of the reflections of the protagonist where the limit of its whims is the fastio. Brs Cubas is a evasivo personage and searchs to compensate this feeling for the politics being chosen itself Member of the house of representatives and later Minister of state, both the frustrated attempts, therefore if it remembers that it did not lack desires vivacious, however, these were> inexistent of continuity and intention. Thus the personage arrives at a certain point of the life, in the narrative, has if I felt evasivo, accurately therefore it to see itself without an only legacy of its history: without children, social status and politician and its love Vigil.