Saxon State Institute

August 15, 2016


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Jost announced, that is the company with a new concept for the media meeting point Central (MTM) will contribute to the current tender. “We want to use our nationwide network and gain fresh wind the third largest German media Congress. This is a Congress with country-wide reputation, which now faces the next step in its development after very successful. We want to use the current call for proposals, to present a more modern and attractive concept for a ‘new media ‘venue’ central’ to the organisers”, explains managing director Jost. Organisers of the Leipzig media meeting point is an association with the members: Saxon State Institute for private broadcasting and new media SLM, Thuringian media institution TLM, Media Centre Saxony-Anhalt MSA, city of Leipzig, Saxon State Chancellery, Thuringian State Chancellery, Mitteldeutsche media promotion MDM, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR, DREFA media holding, tele Columbus, radio PSR, BCS broadcast Saxony, Thuringia State wave, new wave Saxony broadcasting and the Saxony casinos. In addition to the media Congress a leadership Congress shall be organized 2012 in the State capital Dresden also.

Background is that the German economy can see in all areas that it is not sufficient to discuss future models and innovations only from the perspective of new business models and products. Rather it is matter to fit the new, digital times the leadership skills of decision-makers in all sectors of society. A new kind of “Leadership” replace existing business and management skills. In the after knowledge-based society it no longer involves the knowledge as an ideal of the educated bourgeoisie. This is being replaced by the request to reflect information better than to classify others, and question. Decision makers who understand it to constantly changing teams, be the new guiding ideal of society.