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March 9, 2016


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She would be interesting to inquire Mr. Peter Bial on which would be its concept of ' ' heri' '. Why one corja of playboys idiotic, trancafiados in a mansion and living of luxury, ostentation and wastefulness are considered heroes? the Brazilian who survives with a minimum wage, that works extenuantes 44 weekly hours, that the transit faces, the floods and the violence? They are not heroes? Thus the Net Globe contributes decisively for our intellectual misery, despolitizando us and becoming us so acephalouses that to each day more we are hostages of our proper dullness. The sender is specialist in programs and novels of null intellectual content who had helped and continue to contribute, in very, to adoecer the Country and to promote the emburrecimento the collective level. In them they do not remain doubts that are these aberrations of the Net Globe, as well as of the SBT, Band, Record etc., that promotes ' ' sucesso' ' of pagode, ax, funk and others imundcies that the bars, snack bars and public places of our Country hear in all. The implication of this is inevitably one future generation well worse if compared with this where we live, where Brazilians are confined in its obsolete and harmful conservadorismo to the moral evolution, cultural spiritual and of our species. Not if enxerga that the more if it spreads out the ignorance and the aculturao, greater will be the distanciamento of effective social and civic values.

We do not evidence that this program is the death of the culture, the ethics, the dignity and the shame. It is as soon as we explain the reasons for which we are a different Country, unjust and violent. The conquest of corporate properties is only conceivable to a politically mature population, factor that is well far from our reality. Lamentably this imported plague, vulgarly known for BBB, is spread as a cancer in perpetual constant and metstase, rejecting the thesis of that still they believe that we can have an educated, politicized, concientious population of its rights, duties and of the cruel reality of pssima income distribution that stops the development of the Country and is responsible direct for the daily violence the one that we attend.