Series: The New Sale (part 2)

June 26, 2016


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Discounts or good feelings? Many sellers are pure price seller, in their sales calls the prize revolves around. Who talks only about its prices, you need not be surprised, if customers ask only about the prices. Who knows nothing, makes it about the cheap price”, says a marketing corny joke. Who lives by the prize, dies with the price”, the Americans say. It’s often the wrong beliefs, which we do the wrong things. Customers are numismatists, they are always there, where are the best conditions,”I hear for example the bankers say.

If you believe something, which will try to control everything about cheap deals. And then he gets exactly the customers that he most fears at the end: the cherry. Price actionism is a bad cycle not every customer wants to buy cheap! The cheap price is often make much less of a role as media and sellers would have us believe. ‘ Billig-Billig is a get of morals, with a decline of Quality of service (service is expensive!) and with loss of confidence (“I can not anywhere, had next week still cheaper that?”) connected. Price dumping is not rare even life-threatening: for the consumer and for the company.

In many industries, the price of the earnings driver number one is. Most companies control costs nor prices however, but are dominated by the prices, which dictate the market or competition. So are whole sectors of the economy price battles with devastating outcome. Price dumping is a death spiral. Because someone makes it even cheaper. Lightly contracted discounts are often only an expression of inaction and poor employment with what really moves the customers rational and emotional aspects. A seller can attract wishes, of which the customer yesterday did not know that he will have it today. A Baker must therefore make its customers not tired but hungry. Discounts represent a reward discount symbols and special actions as well as the prospect of a bargain to save money, all that stimulates our cerebrales reward system.