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December 27, 2015


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Many novice webmasters making his first encounter with the site so that they can not provide a website good attendance, ie to promote a site. Made a good site, registered in fifty directories, ch and pr do not grow, attendance of not more than ten people a day. And what if the site is not a commercial, money for an advertising campaign there, the site you are supporting one and time to promote your creations not? In this case, the course will help free services on promotion. Although I would call them quasi-free, because nothing is free, and these services have their own benefit. – exchange service of thematic links. This is the best system I know of a link exchange. Here you can share and buttons (88 * 31). You can also add an article about your site with a selection of synonyms for the uniqueness of the text of the article. Links from sites linking to you will not be identical. For a button prescribed tag Alt. On the pages of your site will need php code block (there are detailed instructions). The unit will be no more than 5 references. The more pages, where you place the unit, the more links to your site (at your option links may not be mutual). Chances of getting a ban virtually eliminated since block looks like a normal ad Known automated system for link exchange. Allowed to participate sites with ic is not below 10. In this case you create a separate page and paste it in php code with 5 blocks (5 sites). Need to modify. Htaccess. Effect in this case are lower than mord, but raises the ic is not bad. – multiple services 1. You can place php code directory, and get over 1500 links to your site from other directories (on my site for a month to index only slightly more than 400). Directory is built into the design of the site, and not any reference to dmitry-portal is not (as it does, so it looks like yours. Attendance and ic in this case, particularly not rise, but for the cheat ic can fall into the ban list. 2. Visitors to your website. You are fluent prosmatrivate page, the same number of unique visitors to visit your page. In general, the usual Click service. 3. Free newsletter for hundreds of bulletin boards. 4. can be installed on a website bulletin board, forum, chat. Dmitry-portal will have their fill. 5. 10 times the free text banner exchange system 6. Not expensive you can buy links to your site (links course with a user directory service.) Also read about the promotion here / .html