So Paulo Marketing

May 8, 2013


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Some torcedores had cited of spontaneous form the fact of the teams to be outside of the axle River – So Paulo as the main reason not to obtain good sponsors and prominence in media. More than the half (54%) spends less of R$ 20,00 per year with products and esportivos services (official ingressions, shirts and products, magazines, periodicals, partner-torcedor, games in paid canals, etc.) the average value expense annually for the mining torcedor is of approximately R$ 67,52. However, in case that the team presented improvements in its management, this value would increase considerably for R$ 105,02, that is, a 55,81% growth. Amongst the considered teams references in esportivo marketing for the mining torcedor are Flamengo, Corinthians, Internacional and So Paulo in the national scene. International teams more had been cited and the main ones are Barcelona, Manchester, Juventus, Milan, Bayer, Real Madrid and Ferrari.

Barcelona was the team more cited by the interviewed ones with all merit. Beyond possessing a spotless performance in the last seasons and European hegemony, the club invests in the formation of the players since the base, being that this formation is not only esportiva. A structure has all to create an individual with maturity, humildade and capable to work in team. The young players used to advantage for the club are not disputed by some teams of the Europe. Museum of the club, a stadium five stars and short planning, medium and long run and efficient and efficient actions make of the composed club for 57,8 million torcedores the reference in esportivo marketing. Few interviewed if had remembered the companies who currently apiam the mining soccer. Nike, Pnalti, MRV, FIAT and Adidas had been the marks more cited by the interviewed ones and less than 40% of the torcedores they had cited the main sponsor of the main teams, bank BMG. As cited previously, the president of the Athletical one understands marketing as search of sponsorships.

When declaring that all its efforts of marketing are in attracting new partners, he must yourself be attempted against that the mining torcedor is unaware of the marks that currently they invest in the soccer. Therefore, he must yourself be created strategies for better spreading of the partners or new possibilities of if collecting money. FINAL CONSIDERAES To identify the existence of imperfections in the management of the clubs a bibliographical research in periodicals, reviewed esportivas and in the official pages of the teams was carried through and can be perceived that the two teamses possess limited and isolated actions, without planning of medium and long run. What influence negative the image of the clubs of Minas Gerais. To analyze the teams that they possess good practical in esportivo marketing,