Social Contract

June 30, 2012


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When the civil insubordination, the chaos and the street violence are in a same scene, dangerous social vortices with devastating and opposite consequences to transforming the pacifist spirit are created and of the civil disobedience. Which are the main strategies of the civil disobedience? What type of social chaos produces? 1. – The origins of the violence: For many students of the human conduct, the origin of the violence resides in the nature or human essence, for it they have talked about authors as Hobbes Takings that from the century XVI it affirmed, in its famous text the Leviatn, that the law that reigns in the society is the law of the jungle, that is to say, the law of more hard; " that the man is the wolf of hombre" and that therefore, requires a social pact so that the human coexistence is possible. This author went ahead to the Social Contract of Rousseau, which stipulates that, in exchange for guaranteeing security and protection to them to the citizens, the State the conmina to delegate in him its freedom and to confer obedience to him. Necessary condition so that the men can live civilizadamente in society. Other rapporteurs maintained the opposite position, that the origin of the violence is not innate, that is that is not in the human essence, but in its social, political, economic and cultural agreement. For it, they leaned in the existencialista current as philosophical frame, adducing that " the existence precedes to esencia" , that is to say, that we are not born with an essence already given exactly, but to each it is it man constructing throughout his life, in the measurement that is realising free and conscious acts; and consequently, it is responsible than it is doing in and of his life. Therefore, it will be the social condition surrounds that it what makes arise the violence.