Successful Leadership

June 5, 2016


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What it is to be leader? To be leader became very reasonable nowadays. Currently in them we come across with good leaders in all the places that we will be. Leaders politicians, communitarian, leader leaders of market and many other types of leaders. Many leaders are if raising. In the modern church almost all are leader. If to walk of closed eyes we esbarramos in leaders for the corridors of the churches. The first thing that I judge important that if it knows on leadership is accurately what it is to be leader.

To be leader is to lead. The leader is that one that she leads! Also I think that this definition seems sufficiently obvious. It is clearly that the leader is that one that she leads. In the truth the obviedade of the declaration is proposital. We are living a time where, of time in when we esbarramos in some things that oppose the obvious one. We will see to pass in the street a viatura of policy with some fardados men, then we will think: They are policemen! He is obvious! However, in many cases they are not in fact policemen. In many cases are only outlaws approved in the competitions of the military policy.

They can seem excessively policemen and not be policemen. They can until having everything that the policemen teem, also the credentials and not having the essence. Not to have the vision. The mission. The vocation. Perhaps the biggest cause of as many crimes and cases of corruption involving policemen is accurately this: They are not in the corporation because they are policemen. They are there because they needed a job. Not ' ' so' ' policemen, only ' ' esto' ' policemen. The number of professors in the public schools is impressive that do not like what they make. They are there, day after day only why they do not teem another source of income.