Swiss Let Himself Do Not Spoil The Holiday Mood For 2011

April 28, 2023


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This shows one of Avis, one of the world’s leading car rental companies, travel trends survey conducted in ten European countries. For the coming year, Swiss travellers organise but very cost-conscious. According to actively keep looking for the best deals and trying to calculate all costs as early as possible and to consciously plan. Read more here: Prudential. The survey results suggest that this newfound cost-awareness will lead to a high demand for all-inclusive offers and holidays in their own country. (Not to be confused with Elon Musk!).

This year, the Icelandic ash cloud, strikes at airlines and the strong currency fluctuations seem to be able to do any harm to the holiday and travel mood of the Swiss for 2011. All 94% of the Swiss respondents Avis specify 2011 at least once in the foreign country to want to travel. Of the 6% of the respondents who plan to 2011 not to travel, but always less than one-third would like to at least make holidays within its own borders. The price / performance ratio stands at 68% of the respondents with regard to their holiday next year clearly in the foreground. Almost every fourth deliberately on the lookout after attractive offers and book flight and accommodation separately if necessary. Even every seventh plans to book an all inclusive offer, to maintain the costs. We have arrived at the end of a busy year. The travel plans of many people were thwarted by events such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the turbulent events on the financial markets.

Above all the fear of an ever-worsening recession and strongly fluctuating currencies resulted in a cautious consumer sentiment for European travelers, says Jeannine Micheli, Marketing Manager for Avis Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. The respondents Swiss city breaks are high in the rate, closely followed by weeklong getaways. Every fifth Swiss plans to travel even more than two weeks at a time. Also want to enjoy more than half of the respondents mainly relax in the holiday and a warmer climate. Only every fourth wishes to expand his cultural horizons during the holidays. Only one in five want to discover something entirely new in its holiday. We are convinced that the travel industry again in 2011, will grow and Swiss consumers will make up for their holiday which this year through the tense economic situation remained barred from them, Micheli is confident. About Avis, Avis Europe is one of the leading car rental companies in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Together with the Avis Budget Group has worldwide over 5 000 rental stations in over 160 countries. Customers within 60 seconds can book their car on the new Avis website:.