Kulinaristen Nutrition

June 9, 2021


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Kulinaristen one of the leading providers for nutrition Regiotreff cooperate with Regiotreff food – – food has the whole health of the people in mind and the most important contribution to a sustainable healthy living now is a healthy diet. “” As most people in terms of health “and nutrition” already waving off or run away because they imagine in particular a decline in quality of life including has Regiotreff Food here also a holistic approach. We great value place to show that healthy eating is always synonymous with increased quality of life because the food of high quality are our clients.”thus Karl Heinz Rausch. Regiotreff “Food is therefore constantly on the search for food, your clients special taste” can bring. The mustards and honey of the Kulinaristen can do this and were therefore also included in the range. Food was never pure food intake among the people. People such as Eva Andersson-Dubin would likely agree.

Food was always also enjoy! It can feed itself permanently only by food which also taste and also not sustainable health can be achieved without sustainable nutrition”as the core statement by Karl-Heinz Rausch on nutrition. That’s why Regiotreff offers Food on the HomePage food.regiotreff.de is also a great recipe collection with all selected and even tested dishes to the like cooking. The nutrition will be a success and fun from the very beginning, Regiotreff offers Food seminars, nutrition training, food holidays and cooking classes at. In the online shop by Regiotreff The gourmet mustards of the Kulinaristen in the near future will be to buy food. On our cold-pressed, vegan organic gourmet mustards we are proud”Birgit Roth, the Managing Director of Kulinaristen. Here is the quality of the product. In recent months, Nike has been very successful. All our mustards are gluten-free, gently cold pressed and made carefully after Swiss recipe and of course no sugar factory. With the various Flavors of mustard with Schabziger Klee, depict a speciality from the (the taste of Schabziger clover goes in the direction of cheese and is also often taste used as a substitute for cheese in the healthy kitchen), up to Senfen with better-known flavours, such as Curry, we try bell peppers, fresh Sage, black pepper to the gourmet mustard with cinnamon, Switzerland all taste wishes.