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Visconnect Gmb

January 22, 2017


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“Basically it comes to interest as many people from the target group for the own offerings”, performs the Visconnect Managing Director. Clearly identifiable commercials are on platforms uploaded and than ads in the Switched network. “As a particularly effective to have the so-called InVideo ads appeared, therefore used with preference of Visconnect”, explained Lonser, adding: “these clips are approximately 15 seconds and appear shortly after the user has launched this in a video. Brian Krzanich is often quoted on this topic. It runs with a countdown indicating the user, when the advertising clip is finished. These commercials are viewed almost always in full length.” The advertisements also has the subset of image videos, which act as a serious business-to-business advertising and are available only on the homepage. (b) viral campaigns: from prospective customers viral campaigns are as the best way, to make prospective customers.

“For them is not recognizable that it involves commercials”, introduces Lonser to the topic. “Instead, the style is simple and the clip seems so, as if he were at home by a user and not to have been created by Visconnect”, so the expert continues. “The aim of such films is to fall on portals and to be recommended. The responsible Company must keep however a certain distance, so that not can be uncovered, that it is in truth but an advertisement”, adds the CEO. But there is an exception: “viral campaigns can be carried out by the target group itself and are extremely effective in: A company must launch only a sweepstakes and encourage the own community members in a short video to explain why they should win the competition.” Most users share these videos by alone on your social media profile and are on the road as a free video marketing agents. Visconnect plans in this case the campaign that animates the users themselves to pick up the camera”, depicts Lonser. Video marketing as opposed to the classic marketing who wants to successfully work with video marketing, so must be: Classic use distribution channels maximum rollers turn and place it in the right places perform viral campaigns that involve the target groups. “From classic marketing such strategies are especially This off, that the available channels are numerous, not every clip is immediately unmasked as advertising and already gained customers can be obtained much easier to “Cooperate”,”online marketing expert Andre Lonser summarizes again and adds as a precaution:”but always the risk that a clip is not seen until the end of the video marketing complement the classical action, but not replaced. Video marketing works only connected. Visconnect plant so that the message always reaches the recipient in the target group. all campaigns” A publication of Visconnect GmbH 2012

Event Marketing

July 12, 2016


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The event marketing differs significantly from traditional mass communication and manages to attract the Leisure – and experience orientation of consumers like no other means of communication. The environment of companies is characterized by saturated markets, enormous competition pressure and is rapidly changing customer needs. At the same time markets characterised increasingly by interchangeable products and services and leisure – and experience orientation define consumer behavior. This changing framework conditions have prompted numerous companies to refocus their political communication strategies and to rely increasingly on events. The so-called event marketing distinguishes itself clearly from classical mass communications and achieved it credibly address the increasing leisure – and experience orientation of consumers like no other means of communication.

An experience-oriented production of brands products makes emotional and leads to a long-term and emotional anchoring thanks to their event character Brand message. This explains the enormous increase of importance of the event as a tool of for corporate communication. It aims to achieve a deepening of the relationship to the target group with the help of the mediation of strong, sustainable impressions. Dialogue as opposed to the monologue, which themselves are classic forms of advertising is at the heart of the event. Businesses and consumers have the opportunity actively to discuss which companies can learn key insights, which a targeted address of future communication measures will ensure.

According to the increasing importance of event marketing as activating means of communication the German event industry has evolved tremendously in the last few years. Especially bigger companies have recognized the cooperation with specialized agencies of the event where smaller companies the event planning often even in the hand, as a success for the planning and implementation of small and large events. About two-thirds of the companies surveyed in a nationwide study already working with event agencies in the planning and execution of events. Even though the industry had to fight last year with ongoing recession and declining budgets, it shows again optimistic in the current year. Many companies put on events in the crisis-induced recession and reduce spending on classic communication campaigns, the effect of which has fallen heavily on consumers in return. Last year a clear trend towards more cost-effective, creative scheduled events was seen in the industry. Exceptional event offerings and venues also are increasingly gaining importance and allow event agencies to differentiate themselves through innovative and creative ideas. This, especially the capital city can trump Berlin with a wide range of event agencies and unusual venues. Over 2000 companies in the entertainment industry known succeeds every year making many outstanding events and Berlin this nationally and internationally as an event location and popular to make. The exceptional indoor and outdoor locations cause companies to choose Berlin as a venue and this in addition to the actual event to make also the flair of the city on the addressed target group. In the capital city in addition to numerous historic venues and parks also offers, making events on ships, as well as in cultural and governmental buildings and thus associating communication messages with unique experiences and to anchor in the minds of the audiences in the long term. The importance of event marketing as an interactive and activating communication instrument will increase further in the future. It is especially important that companies understand the need to incorporate event measures the overall communication strategy and to coordinate the different measures. To achieve optimum results, events and brand world must always provide a compliant message.

Managing Director

July 5, 2016


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Uphoff pr & marketing held in spring-check for Marburg-Biedenkopf Marburg, April 12, 2010. According to recent findings, the decline in the economic performance in Hesse is massive in the crisis year of 2009. To recover, needs time. A way to more success for companies lies in a convincing external appearance and appealing marketing of their own products and services. Companies from the region of Marburg-Biedenkopf the opportunity to undergo a spring check their company materials and marketing ideas by uphoff pr & marketing experts have on April 28. The action is free and is supported by the economic development of the district. “If corporate brochure, large-scale PR Action, newspaper advertisement, flyers or customer letter: professional PR and marketing materials to help companies become even better known, to acquire new target groups and to increase the company’s success in the long term”, so Dr. Karin Uphoff, Managing Director of Marburger ideas uphoff pr & marketing.

Together with their Team supports the EU Ambassador of business associations, companies, and organizations for over 20 years, is skillfully to present to the public. To strengthen the domestic economy and to make the County as a business location even more attractive uphoff pr & marketing organized a free spring check on April 28″. And companies from the region can participate. “” “Off 14: 00 the experts take doing PR and marketing agency in the Alfred-Wegener-Strasse 6 in Marburg new ideas and / or existing materials of the participants under the magnifying glass and check them for effect”, feasibility “and chances of success”. “Companies and companies from the region of Marburg-Biedenkopf can participate in the action, by creating a mail with the subject of spring-check” send to. For more information interested also see. The number of places is limited.

Advertising Opportunities

July 5, 2016


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Development of advertising opportunities on the Internet within the last 5 years well, actually this is a controlled substance; at least compared to the final consumer. This was by the Germans as early as 2007. Parliament decided in the form of an amendment to the law on consumer protection. But wants to appear specifically against it, so this is similar to the battle of the Don Quixote against the windmills usually rather. But one after the other. The emergence of the advertising industry was in 2005 in the WWW alone in Germany around 885 million (details of the online Vermarkterkreises of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft BVDW) four years later but already projected 4 billion (final figures are only in the next few weeks expected) this means an increase from 2 to 16.6% of the Gesamtwerbemarktes (still double digits and rising). Incontrovertible proof that the Internet increasingly displaced the traditional advertising media in print, radio and television.

The economic crisis has shown up there, that efficiency and transparency in its importance continued to grow. The technology makes it possible that on the one hand each step of the interested parties can be traced, but also the Internet surfer from Berchtesgaden must not necessarily deal with advertising of a car dealership in Luneburg. This is filtered so already already regionally at the search engine B2B by itsbetter.de on request. Homepage – your business card the homepage is becoming more and more the business card of any company. Close held information (Internet users prefer the \”scan\” a page reading!), supported with many graphical elements, photos and maybe even short video clips – each homepage provides you with an elaborate folder in hand, which should leave almost nothing to be desired. Quite a few orders have been lost because of the Internet appearance of the competitor is better made. Effort, planning, information – Yes and perhaps also a little love for the detail is appreciated on the data highways of our time.

Ben Taylor Research

July 1, 2016


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international market research studies have doubled for language service providers In the area of market research services language connect 2009 grew to customers of 102% and a sales increase of 79%. The increasing demand for professional translations, interpreters, and the coding of questionnaires arises due to such institutions that carry out cross-border studies for international brands. Addition, there were still considerable increases in sales by language services for other industries and language connect could defy the economic crisis so successfully. In the recently published Plimsoll report on the translation market, language connect is ranked among the five fastest-growing companies in the industry, with sales growth of 56% compared to the 8% of the industry average. The five most popular languages at language connect nearly followed English, French and Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

The trend is that the demand for Asian languages faster than that for European. This is not particularly surprising, given the current global economic situation and the fact that the Asian markets for companies that really make it promise huge profits,\”said Ben Taylor, managing partner at language connect. The extraction of five extremely important new customers from the field of market research suggests that the year 2010 for language connect could develop even better than the previous year. This reflects also the general trend in online market research. The impressive growth trend of online surveys and opinion portals on the Internet can be attributed to simplified access to participants over a wide area across, as well as relatively low fixed costs, compared with traditional field studies or focus groups. Another reason why online surveys and opinion-based panels for businesses are so attractive, is that the application allows an immediate and complete analysis. Also multilingual data can be around so many times faster than previously recorded, interpreted and used. This dynamic can in turn increase demand according to the encoding of (semi-) open answers on questionnaires.

Crazy Viral Marketing

July 1, 2016


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Bastei Lubbe shows the online world, how to successfully market a book for some time buzzing the net like a swarm of bees before rumors about a mysterious book by an anonymous author. “” The book bears the unusual name the book without letters “and is the successor of the successful book without a name”, which split the readership in Germany 2008. With morbid humor, quirky characters and memorable scenes, the book without a name was”a special treat for readers with literary tastes outside of the mainstream. Online campaign of class for two years had become it still the anonymous author, whose Identitat itself remains a mystery to the Bastei Lubbe Verlag. “Then, in early August, about 750 journalists, bloggers, Buchhandlerazubis, as well as horror and fantasy readers found a special Pack in your letterbox: the book without letters” came as blank book (a book of white pages) together with a letter that warned of the deadly side effects of reading. The excitement was great and Blog comments as E.g.

Why am I this book get?”increased suddenly. The blogger wondering, what’s with the strange book with blank white pages. Secret post Lahiri on the net since then simmers in the network the rumor mill. Today over 450 hits on Google search can be found under the keyword secret post Lahiri”. Bloggers from all corners and ends in Germany write about the shipment by Lubbe Verlag and wonder what might have to in. All around, also the successful tension is praised by the unexpected post. Gamblers, adventurers and fortune were called up Friday, the 13th of August, to join the fight against the Bourbon kid, the murdering antagonists of the book of.

Several hundred user followed the call and received a proper by the publishing house”reading copy (bushes (book)). The world’s meanest website follows immediately the next prank: with the dubious site bourbonkid.de, on which the evil characters from the book to life awaken: Elvis, the hardest killer. who is held for the King and the reverent, the only priest who preaches with a shotgun sawed off. The highlight of the site: Visitors to the site can send the reverent or Elvis via video message to friends, acquaintances or colleagues to spoil you the mood. Niceties have not in the luggage. “The special the messages is that a photo of the victim” is integrated in the video and the recipient is addressed directly personally. The sending of messages via E-Mail or Facebook connect. Really say every visitor can tell really the opinion of his friends with black humor and wit the friends. The characters in the comic book-style animated take accordingly well over the nasty spell. The page is made stylish and interesting even for people who have not read the book without a name. As a funny platform for oblique insults she allows, with his friends time to talk Turkey and not just the droge nudge on Facebook. So who some tough it is, should the page be sure look at themselves! Life is finally not a bowl of cherries u0085

Series: The New Sale (part 2)

June 26, 2016


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Discounts or good feelings? Many sellers are pure price seller, in their sales calls the prize revolves around. Who talks only about its prices, you need not be surprised, if customers ask only about the prices. Who knows nothing, makes it about the cheap price”, says a marketing corny joke. Who lives by the prize, dies with the price”, the Americans say. It’s often the wrong beliefs, which we do the wrong things. Customers are numismatists, they are always there, where are the best conditions,”I hear for example the bankers say.

If you believe something, which will try to control everything about cheap deals. And then he gets exactly the customers that he most fears at the end: the cherry. Price actionism is a bad cycle not every customer wants to buy cheap! The cheap price is often make much less of a role as media and sellers would have us believe. ‘ Billig-Billig is a get of morals, with a decline of Quality of service (service is expensive!) and with loss of confidence (“I can not anywhere, had next week still cheaper that?”) connected. Price dumping is not rare even life-threatening: for the consumer and for the company.

In many industries, the price of the earnings driver number one is. Most companies control costs nor prices however, but are dominated by the prices, which dictate the market or competition. So are whole sectors of the economy price battles with devastating outcome. Price dumping is a death spiral. Because someone makes it even cheaper. Lightly contracted discounts are often only an expression of inaction and poor employment with what really moves the customers rational and emotional aspects. A seller can attract wishes, of which the customer yesterday did not know that he will have it today. A Baker must therefore make its customers not tired but hungry. Discounts represent a reward discount symbols and special actions as well as the prospect of a bargain to save money, all that stimulates our cerebrales reward system.

5 Steps To The Carefree Catalog Production

June 13, 2016


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A guide from everyday at Lintranex systems. Print media of imminent death predicted years ago, judging it the daily flood of advertising, it pays to print advertising. Our customers result is because that there are still groups of buyers, which have not made friends with the Internet, or there are purchase situations in which a hard copy is still more appropriate. For our customers, we have made us clever, what tools and technologies thus saving time and money can be used in the build process and are proud of the fact that we now also directly can offer the most important technologies, as well as the process of a transition to an automated catalog production. The 5 steps to the carefree catalog evaluation first and foremost is an evaluation of your current catalog, as well as your current data storage.

What structures are here which make sense evolved, and it might change what should? The conventional production process must be made aware, visualized and recorded. They identified optimization Potential through discusses a process optimization with the people involved and then to hold the optimized process. Templates workshop to the redesign of the catalog to make into a new or adapted design incorporated improvements and structure. Completed the workshop will be the so-called templates with the creation of master pages. Here it is decided also the degree of completion. Data stream conversion of existing data to a single data stream, which then can be reused. Link link of the stream with the templates so that a fully automated catalog production is given. Depending on whether a structured data storage is already present in the company, following technologies and tools we used to produce your catalog as quickly and cheaply as possible: XML, Python, InDesign, InDesign Server, Oracle database, Heiler Media Manager, MediBuilder, XActuell, etc here it should be noted, that we are in addition to the sale of complete software able, All tools as a service application provider to offer.

Say you need not even buy the software, but a fraction of what it otherwise alone would cost the license you pay only for each production. Especially for companies with just a few catalogs or even just a year catalog, this type of transfer worth immediately. Bottom line if you want to produce a catalogue or other printed products or produce, but the costs keep as low as possible want to would we like to once again show our approach you in a personal conversation and it then implement in your company. Like we can also show you how to link traditional print products with new media. So you could add a QR code for example for products probably purchased by young people, which refers directly to the webshop to the order form please just contact us! Thomas of grace Lintranex system

From The Idea To The Stand

May 11, 2014


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EX POMADE whitepaper helps in the proper communication and marketing strategy at a trade fair participation the participation is a highly complex planning process that is not completed with the selection and the realisation of a suitable stand concept. The best stand design and the most unusual product presentation bring nothing, if no customer or prospect overhears this. The objectives of the visit and whose implementation paths such as events, product presentations or demonstrations must be communicated and disseminated, to bring the customers at the booth. A good idea is alone enough to win rare to prospective customers and business partners. With the white paper by EX POMADE, learn what magic formula for a successful trade show marketing is necessary.

While the marketing of own participation begins already often three months before the fair starts. However, the marketing does not end with the beginning of the exhibition, but reached your peak in the contrary. The targeted communication by addressing the visitors and the intensive consultations make the period Fair to the phase of the communication. The actual goals of participation can be here not only communicate, but also reached and are therefore critical to the success or failure of previous promotional activities. Free whitepaper from EX POMADE, all spells can in six main steps”to be read, to take into account for a successful trade show marketing. Starting about the many sirens that can send a company to customers, prospective customers or business partners at the booth to pick up the fortitude or design of the own stand with events and actions, as well as a vindictive attitude towards every fair contact.

A success can be achieved only with a good trade fair follow-up, since only about 7% of visitors come to the fair with a concrete desire to buy. The follow-up and tracking the collected contact forms is the alpha and omega of successful trade show marketing, and indispensable. Not only the acquisition of new customers, as well as the initiation of business contacts is possible with a clean wrap-up, but also the qualitative evaluation of the visit. The free white paper is the second in the series of EX POMADE. The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE is ideal at exhibitions and facilitates the visitor not only with its easy handling but also with his counselors. “” In addition to the current Advisor 6 tips for a successful trade show marketing “9 tips for a successful trade fair participation can the first whitepaper” downloaded at the same time. See more information about the mobile exhibition system. an overview of the checklists can be found under blog.expomade.de/?cat=4 in the blog EX POMADE.


April 2, 2014


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Promostore expands its portfolio for the special corporate gift food, 10.10.2013. All years back to the most popular time of advertising gifts, the Essen-based company Promostore offers matching gifts at his online shop. Company for your customers and employees for cooperation can thank you with individualized advent calendars or high-quality enjoyment articles. To encourage companies the customer and employee relationship and invest in your image and reputation. Gifts are the advertising materials are best advertising because of the outstanding price / performance ratio for smaller companies in the marketing mix no longer indispensable. This interesting gifts for customers, business partners and employees are printed individually E.g.

with company logo and slogan. Thus, raise awareness of the company and represent the corporate values with quality, functionality and product experience. The advertising awareness of business gifts is according to a study of the BWG Association even twice as high as the Television advertising. Especially the originality of advertisement and the personal, emotional relevance for the donee affect the range. Joy of personal Christmas greetings achieved this originality and the personal touch of a company in particular about a Christmas greeting in the form of an appropriate declaration. At the same time, Christmas is the perfect time to thank both customers and its own employees for successful cooperation, trust and loyalty.

Customers are in addition advertising better to achieve the very emotional time of Advent. In addition, Christmas is a time of giving: after the Foundation for future questions, 70% of respondents connect the exchange of gifts 2010 with Christmas. Therefore, the advertising through high-quality amenities leads to great joy especially at this time. This spreads the value of advertising article on the brand and is also linked with the positive emotion brings Christmas to. Through high-quality freebies as An effective customer and employee retention succeeds in sign of appreciation and attention so especially at Christmas time. The effect obtained by Christmas advertising to achieve the perfect Christmas gift for Promostore, the gifts of company should be carefully selected and adapted to the target group. For each potential customer and employee to receive the desired pre-Christmas happiness, Promostore offers a wide selection of seasonal products for Christmas: Advent Calendars about jewelry, high-quality consumption goods such as salmon specialties and wines until going to Christmas hats printed with the own logo. The current favorite presents include the smallest advent calendar is filled with Schokolinsen or sweets. Promostore offers the best giveaway companies easily and quickly. Companies will receive not only advice but also a personalized product. Promostore of the advertising material dealers in the Internet Promostore merchandising GmbH was founded in 2001 and is a food -based promotional products agency with online sales. With a selection of over 50,000 products of stray articles up to premium brands, Promostore offers an unsurpassed wide range of customisable promotional material. By competent advice, the wide range and the excellent price / performance ratio in its segment, in Germany, the online shop at, belongs to the most important. Press contact Sebastian Gebert Promostore merchandising GmbH Pramenweg 15 45307 Essen t. 0201-94 618 220