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Felipe Kast

June 23, 2014


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Gandhi between the devastating social sins mentioned: worship without sacrifice. The conservadores-reformistas don’t understand that when you change a tradition, it ceases to be a tradition. Plavnick as Bergman are followers of Marshall Meyer, a progressive New York Rabbi, who gained notoriety during the military governments Argentine, protecting the leftists and has the merit of having saved innocent lives. Meyer founded the Latin American rabbinical seminary, an institution escaza content but eager for money, than to get it seeks proselytes who quickly converted to Judaism for a reasonable sum. Seminar induces students to rabbis to obtain some degree secular, so that they die not hungry after graduating, trying to lead a congregation to which nobody will go, since they have nothing to offer spiritually. Some rabbis come to erudition and sanctity, something that never happened, or will happen ever, with a Conservador-reformista, because your light level of understanding of the Scriptures there are no place for mysticism. The most visible figure of Argentine reformism Bergman style is more to attract attention than anything else. It has the appearance of a former convict Muslim rapper.

The modern look serves you to highlight within the secular society, as did his mentors, German Jews who began his ideological trend, adopting the fashions of the place, so the only way of identifying them was seeing if they were circumcised. Later he was with the star on the arm. The Bergman case is unprecedented. There are Jews learned and observant, with much more broad and deep knowledge that theirs, they studied in real theological schools (Yeshivas), were received from rabbis, but never used the title to acquire popularity in an alien to his craft activity. If Bergman wants to make political has every right to do so, but in their personal capacity, not as a Rabbi, and even less as a representative of the Jewish society.. josebrechner. com Blogs related Earth Snapshot Rio de la Plata, Argentina and Uruguay January Earth Snapshot Phytoplankton Offshore of Rio of the Plata Estuary time to edify * words and silences * Race Relations Day 2010 Te Papa completo Blog Furniture the three kings & Stf, El Mirage Furniture-Dealers I’m Here For Ya Vikings Gab the GDF raises combine efforts public and private for nine families learn strategies to live daily with Felipe Kast: Families with incomes of less than $458 thousand The Learning Curve: sign up: manage your business with Web 2.0