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Greek Theater

June 25, 2021


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The main entrance is located just between the two rows of pillars. The orientation of the temple through the 'east-west' in For hundreds of years has remained unchanged for the rule of Architects. Colonna also joined at the top of a flat ceiling. In an archaic time for this purpose, first, wooden beams, and then the stone slab. Temples classical time were built of marble and richly decorated.

The main means of changing the face of buildings is an order (an architectural form) column. Get more background information with materials from Parnassus Investments. In ancient Greek architecture were developed three orders of columns: massive Doric columns, Ionic columns with carved top, and Corinthian column with floral ornaments made of stone at the top. Over time, the column became less massive, but the general form of warrants maintained, columns used for centuries in various architectural styles. At the top of the column fell architrave (main beam). Above the architrave located triangular wall – an attic. Greek colonies on the circle had vertical grooves, the so-called flutes. To reduce the load the upper end of the column was placed convex. To strengthen the respective optical impression of the appearance of the building changed the distance between the columns.

Ancient Greek Theatre Theatre was built, usually on a hillside. In the theater, we can see the seats located steps and elevation – the scene. During the construction of the theater, it was significant harmonious combination of features of the terrain and building construction. Ancient Greek architecture – houses main form of the Greek house – the same Megaron, ie house in one room.