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Second Beliefs

May 26, 2021


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OWNERSHIP Once we become aware of a belief, the second step is the owner. We have to accept it. We must take personal responsibility for it. We must recognize that the belief that we belong, and that is a part of who we are. More importantly, we must accept that we have created the belief. This process is simple, but not always easy. We must accept and acknowledge that we are responsible for the creation of beliefs that are often negative, painful and limiting.

On a conscious level we tell ourselves that we would never do this. Why should to choose to believe that we are unworthy, corrupt, nasty, dirty, bad luck, or any of the millions of other possibilities? Oddly enough, even our most negative, painful beliefs were created to serve and support us. Each of our belief exists because the ego is trying to protect ourselves from pain. As painful as the belief itself may be, the ego believes that the pain that shields us from the belief is infinitely greater. The fact that these beliefs are no longer useful, does not mean they are bad or not. It is often easier to have a belief, when we are able to identify the origin of that belief. If we understand that we have created a belief that help us deal with a particular experience, we can accept what faith helped us at the time. This process can also help us to discover the beliefs we have created, because of the things they told us children.