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Street Eduator

January 30, 2015


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Levels of action of the Educator of Street Many, varied and with different intensity are the levels or places of action of an Educator of Street. To be Educating of Street is to live the own life consciously, being totally free. And this implies: Before one same one: – To live in a critical spirit with itself, the reality and with the others. – Constant Attitude search. – To be authentic.

To know how to accept as one is. To be one my mo. – To live in a balance and personal maturity. – To live in the position taking before the daily reality. Before the equipment of Educators of Street: – To maintain warm, positive interpersonal relations, pleasant and beneficial.

– To contribute to its personal vision in the programming and revision of the educative task. – To participate to top in the activities of the equipment of Educators of Street. Before the concrete lad: – A relation Maintains warm, giving confidence and security. – Protagonist of her progress Motivates to the lad to her self-development, doing to him. Before the district: – To feel shared in common with the neighbourhood. – To work by the improvement of the same (health, urbanism, education ) – To be related to associations, parish and neighbors. Remote course all Spain: