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Russian And Chinese Auto

August 3, 2021


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In the xxi century for the Russian car came to the Chinese car. Today, Chinese cars have become direct competitors to cars produced domestically. In late 2006, it was noted that demand for Chinese cars has increased threefold from since their first appearance in the Russian automotive market. Chinese car production began with the construction of a 40 – 50 years of the twentieth century automobile in China through investment of the ussr. After the Chinese have purchased a license for production of automobiles and their components, was further attract investment capital.

But while China has a shortage of specialists in the automotive industry and therefore had established joint ventures. On Russian car market cars in China were without work, because that Russia had assisted in establishing automobile industry in China. China faw autocompanies and zil in 2005 agreed on joint activities Chinese production of trucks and buses. In the process of production trucks and buses staffed with the latest engines from China. Virtually all Chinese cars are adapting to roads and climatic conditions of Russia. St. Peter’s School understood the implications.

All these actions are intended solely to Chinese auto successfully sold on the Russian automotive market. The first Chinese cars have appeared in late 2005. Many domestic automakers embraced the emergence of Chinese cars as the Chinese attack on the Russian car market. But it did not affect the supply of Chinese cars in Russia, and every year the number of sold Chinese auto increases. Pickup trucks and SUVs sales leader in Russia – Great Wall diverge from dealers at great speed, while sales of domestic cars can not be compared with the Chinese in terms of growth. The main trump card in favor of the Chinese auto – they low and on some models, a very low cost. This price is justified lack of statistical data on cars, and manufacturers can not say with accuracy how to run their cars in 5 or 10 years. Automotive Company Chery first appeared on the automotive market in Russia and were among the top sellers. Autocompanies Chery the first of the Chinese autocompanies received official certificates for the delivery of their cars in Russia. Autocompanies Great Wall produces annually more than 200,000 machines as well as autocompanies Chery among the ten largest automobile manufacturers in China. SUVs Great Wall in Russia are sought after. Chinese automakers and dealers from Russia say that Chinese cars meet world standards, and that Chinese enterprises are only used modern technology and equipment, as well as a very strict quality control. It is clear that consumers are at risk, acquiring new Chinese cars, but still hopes that Chinese cars will not let them.

Your Car As A Taxi .

July 30, 2021


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" Taxi, taxi, take me, take me " the song goes. Number of taxi services increases with geometric progression. And in big cities every other car on the road is a "machine checkered. All these signs point to the fact that any person having a car is able to use his steel horse is not just for the sake of movement, but also as an extra income as a taxi. It would seem that that is easier to buy a light box with a checkered install it on machine and please, you have to draw attention to themselves those who need the services of a taxi. But we should not forget that there are drivers who delivers professionally involved in the people and for such people is a reliable company to they work for. And do not be discouraged if you do not give money, the main thing to avoid situations where you can spoil the look of the machine or trim.

If you really have a desire to make money in this way, You can find a way to do this, we need only consider how to extract financial benefits from your machine. A couple of examples to stir your brain: – Do you have friends and they need a car, let on hire, – Y Friends have friends who want to move, and you have a machine that can convert small-sized things, objects. Take matters into their own hands. Nenavyaschevo advertise conversations on the subject of taxis in the narrow circle of his friends: trucking services, service sober driver.

Russian Federation

July 28, 2021


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Good warranty on a new car every motorist concerned, hence he is forced to learn the details in advance guarantees: the differences between warranties and producer interest of the seller, in any case cease to have effect, whether in the Russian Federation warranty against corrosion of the body, if you hold a foreign car, whether the warranty on all sorts of parts and assemblies, and the rest. Warranty on the car the same model in different markets may differ, and differ a lot, so you should find out all sorts of nuances in advance to be in the know. For example, ten to twelve year guarantee against rust body in the country differs from a similar guarantee in Italy or France – given the climate zone, and roads, rust is more likely, so that the guarantee of the Russian Federation, in most cases include an additional condition, and only in this case it is valid. Such a condition might be, let's annual update of anti-corrosion coating, and be sure to on the company's service stations, and not to any other. Factory warranty does not apply to a vehicle, and includes only the major components and assemblies to be repaired or replaced free during the warranty period the manufacturer. The whole car you do not change, not replace free of charge even consumables such as disks, brake pads, clutches, and other "stuff". To change them, you need to will pay.

K Supplies also include spark plugs – theoretically they are designed to operate at 60 thousand kilometers, with only Russian gasoline properly functioning on the strength of thousands of fifteen or twenty. disagreement with warranty – is, on the one hand, faith motorist that the case of a warranty, and no less steadfast belief srt officers that the car owner himself to blame break – with another. The truth can set sometimes just expertise. Large companies prefer to contentious cases to the driver's side, so give, in addition to factory warranty its guarantee of "good faith" when repairs done for free if the case be interpreted unambiguously. Sometimes these firms extend factory warranty without any requirement for the host machine, which is certainly very attractive to customers.

Details the replacement of defective, also have a guarantee: for engine components and suspension are usually six months or a year. The term of a small but car repair explain it so that the load on the new part grows up deterioration of the adjacent parts, which have not changed. Warranty is subject to and work the mechanics – in most cases it is the same as the warranty on the new part. If the work was done by replacing the bad and the car some way affected, then the next repair will also be free. Deprivation auto warranties – not so rare case. Usually, such a situation arises, if the car did not pass maintenance of the stipulated time. Also, if owner of the car will use the services of another company for any repairs or replacement of equipment, affect, assume, at the Electric car, the representatives of the srt consider themselves entitled to withdraw the guarantee on the electronics. Then have a car as a whole risks losing the guarantees and warranties on certain parts. Accordingly, the car owner has for his own good, carefully read the warranty terms for a car and follow the them – if he does not want to lose the warranty at the most inopportune moment.

What Model Car Is Better

August 14, 2018


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Now is the time when his car was not only a luxury but an ordinary thing like a washing machine and refrigerator. Vehicles leave the production line parties, produced by various renowned companies in different countries and are sold on nearly every street corner. The emergence of a large number of automobile brands, as well as dealers to sell cars in our car market, leads not prepared person in the confusion. Cars tempting dazzle and flash all sorts of dimensions, attracting silhouettes, each model its own unique and attractive appearance. And for this great diversity, sometimes easy to forget about such things as repairs, but do not need overlook what your pet – is not only a charming view, growling engine and an exciting ride, but a lot of piece of iron, ligaments, and all sorts of knots. And if by chance you're not a millionaire, then you should not forget to purchase so- called 'national car'. It subsequently well affect its repair. Statistics from the shops to sell cars over the past four years – national auto elect can be one hundred percent certainty call car 'Chevrolet' Concern 'GM – General Motors'.

As if you do not like, but will come a time when the need to run to the store to purchase spare parts and spare parts to them. Spare parts for Chevrolet, you can buy auto shops, as this Brand of the most prevalent. Of course, it is an achievement not only quality but not much for the overwhelming number of citizens the price of the Chevrolet. Machinery production Chevrolet (Chevrolet) is a wide choice. Chevrolet (Chevy) supply models: Chevrolet Cruise, Lanos, Epica, Rezzo, Captiva, Lacetti, Chevrolet Aveo and small for the city of Chevrolet Spark.

What remains is to think carefully and take appropriate model Chevrolet on the wallet, and be 100% sure if something go wrong, just find the right parts for Chevrolet. By the choice of Chevrolet parts should be supervised as closely and carefully as to the choice of the car, and even more closely. On our car market is estimated to About sixty percent of poor-quality parts. By purchasing this item, it immediately goes down, and parts will zanogo buy. This is the best, at worst, there's a good chance to get into an accident. Be careful of driving.

Cold Weather

July 15, 2016


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The arrival of winter brings a lot of worries to the owners of different car models. Are no exception and trucks, the main issue during the preparation of trucks for the winter is to replace old diesel. Rather difficult and well-known fact is that in winter, the viscosity of diesel fuel increases and is blurred, and very strong cold and frost in the power lead to the fact that the fluidity is lost completely. To earn a car, often resorted to heating the fuel using blow torches and other kinds of methods and tricks, not even always safe. In the cold in the summer grades of diesel fuel produced wax particles, it is the cause of a gelatinous mass which prevents the restart, it creates a notable failures in the engine and with great difficulty passing through the filters. There is a special winter diesel fuel, manufactured by admixture of special additives that increase the fluidity. The price of this fuel is much higher, and therefore "hits" on the wallet of the average Russian driver.

In our country, mainly on the because the owners of trucks are not buying a special diesel fuel, and often use different tricks to motor trucks worked on a conventional diesel. Excellent and proven way is diluting diesel fuel with kerosene lighting KO-25, which increases the frost resistance and greatly increases the thermal features of diesel fuel. Kerosene TS-1 gives a similar effect. Being excellent solvents, kerosene KO-25 (kerosene lighting) and rocket fuel – kerosene TS-1, do not detract from the physical characteristics of diesel, not increase the rate and the specific volume of exhaust gases, which is likely in cases, the use of other brands of kerosene. When you add kerosene TS-1 and lamp oil KO-25 diesel fuel, seek to optimize the properties of the starting motor and a quick start..