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Virtual Classroom

May 31, 2018


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Development of analytical abilities and syntheses, that allow him to create coherences of situations vague, ambiguous and not structured and to establish the bases for the right decision making. the sense of the work in equipment, the importance of the interpersonal communications and the attitude necessary to know how to assume and to handle shared responsibilities. technical Knowledge in the functional areas (human accounting, finances, trade, resources and operations) and the capacity to apply them in the solution of problems and the development of strategies, at national and international level. Besides the indicated thing, it is possible to be added, which contributes to us gerentemodernoiupg.blogspot.com when he indicates, that the modern manager, besides the functions of the traditional administrator, must also develop, certain abilities that to some have collected it authors in three, who they are: The technical ability: it is referred all the technical processes, to methods, techniques and all the means necessary to obtain specific tasks. The human ability: it is the capacity of the manager to obtain integration, the confidence, and sensitivity; in order to acquire the cooperation within the equipment that directs, and that repels in the individual and social satisfaction within the organization. And finally the conceptual ability: it is the knowledge of all the referring one to the organization, its interrelation; as it affects or it can affect each element within her. Venezuela conclusions our interest of analysis, requires to reconstruct its architecture enterprise, to take step to a new managemental leader who knows to interpret the new challenges that have been generated at the moment and have taken step to a scene turbulent, that has significantly affected the operativity of its enterprise sector, entailing this reality to a very conflicting situation in the national production. It is required as much of managemental leaders enabled, visionary, creative who can cause the required changes to confront the threats and opportunities that have been derived, as a result of the actions of the present government like of the globalisation, otherwise the enterprise sector will undergo serious consequences and therefore the economy of the country.


August 20, 2016


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Each place transmits different impressions, for example, the offices average in City of Mexico, can work well for any type of professions. Familiarzate Toma in account that to know the area where it is going to be your office is crucial, since colonies and districts in City of Mexico vary enormously, perhaps more than in other cities of the country. Czech the impression that causes to the zone as well as the local services and the access to the area. She asks the owner of the office information on the zone. She requests storage you need if it How much storage you need? The first rule that you must take into account is that the office and the warehouse count on a good security system, not only technological, but also human. It considers what you are going to store, how valuable is for your company, and whereupon frequency you need to accede to him. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Brian Krzanich.

Once again it takes into account the connections from transport. Offices with access outside workable hours Question if you have access outside workable hours and if there is security to those hours. Perhaps this is not a problem, because in City of Mexico, the office schedules usually extend more than eight hours. It investigates the permissible uses of your office If your company needs some special use you will have to ask if the office that you want to rent account with permission for the type of use that you require. Ten in account that a change of use can attract the request of new permissions and licenses, which implies a greater investment.

Positions by services Investigate if the positions by services are including in the price of the rent of offices. There are positions extra by the use of boardrooms, service of cafeteria, WiFi, storage and parking? Ten in account that the parking normally is very expensive in City of Mexico. To tone with the neighbors you Consider the turn of those who rent the contiguous offices to yours, perhaps would not like to have like neighbor to your competition, for example. Take very into account the type of businesses that will be your neighbors in case you are especially decided by the rent of an office. Speech with the neighboring neighbors Your business can give valuable information you about the traps of the office or of the zone, probably you would not realize many of them until after months. To speak with other companies in the area, you can bring benefits.

Medical Cosmetology

January 20, 2016


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Problems with the skin is not a single woman (and not just a woman) were worth the huge amount spent nerves. This, of course, but money spent to acquire the means to care for skin, so actively promoted on television. However, it should be understood that the funds are sold in each tray in the market is unlikely to be able to give proper effect, because the structure of the skin of each person unique. The more difficult to "prescribe" a correct drug alone, without the aid of a qualified specialist. Only a professional beautician with medical education can tell you exactly how to care for your specific skin. In addition, Today the market health and beauty offers a variety of procedures, from cleanings to acid masks, which are capable of a few sessions significantly improve the condition of the skin. Professional cosmetics, of course, worth more than the usual, but the result corresponds to the price. Properly prescribed and properly used, this beauty along with the departure of a cosmetology center will help the client forever to say goodbye to acne and other problems of the skin. Today is a growing hardware cosmetology – a constantly evolving area, allows women to take care of yourself with the latest achievements of Pharmacology and technology. Rejuvenating effect as achieved by the use of the latest products of professional cosmetics. Timely care is very important, because any anti-aging cream is intended to correct only those shortcomings skin that has formed under the influence of age: dryness, uneven tone, fine wrinkles and so on. A lack of supporting methods only accelerates the aging process. Conversely, a number of advanced anti-aging tools aimed at stimulating the metabolic processes in cells, which slows down with age. The most popular cosmetic procedures today include: Consultation with a cosmetologist Complete cleansing Massage persons (all types) Beauty Therapy Programs for Men Programs for women of all ages (like skin) Programs Program wraps for the treatment of acne (acne) Treatment of post-acne Waxing (, electrolysis, laser) Peeling (poverhostny, median, yellow, peeling, peeling Weekend) Hand Paraffin Painting and correction of eyebrows and eyelashes Mesotherapy Botox injections, Dysport Contour (correcting nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the nose and the corners of the mouth and increase lip volume) to choose what suits you, you can become even more beautiful and attractive – and not raze it every woman wants?

Restaurant D

April 29, 2015


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Restaurant D’ Dla Plaza Plaza is your Pizzeria and Italian restaurant in Lepe come and try the unmistakable taste of the best Italian cuisine in the best commercial area of Lepe. We are at the entrance of its historic centre, an area of easy access, and next to the old fountain apartments. Our restaurant is characterized by an artisan elaboration of all our fresh pasta and homemade pizzas, all of them elaborated with fresh mass of the day. We also emphasize our salads, and homemade desserts. DLa Plaza is your restaurant Italian pizzeria in Lepe. Come and enjoy the real taste of a simmer and stone oven pizzas. And don’t forget that we are your best choice for all kinds of celebrations, events and business lunches. RESERVATIONS and orders: 959 382764 and 645 811711 hours to the public: from 13.00 to 16.00 hours and from 20.00 to the 00.30 hours days of closing: Los Monday capacity maximum: 80 Diners credit cards accepted: Visa, Master, Amex, Eurocard, Diners cock on each image to enlarge photos.

Free Tarot And The Correct Interpretation Of Colors

January 19, 2014


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Currently, many options to get started for free in the fascinating study of the tarot through Internet. Many sites offer a variety of possibilities for Chuck, with different types of harnesses. Free tarot is ideal for losing the fear of the tarot, through a relaxed, comfortable and simple, primer in the tranquility of the home and in which the consultant makes decisions, deciding when to follow and when stop. But to learn as much as possible and take full advantage of these sessions for beginners, it is convenient to do readings or a previous research that allows us to fully understand the messages of the tarot. Beyond interpreting canonical of the meaning of each deck, is important to learn to give to each its relative value within the circulation, according to its position and its proximity to other arcana. And, basically, it is very helpful learning to decipher encrypted messages from the letters as much. Indeed, figures that illustrate the arcana of the tarot are of great wealth symbolic that, many times, conveys messages of the utmost importance. For example, the choice of the colors of each letter is not arbitrary: each encloses a symbolism and a meaning.

Basically, the tarot is worth to transmit their messages of 3 main colors, each with their symbolic correlation: the color gold, which symbolizes the body, red color, which symbolizes the sense, and the blue color, which symbolizes the spirit. But each one of them should be interpreted according to the overall sense of Chuck. Blue, for example, it covers many shades of blue, and may augur from blessings that they arrive from sky blue to unattainable love as the sky of summer, or volatile illusions that drained between the fingers. The same applies with the gold color: Gold may be the most noble of metals or the most vile, sole purpose of the most disgusting greed. Gold Tarot represents at the same time the material riches, honors and pomp, and the elevation of the spirit. For a correct interpretation of the colors in the tarot message must also take into account its position in the Charter or in the garments of the character. In this way, free tarot chucks help us learn more about the fascinating and complex world of this ancient mancia. Juan Carlos Montillo