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Essential Oils

October 20, 2015


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To organize the production of soap handmade small amounts – less than 500 kg / month – to prepare space area not less than 20 square meters. m. The temperature the room should not be below 2 degrees, but not above + 40 degrees. From equipment ponadobitsya6 heating device (electric or gas stove) scales; thermometer; dimensional utensils and dishes for weighing, stainless or heat-resistant glassware to melt the soap base and the device water-bath or three 15-liter metal pots, spoons or spatulas for stirring, knife for cutting soap; shape of the finished product and it is desirable refrigerator. All equipment for the manufacture of soaps need about 20 thousand rubles (excluding fridge). Form. Soap made injection method, so in the process of using a variety of forms: bars, plates, figurines, rigid shell Kinder surprises. In the soaps can be formed insert in the form of butterflies, stars, hearts, etc.

To produce soap in the form of figures are very comfortable silicone molds. They are easy to handle, withstand a large temperature difference, easy to clean, fairly durable. The main components that are essential to produce handmade soap, soap is framework and functional components: basic fatty Oils, Essential Oils, Perfume (fragrance), dyes. Soap base made from vegetable raw materials, namely coconut and palm oil. Basics E contains in its structure more plastic foam. There are several types of bases for the production of soap injection method. 1) Transparent soap base. With it is possible to produce a transparent soap with a variety of inclusions: flowers, herbs, scrubs, etc.