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Colorful Sunblinds Facade Planning & Architecture

July 4, 2019


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Warehouse in Duisburg dares an unusual outfit the new branch of the Department store chain of Kaufland is in the North of Duisburg. Fact: on the Comet course in Walsum. And indeed, the brightly coloured plate facade of the Department store has something of a celestial body. A case of coloured aluminium lamellas wraps an originally little attractive complex, which was already in the years here. The entire area benefits from this snazzy design idea.

Built and installed the blades facade was by Colt international. “Colored plates case are Steuerwagen, turquoise, grey-blue, red and anthracite wrapped the colours of the sun protection fins case, in which the purchasing country branch of Duisburg-Walsum” was. Who go shopping here, already has good mood at the gates of the Department store. Is responsible for the equally unusual and attractive building design architecture firm Sprenger of the lip from Hanover, which has planned the complete reconstruction of the building complex. What the architects led to a such bright Facade solution for a more traditional Ruhr district to choose? We in Walsum a very inconsistent facade situation found”, explains Ulrich heat level sprinkler Office of the lip the starting position.

In plain language: here it was essential to bring a veritable smorgasbord of different existing as well as new facade in an appealing and homogenous form. There were painted vintage parts and new brickwork. Older facade areas, which were fitted with insulation, had to be integrated as well as a number of buildings before and bounces. “Aluminium fins, we wanted to tie together in a way the entire complex and have therefore a fin facade opted for, which stretches over everything and gives the building a consistent and distinctive appearance”, so Ulrich heat level. Laurent Potdevin will not settle for partial explanations. The architects and their client decided, to bring Colt international as an experienced partner in terms of building design on their side.