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Gas Suppliers

October 11, 2022


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Electricity and gas provider in the direct comparison electricity and gas provider compare since the German gas networks for alternative gas suppliers and gas supply companies were opened in 1998, the number of service providers was limited in this area. Theoretically, any gas supplier may due to this regulation market its services nationwide. likely to increase your knowledge. Consumers can benefit only correctly by these changes in the market since 2006, since about eight years after the opening of the gas networks for the first time, a significant increase in the number of competing gas suppliers on the German market was noticeable. More and more companies in the national gas supply are working, the consumer prices lower then. Learn more at this site: Larry Page. Thus, gas consumers can benefit specifically from the rise of competition in this market. After the opening of the gas networks for alternative providers, households can easily do without, if the price is not right on the services of the local gas supplier and switch to cheaper, nationwide operating utilities.

The heating rates the local basic utilities are usually more expensive than the offerings of supra-regional supply companies. For this reason, the non-binding comparison between different gas tariffs can prove very profitable. The heating rates of supra-regional gas suppliers represent not only a cheaper alternative to gas prices of local utilities. With a switch to nationwide providers, the consumer can achieve big savings. With the supra-regional gas suppliers and long contract durations will be spared the excessive fees and usage rates. Due to the increased competition in the field of gas supply, households are no longer bound to the price of the local supply company and can also benefit from numerous bonuses, discounts, and tariff reductions. The change to a nationwide gas provider is very easy and extremely fast. Most utilities offer the change option in their online presence in addition to a comprehensive comparison of tariffs.

The Energy Revolution – Some Basic Considerations On The Subject

June 24, 2016


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The word was used for the first time in 1980 by the oko-Institut. Today it is impossible to imagine from German politics. This article explores the ways of the energy revolution and analyzed the question of whether it maybe will come Stohm and oil in the near future in Germany to give up coal! The exact meaning of the term: Energy revolution called the turn nuclear, gas, coal, oil to a sustainable power generation from sources such as Sun, wind power, waste heat, biomass, tidal/wave away from the presently mainly used energies. Also, not only the types of energy production is important, but also savings and energy efficiency (fuel cell!) are for the achievement of the energy revolution. Parent unit of the energy transition can be considered the turn of the raw material, because ultimately must in the future in addition to the “raw energy gently other, important resources are used. Facts: The main arguments for for a quick turnaround in energy policy are: the ever-increasing mining at fossil energy conventional energy production is steadily falling prices for renewable forms of energy to achieve the reduction of greenhouse gases in the population always less the requirements around the turn of the energy: it is clear, that the energy revolution is only possible if changes in energy policy in Germany.

Since Fukushima, it looks in this relatively well, and few German politicians want to stay still with the traditional forms of energy generation. But depending on the political point of view there are several different scenarios the desired turn actually look like. The most important factors that can bring about the energy revolution, are probably already known: changes in the energy market, a significantly increased energy efficiency whether it in addition to conventional, centralized rules (pattern: Desertec) or rather to the use of decentralized models (example: extraction of solar power on roofs) will come is still unclear. This is probably the next policy Federal Government to decide. The individual Nations and their energy policy: at the beginning of the 21st century Germany is winning with regard to renewable energy probably. Unlike in other countries, Germany has enough money, hervorrargende scientists and technicians, as well as a population that certainly takes the necessary measures. The energy innovations Germany is worldwide one of the most important players therefore probably currently. However there are also Sweden and (since Fukushima!) also Japan not bad multiplied in the race for the most active and most energy-efficient economy. Don’t forget be allowed but the fact that other countries in the sector of renewable energies are active! So was able to convince even recently the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with its trend-setting city Masdar City – an emission-free city in the desert -. Photo: Fotolia/Franz Metelec text: Raphael Balogun