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Segorbe Supply

November 22, 2016


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Infrastructures of diffusion: in this section also 10 points can be obtained more. Here the use of preexisting infrastructures would be important or with little environmental impact. IN the ECONOMIC PROPOSAL (up to 35 points) the proposal must be reliable and viable. If for of correct way in this point they have been being possible to be obtained up to 15 points. For that reason, the resources must be just, the plan of businesses must adjust a the coverage area if I put that in a very small locality I will have many income by publicity, the valuation table will not be believed it. generated Use, 15 points more. Also it must be coherent.

And to consider that the disabled percentage of personnel can solve to favor our supply in case of tie. last the 5 points of this part can be obtained based on the commitment that we acquire in the supply of not transmitting the license. If you commit yourself not to transmit it in the long term, you will secure more points. IN the PROGRAMMING (up to 35 points) local Programming. If beams programming regarding the coverage area of your frequency you will be able to obtain up to 2.5 points.

autonomic Programming: in this section the local programming is not included, if not the one of informative, cultural, educative type, etc. that reference to all the Community does. This can also suppose 2,5 points. Fomento of the cultural values of the Valencian Comunitat, like for example if DES of Alcoy is emitted, it will have to speak of Moors and Christians, etc. This section supposes 2.5 points more. informative Programs. It can suppose up to 5 points based on the number of hours that you dedicate to this type of programming. 5 points can more tolerate than you emit until 50% of the programming in Valencian. Important to emphasize that this point is not applied in Monforte of the Cid, Villena, Segorbe, Requena and Utiel. own and exclusive Programs. It is important to emphasize that the supply must be unique of your scope of cover trying to emit the minimum of programming in possible chain. This can add a maximum of 5 points. Emitir more than 12 hours daily can suppose a maximum of 2.5 points. Evitar the redifusiones would allow us to add 5 points. Plurality. Intel may find this interesting as well. At the time of scoring the appearance of new actors in the market will consider and it will value supplies of programming superficially different from the already existing ones. 2.5 points at the most. Therefore, if you want to have possibilities of obtaining a radio license ten in it tells that your supply must reflect the most important aspects of your transmitter. It requests a unique and customized supply for you, elaborated by experts and verifies the professionalism of which they work in the writing of your supply. And mainly, you do not give anything that you have not validated and agreed with your consultant and demands a copy of the documentation given at the time of the company/signature.


November 1, 2016


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Everything for ours is said to us, that we are cosmic antennas to share and to give, to wake up, to know how to take our opportunity and to cultivate what the Tao dominates our divine spirit. Tmese in account, indicates the source mentioned, that the conscience of the majority of the human beings is locked up very. The container of the life, the structure of cells of the body and the particles of the soul, are full of opinions, ideas, customs and human dogmas, when the man hears or Only reads time and time again, the fundamental divine laws, that they make a life possible of the spirit, also his bring back to consciousness can catch them slowly On the other hand it contributes tuluzinterior.com to us, that all we are part of the same Spirit. And nevertheless, we must take our place in the world. One it must take his place in the world.

The place that ours heart knows that we must occupy, to make the things that ours heart knows that we must do, independent of the geographic location in which is ours body. Because we are where we are One is the center of the universe. And the heart of God barks in ours chest. Official site: Mark Bertolini. We take ours place in world. There is a gift that only one it can ofrendar. A glance that only one can to reproduce. We have a mission that to fulfill. And this mission is present in each part of ours To be, as they are it the fingerprints in our fingers and the eyes in ours face.

It is not needed to read it or to interpret it. It is needed to live it. Because our mission beyond being something that we felt in ours heart, Is our same heart. When entering us in our internal temple we will find that information necessary that it will allow to determine us why we are, which is our reason of being, what we must make to take advantage of the time that is allowed us to be and to advance in the spiritual.

Business Communication Tools

March 2, 2014


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The majority of business people collect its communication tools to take with them when they are away from the Office, either on vacation or a business trip, make sure that you don’t miss any important information, messages or responses from an investor or partner. Its professional exchanges still rely on faxes to send and receive contracts, orders and other official documents. Therefore, we need to have fax on hand. As well as the traditional fax machine doesn’t fit in his luggage, is the time to sign up for a fax service by internet! Along with the advantages of sending and receiving faxes over the Internet with Popfax.com always will be on top of your business. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep in touch with their customers, employees and partners that use the Popfax.com service: before leaving home, make sure that you have checked the option to redirect received faxes and voice messages to your email address. Moreover anytime from anywhere you can access your Inbox from entrance to view, save or forward the unified messages. It can also enable newly released by Popfax.com call forwarding, and set up call forwarding to your mobile phone or fixed in the place where is located.

So you will be sure that you will not lose any important calls. And finally: If running add application for mobile Popcompanion (free) to your smart phone and benefit from a full-featured virtual fax machine. An alternative will be to dial the mobile version of the Popfax web site to manage your messages unified from anywhere in the world. Now that it is fully prepared to stay in touch with the essence of your business while you’re away, just go and relax! About Popfax.com provider Popfax.com is the global leader in Internet fax services. Lets end users send and receive faxes through a web interface, an email, an application desktop or with the popfax-printer that it can be installed on any computer. The integration of some applications such as front and/or back office that allows to perform transactional tasks via fax. The service is edited by the French company incorporated Popfax founded by Vladimir Popesco, and marketed since 2006, based on a business model of service software. It is a solution for different professionals (SMEs and Sohos) and corporate customers who have replaced your fax needs by our solution: either your computer’s fax server, is used to send fax from mobile or is appropriate for transactional applications.

The Firm

November 14, 2013


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Its main clients are companies, but also educational and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, and independent authors. It does not have much presence in private, or at least not in a constant manner. However there are important opportunities in this sector: they often have more liquidity to cultural projects and perhaps demanding more concise, brief, works but constant. What is the type of problems currently facing the editorial design? Many of their problems stem from the loss of value from this Office. Why? Let’s look at two aspects: the text on the computer processor has replaced the editorial design. Since the person who captures the information document can give some presentable format. Electronic publications have reduced the need for print materials. In many cases simply sending a file in pdf format.

But an interesting question would be what does not has been able to replace this type of solution? Achieve a better understanding of the constructed text with a ranking criterion based on typography and other resources that only a designer of this type can bring. Also adds aesthetics to work which not only help to make it more readable, also brings a unique and memorable experience to own reading. To find new opportunities in the market it is necessary to recognize that these prospects are unaware of these possibilities. The effort of this type of designers would have to focus on to publicize and show those benefits. What strategy could be implemented? Web site with an online catalog of projects developed by the design firm, so that the cliente-prospecto can review in detail the work carried out. Ideally will be this catalog accompanied by an explanatory text with the objectives initially desired and a balance of the results, emphasizing, insist on the profits made by the customer. Some practical items focused on the advantages that the editorial design can bring.

Probably a file downloadable with a useful guide in the form of tips or advice in order to educate our clients, both captive and potential. Give them ideas and generate the need. In summary, these procedures will be building visibility, credibility and positioning of the firm in that market. Continuous promotion of a professional and unique service at a significantly lower cost. We will continue looking at other cases.

Corporate Communications

April 25, 2013


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Public speaking is a skill that requires training and practice. Speak with authority and confidence is essential in most companies today. These are techniques that executives use to communicate information to groups within an organization. Training in corporate communication is a special training designed to teach a person how to must present business to working groups information. For a communication training plan required a formal training, which helps the individual to submit his ideas with clarity to business executives. This normally includes the requirements for dress, talk, and writing techniques.

A business manager uses these skills to communicate information to teams, managers, or the customers of the organization. Writing for business skills are often taught in the classes of corporate communications as a corporate training plan. This form of writing requires clear and concise definition of matter and with the formal attributes of business. Some examples of business writing emails, formal, proposed letters and briefings. Each form of business writing has features in both style and formality. The charisma is required for the majority of speakers. Training in corporate communications with a good training plan teaches a person how to persuade and educate your audience.

This requires the confidence and assertiveness in techniques of tones and the presentation of an individual. A kind of training in corporate communication is designed for criticism of all areas of communication skills. This includes suitable for an audience of business attire. When a good formation of corporate communication plan is developed, people who are pursuing must have the ability to accept large changes in your life. A speaker of business must know your audience and know the best way to communicate with them. He usually wears formal clothes when you It gives a presentation to a group of companies, and this provides the perception of professionalism that is lacking when it is presented with a typical casual clothes. Learn the techniques of communication requires much practice and is for this reason that a good training plan should be created many spaces to gain confidence, having fluency and, above all, lose any fear of business audience. Good meeting management is another skill that is taught in classes of a good communication training plan. This normally includes techniques on how to create and run a business within an organization meeting. A good meeting includes an agenda, defining the problem, and the expected result. By following these three simple processes, each meeting manage to be productive and informative for the group.