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Asian Companies

April 28, 2018


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When you hire people smarter than you, you prove to be smarter than them. R. H. Grant General information not the slightest doubt, that trade on the international stage reality where globalization shows its effects, highlight the achievement reached by Asian countries, especially by Japan, our interest in this writing, where there are many companies that have been consolidated successfully, reached not only the domestic market, but rather they have dabbled in other countriesbeyond their borders and have given way to consolidate emerging markets favourable to its economy, despite the small size and limited in its territory. What is what has made Japan to consolidate itself economically? How do they make that their companies achieve a successful operation? Which or what are their managerial actions that favor him in their productivity and quality? Why the success of its technological development? What the success of his managerial leadership do to ensure the?? cohesion, integration of work teams?, would be some questions that would bring us indicators, responses, information that would help us determine their achievements. On this occasion, we have just taken some important notes management, operability of the successful companies in Japan, whereas those information which can collaborates with our perception of why their success and determine if it is possible, in the West the why not consider and try to put them into practice or simply reject that are not consistent with our idiosyncrasies, tradition. Some relevant notes the tendency to group is culturally deeply rooted in Japan.

The Japanese often develop strong ties in his life, in the family and the company, and are not used to trusting others when those links are weak. His tendencies to egalitarianism also promote cooperation in the bosom of his people and other peoples. Historically, the Japanese have been willing to come to violence in the event of dispute. For example, a village attacked another for control of the water needed for the cultivation of rice.