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Daedalic Entertainment

July 16, 2021


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In the screenshot: The ruins of the Abbey (on this subject I have a note), but most importantly in game – a story: a deep and penetrating every part of the world. Its essence is rooted in the first creation of Daedalic Entertainment, which we know under the name "Edna and Harvey. The explosion of the brain. " In the following screenshot: Castle in the distance, "Stealing the world" – A new step in understanding the thinnest line between the real and the fantastic. As far as it is thin you will find out for yourself. But I can not deny you such pleasure. Finally, a couple of words about the game. Often people ask, "advise a game that will be fun to play not only me but my girlfriend." I think I know the answer: "Stealing the world" – the perfect game for your second half.

This weekend I got a lot of fun when sitting next to his girlfriend and watched as she travels the bright elusive peace. Now share with your readers with interesting facts from the game: In Game 4 of the act: Act 1 – Autumn forest, Act 2 – Wake Calida, Act 3 – Ezgily, Act 4 – Crown. "Stealing the world" is created on the engine, Visionaire Studio. Passage of game takes about 25 hours. The main character "elusive peace" – Sedwick only 12 years old. Almost all of the "Stealing the world" can be done with the mouse. But do not forget about the press "Space" – it will show all active points in the game.

Two-dimensional graphics and animation for the "elusive peace" had been completely painted by hand. The only object in the game, which is not drawn by hand – a 3D-model mechanical planetarium. The main character can move in 8 directions m, on each of which accounted for 12 frames. In total this gives 86 images. Backgrounds "fleeting world" consists of many layers (sometimes number is 20), which are superimposed on each other to achieve the effect of depth. This method is called multi-level scrolling (English parallax scrolling). In the following screenshot: parallax scrolling in the world Stealing The manual, which comes with the game, I found "warning about possible dangers to health." Not going to scare you, but it is there about epileptic seizures, with which, as it is approved, if you have not suffered – you have yet to come. I remember how Many years ago, there was buzz about the anime "Pokemon", which affected many children who watched the miracle of animation cinema. Diagnosis – epileptic seizures.