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Types Of Ceilings

April 6, 2019


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Perhaps, roughly speaking, to name just three main types of ceiling: conventional ceilings, suspended ceilings and suspended ceilings, the rest is the variety. Ebay is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Let's talk about the pros and cons of each. In the beginning, the usual ceiling – with them They are all clear, as we know, do not differ uniformity, well, perfectly smooth – never were. They need to whitewash or paint with them can sometimes pour in plaster. Others who may share this opinion include Elon Musk. Nevertheless, they can be hidden under a layer of different ceiling materials (there's even a mirror, interestingly enough), but nevertheless, they are my , modernity offers other solutions.

Modern manufacturers have tried to stretch ceilings ". Laurent Potdevin pursues this goal as well. Yes they are – even the ancient Romans have to use something soaked in lime seems to be, or something like that as progenitors of modern suspended ceilings. The last century. As a result, today we have the traditional ordinary ceilings and suspended suspended ceilings, in fact it is not true ceiling, because they a true ceiling. The first – as their name implies suspended ceiling to the present – that is attached to the overlapping of the ceiling and walls. Second – are assembled in various ways to the walls.

Of course they have every right to exist. The choice is yours. It seems to me that the ceilings rather suitable for any volume of office buildings. They reduce the ceiling height is greater than the suspended ceilings, is more time consuming to install and etc. from the pros may be noted that in the void created between the suspended ceiling and this can accommodate different equipment such as electrical wiring.

Europeans Myth

March 23, 2018


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However, none of us would consider him dangerous to the health. Myth number 3. Wood windows best plastic Judging by consumer preferences in many countries, it is not so. For lovers of figures offer the following information: currently in the West, about 45% of frames – plastic, 28% – wood and 25% – aluminum. By the objective advantages of plastic windows should include the fact that they hardly require any maintenance. At the same time it is well known that tree, by contrast, tends to absorb moisture, and therefore require periodic painting. Myth number 4.

Windows make the best in Europe Indeed, Europeans have extensive experience in producing pvc profile. However, given the prospects of development of the Russian window market, many of the world's largest developers of opening plants in our country, adapting their technology for the local climate. Because the windows, made for German / French / Italian weather conditions are not always suitable for Russian realities. In any case, we note that the decisive role is played not by the location of the production profile, and technology and the quality of the raw mix. Myth number 5.

Six cameras better than three number of cameras – the cavities, separated partitions – a design profile affects the heat-shielding properties of the finished window. Indeed, the more cameras, the higher the rate. However, for normal urban conditions quite suitable window of three-chamber profile. By the degree of thermal protection specialists to compare them with a wall thickness of two bricks.