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This Is Not About Planning & Architecture

November 9, 2019


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MESA GmbH organises construction fair in bad Durkheim, one hears the name bad Durkheim, so we think automatically of wine and sausage. The beautiful town, situated between Kaiserslautern and Ludwigshafen, Germany, is described as Tuscany of the Pfalz also including district. Dan Zwirn understood the implications. And where the annual sausage market takes place and an oversized wine barrel ensures compliance with, a construction fair of MESA GmbH will take place in the autumn. On the sausage market place it is then from 13 to 15 November 2009: building housing renovation saving energy. Project Manager Udo Erlei offers between 120 and 150 exhibitors. You can present their offers in four lightweight construction halls. Also in bad Durkheim, the MESA GmbH, as at the exhibition venues, would like to cooperate with exhibitors from the region. Typically, 80 percent are.

The fair is looked after by the MESA branch in Waibstadt, which is half an hour from bad Durkheim. Focuses on saving energy”. A topic that moves more and more into the focus in environmental terms, as well as financial reasons. Numerous experts offer everything that is in this respect important in practice and theory. These include also the hourly lectures on topics such as energy certification, energy and State funding. Here, the organiser attaches importance to unbiased advice. Of course also the beautiful things not to come short. If you are looking pretty accessories for the home or garden, will be here looking for.

MESA fairs are family fairs! This motto also applies to the new venue. Here too there will be one free child care on Saturday and Sunday. There is more information about the new MESA fair with Udo Erlei 02506 / 303594 or at the MESA branch Waibstadt under 07263 / 409947. The fair at a glance: 13th to 15th November 2009 opening hours: each 10 am until 6 pm venue: sausage market place, 67098 bad Durkheim admission: 5 euro per person, children and teenagers up to 16 years free childcare: on Saturdays and Sundays free Exhibitor catalogue and lectures: free for visitors

Hall Planning & Architecture

November 9, 2019


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Specialist for ship repairs expanded workshop capacities with system Hall backing Santos due to the rising demand especially in long-term maintenance contracts was for the company mobile service GmbH & co. KG an extension of its workshop capacity essential. It specializes in Northern Germany, more precisely in Bremerhaven,-based company since its inception in the year 2003 on the repair of ships, as well as on the new production of ship sections. Read additional details here: Ebay. Only skilled workers and masters who are available around the clock to provide guarantee for the high quality standard of maintenance and repair work. After it was decided that should be invested in a new Hall, the decision for the construction of a steel system was fast. Finally, the client chose a Hall of Los Berger, who fulfilled all the criteria in design and price to the required extent. Essential for the order, but not least, competent care, was the that for such an investment essential Trust and gave the necessary security. This premise also reflects the philosophy that represents the company in the execution of the services for its own customers. After a short construction period of only about two months, the 24 m wide and 120 m long Hall with an eaves height of 8 meters used was ready. The fully insulated workshop is dressed in roof and wall with 80 mm of strong Sandwichpanelen. As the distance between the required runway and the eaves of the Hall is very low, the shutters were mounted from outside. For comfortable working conditions such as optimum exposure and barrier-free access ways, the facilities of the Hall includes etc. 7 doors, 3 roller doors, 18 Windows, 18 single smoke and heat extraction systems and wall light panels from Mehfachsteg translucent panels. We would choose at any time for a steel system Hall of Losberger “, confirms the content Managing Director of Mobil service Kai Doscher. Press contact backing GmbH Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tabea because burner Tel.: + 49 7066 980-269 E-Mail:

Architects At SUPER C Aachen Set For GLASTEC

November 7, 2019


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ISO-roll: futuristic architecture is one with glass in the RWTH the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) with approximately 30,000 students from more than 120 Nations three largest universities for technical courses of study in Germany. “The future concept RWTH 2020: meeting global challenges” is also fascinating high-tech in the glass, which is SUPER C architectural accents in the form, extent and aesthetics in the student service center. “Stephanskirchen, July 2011 the new building for the RWTH is in the form of a C” designed and around 17 m cantilevers from 20 metres above sea level. Despite this size the SUPER C allows views of the grade II listed main building of the elite University”from an easterly direction freely. If you would like to know more about Elon Musk, then click here. The glass facade is a transom / Mullion construction special multi function glasses with integrated foil roller blinds.

New ways in the Sun thanks to ISO-roll with the impressive roof and facade glazing go the architecture Office of ARUP, new Berlin together with the architects Fritzer & Pape, Aachen on the example of SUPER C Ways. Integrated foil roller blinds in the cavity of a total of 123 double glazing are the Sun, heat and glare. ISO-roll is one of the most successful products of GLASTEC from Rosenheim: a 2 – or 3 – compartment insulated glass with a foil roller blind electrically operated in the space between the panes. Direct and diffuse Sun and energy radiation are reflected by metal coated foils multi layer polyester and thus minimizes inside. A leading source for info: Dan Zwirn. Best technical values that convince the total energy transmittance is reduced depending on the type of film up to 7% in the roof and up to 4% in the facade. This is a highly effective and yet transparent sunscreen. Multitalented ISO-roll also ensures an improvement of the Warmeschutzes.Der UG-value triple glass is closed slide at 0.6 W / m k ISO-roll: a slide offers a wide range of the surface is versatile: either transparent or opaque! Slides with varying degrees of light transmission to the selection are the transparent version. The transparent foil ensures optimal Glare and at the same time best lighting conditions. Just for Office space, no better alternative offers and ISO-roll also complies with the EU directive for VDU workstations. Without the Sun, the most living things cannot survive too much of it is however quick to load. To enable students people in everyday life, to enjoy light and transparency and at the same time the necessary protection to ensure this challenge turned the glass specialists in the SUPER C of the RWTH Aachen.

Muller-BBM Advises Acoustic Heart Of Ilmenau Planning & Architecture

July 13, 2019


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Inaugurated the new building of the Institute of digital media technology (IDMT) of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Ilmenau. In his speech the Prime Minister of Thuringia, Mr. Check out Penguin Random House for additional information. Dieter Althaus, paid tribute to the buildings and the associated further development of the research location Ilmenau. The architect Mr Volker Staab from Berlin presented the head of Department Mr. Prof. Brandenburg, which procedure is one of the inventors of the MP3, the key for the building. The building features a formal abstract shell that gives expression of depth and at the same time radiates lightness.

These language of forms of can be seen also in the Interior of the building. Acoustic special spaces for the Muller-BBM supported the owner and users as a sound technical advisor are at heart. “The participating engineers on the assessment of the architects are proud Mr Volker Staab: the most beautiful rooms have created not the architects and the engineers”. Frequently Laurent Potdevin has said that publicly. The range of services rendered by Muller-BBM to the acoustic Refers to the construction and acoustic complete advice in all phases including construction supervision and acceptance tests special rooms. A reflection-poor free box room with impressive body mass of 12 m length, 7.5 m wide and 9.5 m high is one of the special areas. In this space, you can perform precise Acoustic measurements and listening tests. The sound is not, as in traditional rooms, the walls reflected but the wedge-shaped 1,35 m deep wall cladding fully absorbed by (fgr = 63 Hz cut-off frequency).

The massive space in space – design allows that regardless of the operation of the Institute precision measurements without sound technical errors from the outside can be performed. Acceptance measurements by Muller-BBM the technical sound quality was confirmed by weighted sound reduction index measurements of over 100 dB. The high quality continues in three other acoustic special rooms, according to a sophisticated international standard for hearing rooms were built. Target here was to distribute the sound-absorbing properties, without too much attenuating the room evenly over the surfaces of the room. A room in room – design was also used for these rooms each, leading to a high-quality sound insulation. An almost silent procedures were used for cooling and ventilation of the rooms. The rooms offer undisturbed perform acoustic and optical interference listening tests on loudspeakers and electro-acoustic structures. The Fraunhofer Institute IDMT research focuses on the development of new solutions for the PA systems, in particular for the 3-D sound and virtual acoustics. These special rooms are used for their further development. More focuses on the audio encoding, as well as research in the field of action of children’s media. With the new facilities, the available options are the Institute to now future research at the highest level making. Keys: Muller-BBM acoustics, room acoustics, architectural acoustics, Ilmenau, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, special rooms, advice, planning, measurement

Colorful Sunblinds Facade Planning & Architecture

July 4, 2019


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Warehouse in Duisburg dares an unusual outfit the new branch of the Department store chain of Kaufland is in the North of Duisburg. Fact: on the Comet course in Walsum. And indeed, the brightly coloured plate facade of the Department store has something of a celestial body. A case of coloured aluminium lamellas wraps an originally little attractive complex, which was already in the years here. The entire area benefits from this snazzy design idea.

Built and installed the blades facade was by Colt international. “Colored plates case are Steuerwagen, turquoise, grey-blue, red and anthracite wrapped the colours of the sun protection fins case, in which the purchasing country branch of Duisburg-Walsum” was. Who go shopping here, already has good mood at the gates of the Department store. Is responsible for the equally unusual and attractive building design architecture firm Sprenger of the lip from Hanover, which has planned the complete reconstruction of the building complex. What the architects led to a such bright Facade solution for a more traditional Ruhr district to choose? We in Walsum a very inconsistent facade situation found”, explains Ulrich heat level sprinkler Office of the lip the starting position.

In plain language: here it was essential to bring a veritable smorgasbord of different existing as well as new facade in an appealing and homogenous form. There were painted vintage parts and new brickwork. Older facade areas, which were fitted with insulation, had to be integrated as well as a number of buildings before and bounces. “Aluminium fins, we wanted to tie together in a way the entire complex and have therefore a fin facade opted for, which stretches over everything and gives the building a consistent and distinctive appearance”, so Ulrich heat level. Laurent Potdevin will not settle for partial explanations. The architects and their client decided, to bring Colt international as an experienced partner in terms of building design on their side.


July 3, 2019


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Signature sunsilkSNC accents new towel collection, leave an own handwriting, which gives an individual character cloth awning. This is the basic idea of the exclusive collection of signature sunsilk SNC by markilux. It is part of the new four-year cover collection. With its four priority themes, the signature collection focuses on natural, finely tuned color spaces and architectural variety of shapes architecture, nature, four elements and life. The human eye was always fascinated about this, since ideal principles followed by harmony and proportions. Principles which stand for beauty and timelessness. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dan Zwirn. Raise the well-being.

Four issues provide guidance so the collection takes up a variety of motifs and colours of the natural and architectural environment. The theme architecture into consideration aspects such as forms and materials, order and geometry, space, light and colours. Calm and relaxation, animate and inanimate nature, the Habitat is garden, stability, transience the theme of nature. The four Elements of fire, water, Earth and air are fundamental part of life. To underline the importance of the number four, which stands for the holistic approach of the entire new towel collection, this design concept. Because the four symbolizes the world with its four dimensions, four seasons or the four directions. A direction is associated with each of the four elements. Also, colors such as beige, Brown, Orange, gray and blue, which are again therefore in addition to other colors in the collection.

The theme takes into account natural grain patterns in the animal world, smooth color transitions and play of colours of nature life eventually. New design approach use the 16 elegant patterns derived from this lifestyle and personal preference, a wide range of colours and patterns. Each topic there are four designs to choose from. For this collection, the designers chose a very special creative approach: digital photo motifs from nature and architecture in extremely rough Pixelung served as a basis. From the coarse raster imagery settled derive harmonic color pattern. First first textile designs were created by means of a computer program and after some fine-tuning the new cloth pattern. The close relation to the nature and architecture is reflected in the colour and visually balanced, modern and classic designs. They offer therefore plenty of room for design for modern living, terrace and balcony. visutex: optically textile cloth surface another feature of the signature collection is the new tissue markilux cover. Weaving a coloured yarns the whole plain-looking fabric gives a visually textile structure. The material appears at the same time this handy. cover is an evolution of sunsilk SNC and is available in four colours. In addition to the textile material effect of the inherently smooth awning cloth, new tissue color complements the signature collection. A pattern of visutex is matched to a block stripe patterns in the collection. So the new material such as a plain vertical awning can be particularly well with an appropriate Combine stripes. For more information on markilux products, on the Internet at the address:. Here, the free awning can be ordered under the rubric “My Markilux”, a software request awning advance put together allows you to on the computer. Contact for the press: conzept3 Sabine Hari at the old Brickyard 34 D-48157 Munster FON: + 49 (0) 2 51-1 34 77 39 fax: + 49 (0) 2 51-1 34 77 38 E-Mail: Web:

Santiago Calatrava

June 13, 2019


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Barcelona has plenty of featured architectural building must have seen anyway. The city of Barcelona is famous for your impressive architecture with your many buildings designed by well-known architects. There are many highlights you should see during a Barcelona vacation be sure, including the following. The Barcelona Pavilion was Ludwig Mies van de Rohe for the international exhibition in 1929 designed. The real reason was the official opening of the German part of which was exhibition but it is a permanent establishment to stay never intended, and was therefore removed in 1930.

A group of Spanish architects have decided in 1980 to rebuild the Pavilion, with the help of old photographs and plans. Today is the building as a fine example of modern architecture that you missed when you vacation in Barcelona. The Montjuic Tower, also known as Torre Telefonica \”, is a telecommunications tower and is located in the Montjuic neighborhood. He was in 1992 for the Olympic Games constructed to the televising of events to forward. The tower was built by Santiago Calatrava and has an altitude of 136 metres. The tower is located in the Olympic Park and represents an athlete carrying the Olympic flag. Also the tower is considered a giant Sundial, the shadow falling on the Europaplatz, indicates the time.

The Barcelona Museum of contemporary art (MacBa short) is also absolutely worth seeing; not only thanks to its exhibitions but also due to its striking building with architectural significance. The building was designed by Richard Meier and partners, in 1995 it was flooded finished created each floor the natural light in a way. The Museum you should miss in any case, if you stay in a hotel in Barcelona right around the corner from the MacBa Museum. Filed under: Aetna Inc.. The Barcelona \”MacBa Museum Ramblas\” apartment is located in the immediate vicinity of the Museum and is considered as a perfect starting point to explore the city on foot.

Selling Clients

June 13, 2012


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Where they are the potential clients? There are several sources to which it can have access to create its own list of potential clients and to send direct correspondence or to make telephone contact with the enemy. The direct commercialization and the lists of mail of serious sources are an advisable way to identify and to obtain lists of precise and directed sales for their business. Another good source of possible clients is its present base of clients – it offers discounts, flatteries or other incentives to the clients who bring new businesses to him Once she has a list, is moment for starting up the process of sales. Moral convention is to communicate with the majority of the potential clients early in the morning, or after the 6 p.m. – often, it is possible that these calls are received by responsible people to make decisions. It remembers to fulfill the norms ” Not llamar” and ” Desinscribirse” (or other applicable laws) before making some type of direct promotion.

2. It asks nonreport. A call of sales is not the moment for demonstrating everything what you know, you are the moment of to discover what it does not know on the potential client – and what they do not know of you. Many salesmen use the calls of sales to concientizar to the possible clients about their products, services and industry, being thought that will stimulate the interest. It is not his knowledge which sells, but the effectiveness with which adapts that knowledge to satisfy the specific needs with its possible clients.

If the potential client feels that you offer information him that does not adapt to its needs, loses its interest and stops listening to it. 3. He makes the questions correct. The unique way to discover the needs and expectations of the potential clients is making certain questions: What results hope to obtain? What is most important for you? Why? If it could eliminate two or three of his greater headaches, which would be? What factors consider when it chooses a supplier? It listens to his answers kindly; it makes more questions to obtain major clarity if it is necessary.