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December 17, 2015


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We thought if it well, the beginning of this year is not nothing encouraging. The wave of the economic crisis continues making feel its devastating one to be able, what tsunami, destroying the best expectations. The great conglomerates and industralists feel opposed, and what to say of medium and the small ones, and still more, of the employees who live with the uncertainty on not knowing if they will arrive on the following day in his positions. Again, the panorama is not nothing encouraging. The cost of the life increases every day and that feels plus it they are those that must do all the possible one to survive with a dollar the day. Nevertheless, the illusion of the consumption is relaxing to us per moments.

In what it marries is no one or two televisions, a computer, an equipment of sound, cellular, etc.? Clearly, I am not saying that these things are bad, because the worrisome thing is not that are had, but this replaces a reflection on the way that we have chosen to live our life. Taken care of much. But we must have much well-taken care of. These discouraging scenes do not have to cause that we try to approach any boat that announces an engaged land that flows milk and honey, and of these ships has nowadays in profusion in the Web. The truth is that without concerning the promises that to us the politicians, the salesmen Web, the employers or any other person do, most important it is than we identify once and for all what objectives we want to reach. It is truth that all will promise to be the option to reach what we wished, but the decision that we take must be cradle in knowledge that in our interior we are doing the best thing for we ourself and for those who we loved.