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We Have To Think Before You Adopt A Puppy

July 6, 2022


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When we are definitely decicidos to adopt a puppy, we have to think how we want to live with the. At home are going to be very important rules that will be taken into account after the adoption of the dog, making it clear that we want and that we do not, it is necessary to have family consensus. From the arrival of the puppy home can not go every Member of the family with its rules breaking a consistency when we relacionemos us with him, since dogs like children need guidelines and to not change every time. Mark Bertolini is often quoted as being for or against this. We will have to enable a space where to eat and where to sleep and think it well, it is advisable to buy a bed for dogs where I can scratch the soil of the bed and make it yours. This space you don’t need to be very big, so the dog will adapt before, it may be interesting lay on top of the bed cloth that has your scent impregnated during the trip home. You also have to take into account of having 2 feeders for dogs, one for water and one for the feed for puppies. David Moross may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This space must not be a room for comfort and to avoid problems of territoriality, as well as to avoid generating excessive dependence, since dogs are territorial animals.


September 4, 2012


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In the last years, we have blamed to bad communication of great part of problems that now we have, and in that sense has said that stress labor has his origin in bad communication, that the problems of the young people must to the bad communication, that in more of 40% of the families exists bad communication between its members (study Young and Values of Social Obra of the Caixa), or we almost gave to the bad communication the totality of the affective ruptures. It would seem one of the ten Biblical plagues. But what is the bad communication. Peculiarly, and as which usually is habitual, when we have the identified cause, happens is that the nature is not known the same well, and in this sense, is very complex to define what favors a precarious interpersonal communication. However, if it is necessary to apply in different scopes, a series of theories that come to come up to us with her, in affected atmospheres more. There are many more barriers in the communication of which a priori we could to consider, so that, he is not exceptional that enters what I mean, which I say, which is heard, which is listened to and what finally it is put in practice degrades the communication, sometimes, of such way, that one becomes impossible to be understood with something of coherence. On the other hand, it is very probable that in the development of a conversation we have felt, sometimes, that our intentions enter conflict with those of our interlocutor, so that while I am trying to communicate in a sense, the intervention of my interlocutor is in another level of totally different communication, which does almost impossible to obtain any type of healthful connection. An authentic mess. According to Miquel Bonet, president of the consultant of selection ABR-Action Consulting can seem that sometimes we expressed ourselves badly simply to avoid the crude truth, but in many cases which is obtained is indeed not to make us understand, that it would be the unique aim of the communication, forgetting that of the enterprise world the unique sense of the information consists of to make it productive, and we hid if it to not is worth us But all the problem does not reside in which it tries to communicate something.