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Mexican Diaspora

July 18, 2019


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The lack of attention to the Mexican countryside and the continuing immigration is a serious issue in Mexico. Only in the prosaic Vicente Fox took too Prozac, Viagra soul-it is estimated that about four million Mexicans (the entire population of Nuevo Leon) left our country to go live in the United States. Laurent Potdevin is likely to agree. Currently there are more than 28 million Mexicans in the northern neighboring country. The abandonment of the Mexican countryside has been gradual and no ideology has been able to get ahead of that bad luck. During the Mexican Revolution were over a million of the nearly 19 million lived in the country. He won the Revolution but not solved the problems of farmers since then wrapped by the governments that emerged from the Revolution itself.

Then came Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his desire to remove, once and for all, the delay to the country of Mexico and failed again. The amendments would not have worked. Neither the free market economy, nor the NAFTA has pushed forward our increasingly forgotten Mexican countryside and its increasingly impoverished peasants. Matthew died a year ago Zapata, who was two years old when his father was killed Emiliano, who coined and fought for land and liberty provide the most vulnerable. Emiliano Zapata was killed themselves heirs of the Revolution. His son Matthew died with that humble possessions: only one hectare of land, an old van and no luck. Their struggle focused on seeking pensions for widows of the elevations. Miserable pension of 800 pesos per month, about $ 75.

Thus, in this brief overview, we see the Mexican countryside with fewer and fewer farmers who prefer to emigrate in a constant Mexican Diaspora can not stop any wall. It only remains to recall the Abel Quezada cardboard drawing the hand of God building our country with thousands of miles of beaches, forests, deserts, vast farmland, beautiful mountains and valleys of flowers. An angel approaches him and says: Do not you think it is much, sir?. – Wait, God replied. And then put on our country by Charro Matias, a bottle of tequila in one hand and the other a classical guitar and cowboy hat in front that says “Me Vale Madre.” And we still being valid.

Marketing and Economy

October 28, 2018


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THEY CAN ASSIST the Welinton DEVELOPMENT Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo the fuel of the economy is the investment, that provokes development in a dynamic and imperceptible process some times. The marketing works with controlable and uncontrollable 0 variable, as in the economy. The paper of the marketing is to allow to the linking of the macroeconomics the microeconomy, the collective one to the individual one, all to the unitary one, or vice versa. Clearly that all and any discipline or pursuing of scientific study can be an agent of changes, but few are so interdisciplinares as the two. To know market and not to study economy, probably either the error of many of the professionals of this pursuing and the same valley for the economists. To study economy and to forget marketing scenes and them precious tools it marketing. Our social structures are moving and with it to the new way to see the reality of consumption at full moment of transformations in the market bases, crisis or chance, to think about the future and to act in the gift, is vectors of the choices in this current economic context. To direct the enterprise activity is important, but the natural election of the competition at this moment not only falls again on the companies, but also on the countries.

The dependence for international sources of financing proved the incapacity of the States to manage the economies based on politics and desenvolvimentistas models of the past. The opening for new ideological questions, that fight protectionism seem to ruir at the moment. Reflexiva part of these politics affects the job of direct form. It competes to the marketing finding new forms to provoke the consumption necessities, in these circumstances and the economy to generate resources for practical the business-oriented ones of the market. The capitalism sample clearly that it needs new rules of behavior that develop practical sustainable and ecologically correct. The social convulsions that happen in some countries are parts of campaigns and wrong information passed the populations.

The marketing always was an agent of social transformation, therefore to remove the weak looks on the reality of the economic system provides the philosophical and cultural change of the form to lead the market. The economy is practical of the form use the efficiency of the material, human and social resources of our reality, maximizing its potentialities. The act to serve the market starts to be the instrument of the basic premises in the taking of decisions on the investment. The competitive environment of the market at the moment demands ousadia, creativity and searchs constant of perfectioning of products and services. The directed communication of correct form will be able to also save organizations and governments, therefore the importance of good campaigns of marketing that nail the reality and at the same time assists the economy can be one of the exits for the return of the credibility on the market. But they are evidentes that the consumer of the present time, that folloies each step for the Internet is more demanding and cautious, therefore, campaigns that they nail to the truth and reality of the facts is important. The economy and the marketing need to combine itself to realocar strategies of planning in intention to create new markets and support of the financial systems of the world.

Budgetary Meeting

February 14, 2017


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Already the investments had grown 25% for R$ 9,276 billion, before R$ 7.431 billion in the previous year. Questioned on the perspective of still bigger increase in the expenditures with public office, a time that some categories must have wage readjustment already in the leaf July payment, the secretary said that this is a decision of the Ministry of the Planning, of the Tesouro.Ele did not discard the possibility of the federal government to promote cuts of other expenditures, if necessary. But it affirmed that ' ' it is not in programao' ' for 2009 the use of the saving of R$ 14,2 billion the Deep Sovereign of Brazil in current public expenses. The secretary justified the increase of the expenses this year with the anticyclical politics that is being made to fight the effect of the crisis. In accordance with the data of the Treasure, in the 2009 gathered, the public charges had gone up, in real terms, 14.4% in relation the 2008. Already the prescriptions had fallen 4.4%, influenced for a fall in the collection of the Income tax of companies and of the Social Contribution on Lucro Lquido (CSLL). The expenses with staff had had high of 18,3% and the investments, of 20,4%.

According to Augustin, the expenses with expenditure – In these expenditures they are social programs as the Stock market Family and the impact of the readjustment of the minimum wage, that also have anticyclical effect. According to Augustin, the government must obtain to pledge the goal of investments foreseen in the Project Pilot of Investimentos (PPI) – where is the main workmanships of the Program of Acceleration of Crescimento (PAC) – that this year is of R$15,6 billions. So far, the expenses of the plan position indicator had added R$2,977 billions, increase of 29% in relation the same the period of 2008. The continued fall of the collection – the estimates of prescription of the government are, currently, R$3 billions below of the foreseen one in March – is taking the government to remake its accounts. Yesterday (day 25 of June), the Budgetary Meeting – formed for the Guido, Secretaries of the Treasury Mantega, and of the Planning, Bernardine Pablo – was congregated with president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva. They had started to tack the possible ones> cuts of expenditures, necessary also to make front to the new foreseen disinvestings of a charge.

Goal for the year Because of the crisis, that reduced the collection, the government at the beginning cut the goal of primary surplus (economy to pay the interests of the debt) of the year. The target passed all of 3,8% for 2,5% of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) for the public sector. For the federal government, the new goal is of the 1,4% of the PIB.Com deficit of May, the primary surplus of the five first months of the year added R$ 19,82 billion, the equivalent 1.63% of the GIP esteem for the government for the period. Although the collection fall, the government increased the expenditures in this year. While the net revenue fell only 0.18% of January the May, the expenditures had grown 18.6%, for 215 R$ bilhes.BibliografiJornal the Globe of 26 of June of 2009 Periodical of Brazil of 26 of June of 2009 Periodical the State of S. Pablo of 26 of June of 2009 Periodical Economic Value of 26 of June of 2009 Periodical Leaf of S. Pablo of 26 of June of 2009

High Interests

July 15, 2016


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Periodical of the ComrcioEmpresas & Negcios15 of August of 2005Segundo the old one dictated what it is bad for some is good for others. While the productive sector complains of the high taxes of interests, the financial institutions commemorate. The profit of the four bigger Brazilian private banks more than corresponds 60% of the great 69 profits of public company that had published rocking until passed Wednesday, as Gerdau, Aracruz, Braskem and given Souza Cruz.Os of the research of the consultoria Economtica show that the companies not-financiers had registered in the first semester of this year a total net profits of R$11,358 billions. Already the addition of the profits of only four banks, Ita, Bradesco, Unibanco and Banespa reaches R$ 6,827 billion. The numbers are adjusted by the Index of Prices Consumidor Ampliado (IPCA), measured for the IBGE.Os great results of the banks are records this year, but they come of an old scaling of acquisitions. In the comparison with the previous years, the financial institutions also show well bigger yield the great profits are related still to the banking concentration. The Ita and the Bradesco, for example, had made many acquisitions since 1994, explain the analyst of the Austin Rating, Rodrigo Indiani.

The race for new acquisitions or partnerships with lesser and financial banks continues. The institutions also search society with the nets retail. The analyst of the Broker Socopa, Daniel Doll Lemos, detaches that the factors of profit for wallets consist of the associations and the increase of the credit wallet, segment still little explored in Brazil. the focus is the natural person. The expansion if becomes fast more with the acquisitions of wallet.

The increment comes without the increase of the insolvency, says. The specialist observes that she is natural the banks to profit more. has a great slice of people without access to the banks, complements.

Working Decisions

July 29, 2015


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For Frederico Menna Barreto Of times pra here, incrivelmente, in way to a globalizada economic crisis, we came in coming across with decisions of the Chamber and the Brazilian Senate, referring the labor laws, with the idea to favor the employee and to protect it of abuses supposedly practised by the companies who act in the Brazilian economy. Two classic examples of these decisions are (1) the Binding Abridgement n 04 of the Supreme Federal, referring Court to the taxable income of the additional one of inslaubridade, that leaves of being calculated on the basis of the national minimum wage and passes to be calculated on the basis of the remuneration of the employee and (2) recent decision of the House of representatives that approved the proposal of Constitutional Emendation 231/95 that it aims at reducing the hours of working of 44 for 40 weekly hours beyond increasing additional of overtime for 75% on the value/hour received for the employed. First, it fulfills to clarify, despite briefly, some concepts of the accounting in order to become to understand posterior referring analysis to the impact of these decisions. For the eyes of the accounting, cost is all the expense consumed efficiently in the production of good and/or services. Expenditure, on the other hand, is the expense expended indirectly in the production of good and/or services. As cost example, the remuneration of the employee of industry that works directly in the production of the good, either in the assembly, the manufacture, etc. can be cited Already the expenditure, can be considered the remuneration of the industry worker as the operator, the faxineira, that is, those employees who do not operate directly in the production of the industrialized good. For the formation of price of sales of a product or a service, the company works with a value capable to cover the cost and that still she can provide a result desired for the company.


November 23, 2013


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One of the fruits of this development was the creation of some termosespecficos in the area of finances, as it is the case of the concept of Capitalizaton, that amongst the diverse conceptual terms we can suggest: to join to the capital, to transform into capital, to accumulate or to join money aiming at to form a capital. 1,3 Amortization In the composition of the paid installments in any species definanciamento two parcels are enclosed: one that if relates to the capital quefoi loaned, and other destined to the payment of constant interests in the financial regularcontrato. In reference to the Amortization, in the diverse workmanships especficasde mathematical financier consulted in the elaboration of this work foramencontradas definitions in the same direction, that is, is the parcel that correspondeao payment of the loaned capital.

As definition of the guide of financing of portalWinfinance, the amortization is the part of the payment that effectively diminishes osaldo wing. The referring part the interests does not diminish the value of the debt, the quesignifica to say that these are ‘ ‘ custos’ ‘ that if paid peloemprstimo. Thus, in the end of the operation, the addition of the amortization part detodas the installments must be equal to the value of the loan. The formula below wide is spread out in the literaturavoltada one to the financial area, and has intention to make possible a melhorvisualizao and agreement on this concept: Installment = Amortization + 1,4 Interests Indexation We know that emnosso is of remote time the existence of the inflation country, having, throughout time, diminished substantially its efeitosnefastos and in the current days reaches levels that arrive at the house of a digit, however this fact still cause a true terror to the population with oaumento, despite controlled, in the prices of the goods and services. Currently, economic asituao more is stabilized, however the population still continues to abide consequences of this mazela, although to be brightened up with the legal support of nossosistema.

Brazilian Economy

November 21, 2013


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surgeporque the individuals and the companies finds practises to have a money reserve (money), for some unexpected one, in case that it has necessity or for transaesfuturas; *motivo speculation sooperaes> financiers who aim at only the profit, the reserves to speculate are sensvels variations of the taxes of interests. The demand for currency dependeda income and of the tax of interests and the circumstances of the economy in data moment. How much > or or or or < it will be the demand for currency. It offers of currency depends daorganizao on the financial system of each country. In a system where the lastreada currency (deposited) in gold, the amount of currency in circulation depends doestoque on deposited gold.

In a system without ballast, it is had currency trustee, based on the trust, in the confidence, and the responsible one for the control of the currency is oBanco Central (BC). It is the sender of the national currency, is an agency who controlaa offers of currency in the country and the related subjects it. The BC has funode: to *controlar the ofertamonetria; to *emitir the national currency; * to watch over for the value of the moedanacional; to *regulamentar and to fiscalize osistema financial. The commercial banks soinstituies that catch resources of demand deposits, of economizers, to paraemprestar them it the investors as I credit bank clerk. The profits veem dadiferena between what they are pleased as remuneration to the deposits and the interests querecebem of the loans. The commercial banks can create constituent currencies with base nasreservas on the demand deposits, that are the dosbancos obligations with the depositors, such deposits can be rescued the qualquerinstante.

D= R + and the reserves bancosconstituem that them on the deposits is of two types: *reserva obligatory is asparcelas of the deposits that the banks are obliged legally to deposit emsuas accounts next to the central banking, to be able to make front the suasobrigaes; *reserva voluntary sorecursos that the banks keep next to the central banking for option, not legal hobrigao.

The Economist

November 18, 2013


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On the second affirmation, this is fact and the proper decisions of monetary politics, especially of ' ' world rico' ' (countries that composes the G7), confirm the application of the hypotheses of the rational expectations. On the first affirmation, the surprise is because the belief in the use of monetary politics sidewalk in the approach of the rational expectations, very elaborated well, for example, for the proper Sargent, it has contributed for ' ' world rico' ' to frequently sail for seas of crises each bigger time. In this way, in my opinion, the two affirmations of Sargent professor if complement. Manifesto my surprise also because the prize of this year seems to be unglued of the current world-wide reality, despite the news article of the magazine ' ' The Economist' ' , of 10/10/2011, it has grifado that the hypothesis of the rational expectations defended by Sargent ' ' it cannot badly be interpretada' '. To support my scare with the awarding, they allow to mention some hypotheses me of the boarding of the rational expectations, summarized for Simonsen professor, in 1986 article: ) the economic agents know a model quantitative that, saved occurrence of random disturbances, determines the behavior of the endogenous 0 variable in function of the exgenas; b) all the economic agents make use the same of joint of information, forming therefore the same expectations how much to the behavior of the exgenas 0 variable; c) with these expectations and the model, the economic agents arrive at its forecasts how much to the behavior of the endogenous 0 variable; d) each agent believes that all excessively formulate its forecasts on the basis of the same model and in the same projections of the exgenas 0 variable. This last estimated, conclusive one for Simonsen, says respect to the credibility and, more specifically, to the credibility of the economic policies of the monetary authorities.