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San Francisco

October 8, 2019


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No being, animal or vegetable survive without it. But this is not its only paper in the nature. As intemprico agent, it molds rocks, it modifies landscapes, form rivers, seas and lakes. Without this action if it would not have the ground that of the food and is sustentation of great part of the existing vegetal life. It also is essential to regulate the climate of the city, therefore as it has capacity to store heat can collaborate with the cooling of the same one. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dan Zwirn. choices. (Source: Elon Musk). In cities where the water and the vegetation appear with lesser frequency, the micron urban climate can vary in until 9C more than what in natural environments Since the discovery of the use of the oil as combustible and as substance cousin for the industry could attend to hundreds of warlike and commercial conflicts for the dispute of the call ' ' Negro&#039 gold; '. Today, it is lived deeply searchs it for new power plants, since the forecast for the world-wide reserves does not exceed thirty years. However, the wars will not have to finish for this reason, quite to the contrary, the trend are that they change its focus stop another precious liquid, ' ' oil potvel' ' , the water.

The microregion of Irece, located in the central region of the state of the Bahia, in the domain of the hidrogrficas basins of the rivers Green and Alligator, tributaries of the right edge of the river San Francisco, is known as an important agricultural region northeast Brazilian, with prominence for the cultures of beans, carrot, beetroot and onion. Due to ample availability of fertile ground and underground water it had a great increase of the areas irrigated in last the 20 years in the region, passing of 900 Ha. It agrees to remember that in the year of 1993 for about 5.900 Ha.

American Congress

April 15, 2019


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' ' Assuming that the next president is determined to fight the global heating, specialists remember that she will not assume the position before the end of January of 2009. What he means that will have few months to prepare its team and its strategy to gain the support of the public opinion in time to involve actively its country in Copenhagen. But he still remains another incognito: to know if the great emergent economies, that tend if to convert into the contaminating greaters of the world, they will be made use in 2009 to give the arm to twist being accepted the commitment to cut to emissions of gases of the effect estufa' ' (GABEIRA, 2007). Barak Obama, still candidate, already announces its vision on energy efficiency and clean production, its green disposal to command the biggest power world-wide. From 2009, under the government of Barak Obama, U.S.A. wants to participate of the new agreement and to prevent a repetition of the disaster of Kyoto, what it can be an enormous relief for the nature. To enter in agreement, however, is not exclusive decision of the president, approval depends now on the Congress of U.S.A.

April of this year is the landmark of the situation where the world is hostage of the American Congress, therefore it is when they must have been initiated the negotiations on the goals of the developed countries to after reduce the emissions of gases of the effect greenhouse 2012, year where it exhales the first phase of the Protocol of Kyoto, still effective. What it did not occur. In this month, in Bonn, in Germany, during the first meeting to prepare the new agreement to be defined in the Conference of the Climate in Copenhagen, the American team under the leadership of Obama evidenced the indefinio of the country concerning these goals. ' ' Negotiators of the president of U.S.A., Barack Obama, finish to enter in the game after the government Bush to have if esquivado, but not yet they have a position defined on that type of cut goal to consider, because any movement requires an internal agreement in the legislative one of pas' ' (BALAZINA, 2009).


March 12, 2019


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Djalma Alves de Melo Graduating of Licenciatura Biology College Metropolitan of Camaari-Ba Summary One of problematic the current one is the ambient degradation, where the garbage and excessively component extremely brings complicated consequence for the society as a whole, beyond the human, social problems and the extremely important degradation of areas as biomas. Areas are busy without one foresaw analyze of the responsible agencies and with this population consumes the most diverse industrialized products, producing residues and that it does not have the concern to discard it of correct form. Today the garbage is social, economic, sanitary and ambient, visible a problem to the eyes of the society and that the solution for this problem this related with the culture and the education which will be the environment and instrument of awareness problematic of the garbage. (As opposed to Dan Zwirn). Word-keys: ambient impact, garbage, recycling, education and citizenship Summary environmental One of the current problems is the degradation, where the garbage and to other components bring extremely complicated consequence will be the society a whole, besides the problems human, social and the degradation of areas extremely important the bioma. Areas plough busy without one he/she foresaw it analyzes of the responsible organs and with that population consummate the most several industrialized products, producing residues and that doesn’ t have them the concern of discarding him/it in correct way. Today the garbage is it problem social, economical, sanitarium and environmental, visible you the eyes of the society and that the solution will be that problem this related with the culture and the education which will be the instrument of understanding of the problem of the garbage and the environment. Ebay shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Key-Words: environmental impact, garbage, recycling, education and citizenship the garbage: What to make as the garbage ‘ ‘ What he is lixo’ ‘? In agreement Luft (2000) defines garbage as being: ‘ ‘ Tudo that if it sweeps to leave clean a house, street garden, etc.

Philosophy And Environment

July 21, 2015


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The fraternity idea is the part-key for the full configuration of the citizenship between the men, therefore, as a matter of principle, all the men are equal, at least would have to be. Of a certain form, the fraternity is dependent of the freedom and of the equality, therefore, so that each one effectively if reveals is necessary that excessively they are valid. The fraternity is express in the first article of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man who affirms that ' ' all the men are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act ones stops with the others in spirit of fraternidade' '. Marked for revision due the practical inconsistencies and historical examples passed and contemporaries of trustworthiness doubtful, the feminine substantive ' ' fraternidade' ' it is a concept of the critical and rational inquiry of the basic principles related to the world and the man, on to the ideas of autonomy and espontaneidade and the shunting line inexistence or incongruncias, under determined point of sight, between two or more comparative elements. In the practical one, the fraternity has been frequent confused for the bad common citizen, the bad governor and the bad enterprise manager with the expression ' ' caridade' ' , that express a feeling or an altruistic action to help the next one without searching any type of rewards; the expression ' ' solidariedade' ' , that express a feeling or union of simpatias, interests or intentions between the members of determined group, even so these words have radically different meanings. While the express fraternity the dignity of all the considered men equal and assures full social rights, individual politicians to them and, the charity idea creates abissal inaquality still more, in the measure where it makes to believe that some of them possess right more and are superior and therefore ' ' generosos' ' when they share some ' ' migalhas' ' with excessively. Unhappyly nor all or few are endowed with reason and express conscience as in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Man, even so of all the freedoms most inviolable are to think.

Managerial Accounting

May 8, 2015


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The above-mentioned author also illustrates that some stakeholders have greater concern with physical ambient impacts of the corporative activities, whereas others are interested mainly by the monetary effect of the ambient impacts on the companies. In consequencia, different systems of accounting must satisfy some destinations and different information. However, the distinction is common enters at least two important white groups of stakeholders: internal addressees of the company such as managing, internal administrators, controlling, etc.; a sufficiently narrow band of external groups such as shareholding, agencies of credit and risk, analysts financial, etc. Thus, with internal and external focus, internal or external systems of accounting are established that can be distinguished, depending on the prinicipal intention of the system in satisfying the necessities of information for stakeholders internal or external. In such a way, the systems of the Ambient Accounting enclose an express ambient accounting in monetary units with internal focus; an express ambient accounting in monetary units with external focus. In the same way, they enclose an express ambient accounting in physical units, with internal focus; an express ambient accounting in physical units, with external focus. (2002) complement that this integrated set of systems of developed ambient accounting with the use of express information in monetary and physical units with internal and external focos is called as Environmental Management Accounting EMA, that is, Accounting of the Ambient Management. The EMA, as joint integrated of the ambient accounting, provides different forms of information necessary to help the ambient managers to take care of its objectives, including measured physical of materials and flows of energy, supplies, processes and products, relating its impacts on the environment; measures of monetary politics on the economic impact of the ambient initiatives, such as period of payback 5, return on the capital/investment, etc.; measured qualitative of the claims of stakeholders. This contrasts with the necessities, for example, of a manager of production, with control of the tasks on the industrial operations optimizing the material and energy consumption, and reducing the risk of the operations on the environment, that it needs physical measures of materials, flows of energy and registers of processes.

Human Right To The Environment

January 18, 2015


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The ENVIRONMENT AND ITS TRANSVERSALIDADE WITH THEMATIC OF HUMAN RIGHTS the vision of the planet Land of the space stimulated world-wide the ambientalista movement, in reason of the phrase of the American astronaut Neil Armstrong who, resumidamente, described our Gaia as fragile and defenseless. Per many years the common citizen did not apercebeu itself of this fragility, exactly our planet has age esteem around 4,6 billion years, an approach mass of 6 quintilhes of tons, a surface of approximately 510 million Km2 and a diameter, in the line of the Equator, of 12.756 km. Such characteristics, in them he did not seem to be so fragile. This fragility was, acertadamente, in the rejected opinion of some and for others, pointed for English chemistry James Lovelock and the biologist Lynn Margulis in the theory of Gaia (1972). They had affirmed that the Land had to be considered an alive and sistmico organism, that answers to some stimulatons and evolves organisms together with livings creature and not-livings creature.

The Land only produces its proper food, fixes nitrogen in air, fertiliza the ground and shelters a species infinity. These scientists had affirmed that the land possesss a proper and perfect identity. is not for less. Venus, for example, has a dense atmosphere in Co2, what it raises the temperature about 400 C. Mars, in turn, has fine Co2 layer, what it takes low the temperature, about 53 C negative. It is a frozen desert. The Land is a stimulaton the life.

Unhappyly our Gaia comes being degraded year the year, as presented studies in recent years. Some arrive to affirm that if the ambient degradation to continue in the current rhythm, the life, in the end of century XXI, in function of the effect greenhouse, will only be possible in the Arctic, where the temperatures would be bearable for the man. Chistopher Stone, in 1993, said that ' ' the land has cancer and this cancer is homem' '.

Planning Elements

March 7, 2014


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They are nine elements of planning: Intentions What to make? Objectives What to make? Stated periods How much time Quality mentions quality to it when intend to reach how much to the intention of the planning. It says respect mainly, to the identity of the organizations or the object of the planning; it is also mentioned to the internal and external relations of the organizations. Amount mentions the amount to it that if it intends to carry through or to produce. One becomes related, mainly, to the resources and processes for the execution of the planning. How much to the objective of the planning: Of organizations and you would subsidize. Of projects? Of operations? Of commissions? An organization is an institution with definite objectives.

The objectives of an organization always are on to the supply of goods and services for satisfaction of the necessities and its organizacional mission in a vision inside of the target of its activities. How much to the detailing level? Strategical? Tactician? Operational the characteristics of a plan must be definite and to be of the knowledge of who participates of elaboration obeying to the complexity degree, level of detailing to reach the objectives that had been planned. Conclusion: I concluded that the goal of the sustainable development requires capacity of analysis of the ambient problems, identifying its causes and defining the actions to be carried through, in a general way; that it aims at criteria, standards of quality, economic and social development, in the measure where it preserves and it recoups the environment.

Organic Substances

October 6, 2013


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1 INTRODUCTION the ground is not constituted only of particle remaining portion of rocks, but also of remaining portions of plants and animals. The particles of the rocks are the mineral components and the remaining portions of plants and animals are the organic components. The present work has the intention synthetically to show to the definition of organic substance as well as its importance for the balance and fertility of the ground. Inside of this context, it is discoursed on the humificao processes and mineralizao, later becomes one brief communication the use of the organic substance in sustainable agriculture and conclusive they emphasize it importance of its diverse papers in the use and the conservation of the ground. 2 DEFINITION OF ORGANIC SUBSTANCE the organic substance of the ground is composed for the remaining portion of plants and animals. The USA organic word because one mentions the remaining portions to it of organisms, and these in turn are formed mainly by organic composites between which it has four great groups.

The carboidratos and proteins are most important, as much one as the other possesss a fast decomposition, contributing for the nutrients of the ground, as nitrogen (n), match (p) and sulphur (s). Another one is the lignina, a highly resistant composition, that persists in the ground being part of hmus. Finally, we have the lipdios (added with waxes and resins), that also they are component resistant and they contribute with sulphur (s) and match (p) for the ground (GUCHERT, ROUSSENQ GRANDSON, 2007, P. 23). Therefore we can define all material organic substance as of organic origin in high state of decomposition. 3 the IMPORTANCE OF the ORGANIC SUBSTANCE OF the GROUND the presence of organic substance is basic for the maintenance of the micron and mesobiota of the ground, therefore the action of the decompositores on this substance goes to return to the ground the necessary nutrients so that the beings livings creature that inhabit the ground can acquire energy to survive and also to keep the balance and the conservation of the ground.

Change Mine Business Philosophy For The Environment

January 1, 2013


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After recycling the tailing, the recovery processing plant dam grade can be reduced by 1.7%, the dam magnetic iron distribution rate reduced by 17.22%, so that the dam magnetic iron distribution rate reduced to less than 13% magnetic iron, The recycling rate rise by 5%. In this way, we can guarantee the processing plant magnetic iron recovery rate achieve the 96 percent of ministerial standards. Economic benefits estimate of recycling dam technology measures: according to the dam recycling technology measures preliminary study results, this technology was promoted in many mining company processing plant, to recycle the dam which produced in all the re-election recovery plants .the expected tailing grade metal, recovery of the processing plant is about 3 percent, according to the processing plant can be reduced by 1%, the ore amount is 14 million tons, 25.5 percent of the ore grade, the recoverable amount of metal is 107 100 t, equivalent to grade iron ore concentrate of 67% is 160 000 t. dam recovery concentrate processing costs is100 yuan / t, grade how 67% of iron ore concentrate market price of 275 yuan / t, the total annual benefit is 28 million yuan, net of investment is 17.52 million yuan, the net benefits is1048 million. From that, we know that the resulting magnetic separation plant dam re-election recovery of economic benefit is very significant, the magnetic separation plant also pay attention to the improving of the magnetic iron recycling rete, reduces dam grade is an effective way to reduce metal loss.

Magnetic separation plant is also very great important in the choice of magnetic separators, the other processing equipment should also be under the done of a reasonable choice. Iron ore is a medium-sized black mining enterprises, its affiliated deposits are contact metasomatic silicone analogy rock magnetite bed, which is one of the few rich iron ores of high grade, and are associated with copper, cobalt and other useful group. In recent years, with the gradual development of the mine and the technological advances in the production of the main producing crystalline iron powder, through co-operation with relevant research institutes and their unremitting efforts to strengthen the copper-cobalt mixed copper-cobalt concentrate separation of research, to produce copper concentrate, cobalt concentrate qualified; full recovery of mining low – grade magnetite ore in the mountains of waste slag. Practice has proved that these practices to improve the value of the mining bed, Jingjing kinds of mining production, improve the effects of mine development and operation of the protection of the ecological environment, making the change to mine more ore, waste rock changed mine. primary crushers: crusher:.

The Fretico

November 12, 2012


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The agrotxicos are substantiate chemical used in excess have asked for to farming contaminating the plants, the ground and the underground reserves of water, and the destruction of the ciliar bush it facilitates the draining of the water of the rain of these fields contaminated for the riverbeds. 3. Contamination of waters for agrotxicos agriculture in our country has one strong dependence of the use of agrotxicos, in which these have the purpose to control harmful plagues, illnesses and plants, guaranteeing raised platforms more of productivity and, consequently, greater economic return of the agricultural activity. However, the agrotxicos can highly be toxic to the diverse organisms not-target, including the human beings, mainly when these reach the freticos springs of the rivers and sheets, therefore of this form they had arrived at the contact with the man of faster and quiet form. Studies show that the agrotxicos applied directly in the plants or the ground have as final destination the ground, being washed of leves through the action of the rain or the water of irrigation, the agrotxicos had arrived at the ground, infiltrating until the layers deepest reaching the fretico sheet. Being this type of transport of the agrotxicos called of leaching.

Another important type of transport occurs when this occurs together in the surface of the ground with the water of torrents, being called of superficial draining. For occurring of very easy form the transport of these agrotxicos, such product already became 2 bigger cause of contamination of the water in the country. No matter how hard the water is one of the resources with bigger availability in the world, a great necessity exists to guarantee its quality for the current and future generations. Unhappyly, agriculture can have negative influence in the quality of the hdricos resources. This negative influence occurs, mainly, due to extreme use of the agrotxicos and without the adjusted cares, that is, in the reality the agriculturists many times do not possess no information of the cares of as to use these products.