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June 5, 2018


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In this scoring assessment only applies to small loans (up to 3-4 million). Additional information is available at Intel. Loans for large sums of money are considered on an individual basis, to review an application takes up to two weeks. Typically, banks offer ruble-denominated loans with a maximum of five years at a rate of 12% per annum. To qualify, the company or individual entrepreneur is enough to have proof of income and to conduct its business in the area of the bank branch at least six months. No collateral is usually possible to obtain express loan up to $ 15,000, terms of consideration in this case do not exceed three days.

Requirements for the borrower, standard, and approach the lender to borrowers – individual: when deciding whether to credit is estimated invested their own capital, business transparency, the quality of accounting and reporting, sources of repayment, it security and business prospects in general. According to the results of this analysis the company refers to one or another category of risk. And the risk is generally quite high. Most bankers who deal with small businesses, complain about the complexities involved in evaluating them (small businesses) credit, which is due to non-transparent reporting of most enterprises and low-quality collateral. Banks, despite the Advertising declaration of "quick loans" and "scoring systems" try as detailed as possible "enlighten" is not very transparent borrowers, choosing among them the most reliable. A scoring system used usually only when granting consumer credits. The employees of credit institutions argue that the majority of borrowers, estimated by the scoring system, fall into the so-called "gray zone" – not to be uniquely neither positive nor a negative decision.

Social Requirements

September 9, 2016


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What is it? The professional construction card (TPC), is a certification for workers in the construction Sector. This card certifies that worker holder she is trained to develop their professional work within marked by the General Convention of the construction. The only entity capable of granting such certification is the Fundacion Laboral de la construccion (FLC) and is valid for 5 years (renewable). All those workers who belong to the construction agreement, must be in possession of this card, including administrative staff, managers, executives, middle managers. To enlist in Social Security to any worker in this sector is necessary to present a copy of this card. It shall enter into force as of January 1, 2012, and its use, will be compulsory to today is simply demanded by the companies of the sector. Brian Krzanich is often mentioned in discussions such as these. How can I get the TPC? To obtain the card construction professional, there are two types of requirements that the worker must demonstrate academic requirements and job requirements. The worker, for obtaining the card must demonstrate academic requirements through supporting certificates, issued by an approved entity for granting them, as it is the case of normative training services (approval No.: 0312080412.) The training must be accredited is one of the following: primary classroom.

On-site training from 8-hour offices. On-site training from 10 to 20 contact hours, which dispatched a common module and a part specifies for each trade. Basic course of 60 hours. 20 hours must be face-to-face and the 40 remaining at a distance in terms of work requirements, the applicant must demonstrate that it is discharged in Social security or temporary disability in the construction Sector and in the case of unemployed, having been commissioned in Social Security at least 30 days in a period of 12 months. Validations to the time of obtaining of the TPC, applicants with training in prevention of occupational risks, top level, intermediate and basic may validate their qualification to obtain the card. -Level training of upper – level intermediate – health and safety coordinator training – training basic level training (50 retrieved hours before the end of 2008 and 60 retrieved hours before the end of 2009) all of them may validate his training for the obtaining of the TPC, although for trades, they will have to study the specific of each part equally.

Italian Crisis

February 27, 2013


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No one knows the end that will end the recent history of the free fall of the EURO. European economies are taking harsh measures to control the fall of the euro and, thus, the infeasibility of the European Union and their own economies. Since the real estate crisis of 2007, in the United States, that afectoo the world economy, European countries have gone tumbo on tumbo and have not been able to stop the situation, despite the initial optismismo. Now the Greek crisis, after the Portuguese and Lastly, the Italian, which is the most vulnerable economies of the European continent. At the same time, we know that this crisis is going to attract, as a consequence, major social changes in the field of technology to adapt to new situations that will benefit all of us. As said Benjamin Franklin, or learned by science or experience.

Apparently what is manage and understand the complex situation ranging from ethical behavior in other people and companies, of the major changes that are happening in all fields that open up a myriad of possibilities of entering in our modern society and, say I, through the front door.It is a learning process. So, for those naysayers of the end times, rather I agree to others who say that she is happening a great human transformation and historical to a better, cleaner world and with more opportunities and that is, these moments, that we are still witnesses and part. But for that to happen, which labor, we must first pass through the suffering which means change and leave old practice to start us on others that bring us closer to a more friendly world. Original author and source of the article.

The Law

February 14, 2013


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In all the homes visited, people are willing to give the seeds, but to ask her whether in the House had killed someone, was found with all the houses had been visited by death; one had died one daughter, in another one servant, in others the husband or a parent.Kisagotami could not find a home where you had not experienced the suffering of death. To realize that was not alone in his pain, the mother broke off of the lifeless body of his son, and went to see Buddha, who told him with great compassion: believed that only you’ve lost a son; the law of death is that there is no permanence among living creatures. Finally, we must every day prepare ourselves for the reality of death, dis frutar our chance at life intensely, share it with those who We have selected is companions as this trip while are in this dimension. Also consider. What tells us es.catholic.net, we would all like that in this life we did not have to suffer or die, but we should not deceive. The pain, the suffering, failure, disgrace and death are situations specific to human life.

They are part of our life. It is useless, therefore, try to avoid them or delete them.We must recognize that the ability to suffer or die is latent in every one of us. It is not, certainly see everything with a pessimistic or masochistic attitude. The important thing is that we attract, simple and straightforward, so that these realities are in us and that, sooner or later will experience them in our lives. When we take conscience that the suffering and death are realities of life, we acquire a force and special security that make us confront them with much serenity and peace of mind, knowing that we can overcome them and come to accept them. This does not mean that it will eliminate the pain that we cause, more well that can dominate and better control the affliction that invades us when we suffer or see suffering to those who love.There are those who suffer physically and morally sufferers. If we look at the people who surround us, we will see that there are people who do not have what to eat, others who are treated unfairly, others suffering from an incurable disease, others has died I loved and so we could continue our list.

There are many suffering humans passing every day. Disease and suffering have always counted among the most serious problems in human life. In disease man experiences his powerlessness, its limits, and its finitude. Every disease can make us glimpse death (CEC 1500). The disease can lead us to the anguish at the retreat about ourselves, sometimes even despair and rebellion against God. But can also make the most mature person help you discern in his life it is not essential to return for what Yes it is (CEC 1501) don’t forget to live life intensely, enjoy it, not be tormenting by pessimism, the tests that must be addressed. Probably does not have much time to do so, but while both take full advantage, suffering wears, makes us lose energy, affects us many miscalculations in our health and even mentally.