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The Fact

July 19, 2016


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Patience. Patience – Quality required the owner of the ferret. Be the owner of a ferret – it's like to be a parent year-old child, who never matures. Ferrets – very stubborn, smart and curious animals, which showing interest in everything, especially what not to do. For example, if the ferret starts to dig a rug in a certain place will require more than one time to say "No!" Him to stop doing it. A ferret can interrupt his occupation for a while and come back to it when you're distracted.

Ferrets love to hide things. If you leave the tv remote, wallet, socks, keys and other small items within reach of a ferret, be confident that sooner or later they will be tucked away in a secluded place. Be prepared to toilets, arranged a ferret in unexpected places, upside drinkers, dug out of the pots to plants, toys and trivia, hidden behind a cupboard, sofa, or just "missing." It takes time and ingenuity to stop the unwanted behavior in ferrets. Small children. Do you have children younger than five years? Children, especially small do not always understand how to properly handle the animals. Kids can cause a ferret pain or hurt him, and ferret may bite a child in children under five years should never be left unattended with a ferret! Other pets.

Do you have other pets? Ferrets can make friends with other pets, mostly with cats and certain breeds of dogs, but much depends on the nature of animals. Most often, ferrets find common language with cats, especially if they grew up together. With dogs, especially hunting breeds, the problems arise more frequently. Meet with other animals should be under your strict supervision. The fact that ferrets almost no fear of other animals. A ferret may well come to a large dog and even try to bite her. The result of such communication can be serious injury and even death. It is not necessary leave the ferret alone with the birds, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits, chinchilla, or reptiles. Most often, ferrets, or kill them, seeing as prey or cause serious injury, trying to play. If you are from time to time release their birds, rodents or reptiles out of the cage, make sure the ferret is locked to prevent the tragedy. The decision whether to start a ferret (the same as any other pet) must be carefully weighed. You should not act impulsively – often a hasty purchase of this charming little animal leads to a few months or even weeks ads "I'll give a good hands. "