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Organization Performance

May 3, 2018


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General information and scope in this opportunity, we are referring to the voluntary resignation of the worker, who considers that the Organization, company where labor, is not what I expected for your professional growth, estimated that you don’t see the possibilities of ascent, fair compensation for their work, nor the recognition of its performance, coupled with other factors such as lack of a coaching to others,, motivating, participative leadership, an unstable organizational behavior, which generates an organizational climate not conducive to their effective participation within the company. We share, a good management should be aware of the motivation, productivity, performance, performance of human resources under their charge. A manager who knows how to properly handle the modern administrative tools, stimuli motivational, giving way to that their employees should be identified with a good spirit of membership in the organization. You need a management that is conducive in workers safety, respect, concern, support, than their human resource this fully identified with the company, avoiding that renuncien, abandon, without causing serious problems to organizational behavior, the integration of groups, and all that which generates costs that seriously affects their profits benefits, objectives, achievements. Management must be careful in identifying what are the causes that Venezuelan onstage for example, has led to many workers of various levels from professionals, technicians are resigning and what is more negative, leaving the country in search of better opportunities that ensures them professional development, security, new opportunities where you recognize its performance, achievements. Contributions Professor of organizational behavior in the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, has been investigating through its participants with investigations of field in the industrial belt of the region, What that has led to many workers, even the older ones, have taken the decision to leave the company and how it has impacted significantly on productivity, organizational climate of the company. Here, Penguin Random House expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Bright Development Future

January 7, 2014


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The earliest application of crusher is just limited in the mining industry, along with a better understanding of it as well as technical advances, the crusher industrial application range is very wide now, such as the process of scrap cars or electrical appliances, equipment and conveyors matchedsorting if vehicles are equipped, it can be easily automated handling and processing of scrap various industrial products, recycling of steel and non-ferrous metals and non-metallic material available. As to the dominated crusher in the world, above nearly 7% are developed on the basis of the United States Newell products, which is more representative of Germany Lindemann, Japan Fuji and China s mountain climbers Heavy. Since the successful development of new crusher in Europe in the 1980s, the manufacture of the crusher structure design, manufacturing processes and materials continue to improve and improve. Such as the German company O & K new impact breaker machine, made a special design of the crushing chamber, rebound, metal ore material may pop up. This is also the crusher application characteristics, paid great attention to foreign the composition and structure of the material. With the rapid development of the domestic economy, crusher s status in the economic and social industry are also rising, which has also become essential in many industrial production. We all know that the crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. Common crushing machines are winnowing mill, hammer crusher, impact breaker, roll crusher, crusher compound.

Jaw crusher (jaw crusher), having large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics. PF-I series impact breaker can process materials side length is 100 to 500 mm, the compressive strength is up to 350 MPa, great crushing ratio, cubic particles advantages of material was broken; PF-II series impact breaker machine, suitable for crushing hard materials, such as cement crusher, with a production capacity of the material advantages of small particle size. When dealing with a variety of metals, non-metallic mineral raw materials and construction materials in the production process, in order to improve the efficiency of the grinding operation, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction targets at home and abroad have developed various types of crushers, such as a hammer, to fight back type, the fastest growing anti-vertical shaft, especially hammer crusher uniformity, high efficiency, simple structure and light weight material, easy operation and maintenance. Duo to a variety of reasons, the foreign crusher industry develops slowly since the 1980s, due to less investment in the home industry, there have not much development, making this market appears blank, less new equipment, the supply can not meet the demand of the market, so the future is broad developemt.