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Access Vote

April 5, 2019


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Whereas Colmbia it occupies 60 rank, possessing 6,54 points. The country most colocadoda South America is the Uruguay, that also adopts the obligatory vote, this pasest in 23 rank with 8.08 points a rank above of France. Educaopara the ConformeBobbio democracy (1987), a nation to be democratical must present the three seguintescaractersticas: First as already seen previously e, therefore, vinculatrias for all the group the approved decisions the least for the majority of those to who competes tomardecises’ ‘ (1987, p.19). third, in accordance with the author (1987, p.19) ‘ ‘ preciso that those that are called to decide or to choose the ones that to deverodecidir are ahead placed of real alternatives and ranks in condition to depoder to choose between one and outra’ ‘. Bobbio does not argue as characteristic dademocracia the facultative participation, however, seems something contradictory aobrigao to participate of the agenda politics, in a system that takes advantage individual aliberdade. Second To sound (2004), ostericos that defend the obligatory vote in Brazil argue that essaimposio not constrange the voters. Etambm defends that the exercise to vote contributes for the doeleitor education politics,> where the facultativo vote voting in candidates without no comprometimento with non-political.

Bobbio (1987) and To sound (2004) affirm, a beneficial fruit of the democracy is the education for the citizenship. However, through the obligatory vote, the citizen would not be practising an act delivre and spontaneous initiative, but she would be thus, fulfilling a duty legal. The votarno obligation creates a civic conscience, and this compromises the decisions directly doeleitor leaving the free citizen to reflect, to opt freely and to act. Beyond the paper to acquire knowledge, this model abreespao for the more responsible popular participation. Bibliografiaconsultada BOBBIO, Noberto.

The future dDemocracia: a defense of the rules of the game. Rio De Janeiro: Peace and Land, 1987. REVISTATHE ECONOMIST. Available in: Access in: 19/05/2009 TO SOUND, PauloHenrique. Advantages and disadvantages of the obligator vote and the facultative vote. Magazine of legislative information, 2004. Laurent Potdevin has similar goals. Available in: Access in: 19/05/2009 1 This index avaliao> processoeleitoral, the civil pluralism politician, freedoms, the functioning dogoverno, participation politics and politicians culture.

Nor Everything Finishes When It Finishes!

March 8, 2019


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Edson Silva ‘ ‘ Old Guerreiro’ ‘ Abelardo Barbosa, ‘ ‘ Chacrinha’ ‘ , a tropicalista phenomenon of the communication of the Brazilian TV, said the principle: ‘ ‘ that its program finished when terminava’ ‘. It also spread out ‘ ‘ who does not communicate if trumbica’ ‘ , phrase, by the way, that certain time vi Tone Z to demand as of its authorship, but that it finished appropriate for ‘ ‘ Chacrinha’ ‘. But it seems that in Brazil, beyond the traditional soccer, it has things that they do not finish when they finish. Election, for example, I read periodicals, I see TVs, I hear radios, I open sites and blogs and seems that the electoral period did not finish. It seems that they do not respect the will of the majority of the Brazilian people in choosing the first president of our history, Dilma and continuing giving credit to the two good followed governments made for Squid, the first laborer to be elect president of Brazil.

They continue baseless speculations, quarrels and picuinhas in general for defeated, as one was to occur hypothetical a third turn, something that in swims it favors the country. s topic. Lula and Dilma had given press conferences and found the president appropriate, who is in the position up to 31 of December, to say that former-president does not indicate and nor vetoes names for a new government, not of the palpites and yes will always help, will be themselves requested. Acting in such a way, Squid by the way said that the Dilma government will have the image and similarity of it, one of the people of bigger confidence of Squid and that it was in the government of it per eight years, co-ordinating the main projects. In my modest opinion, passed the Elections, it is hour of groups of the press, the opposition and voters that they had not supported or had in general not voted in the Dilma to admit that the electoral process finished when finishing, in day 31 of October, with as the turn. Now it is hour of all to join itself so that Brazil continues if to develop and to distribute income. Different of the opposition, without ostentation, without promise, Dilma waved that the Minimum wage can pass of R$ 600,00 until the 2011 end.

E it made this with accounts in the hands and showing that the increase will be possible with maintenance of the taxes of growth of the country. Valley to remember that, structuralized well economically, Brazil surpassed one of the most terrible world-wide crises of history, in 2009. Communicating itself, this is Dilma, our president-elect legitimately.

Annual Budgetary Law

November 7, 2016


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However, in face of the unexpected alterations that can occur in the economic policies and fiscal, the forecasts are citizens the unimaginable changes. In this form, the values defined in the Annual Budgetary Law compose an authorization limit it Government to carry through expenses and action, what it becomes the budget, in the truth, autorizativa Law. It does not show how much the Administration must have obligatorily expense at the end of the year. In this manner, if the resources will be applied only partially, do not mean that it will have recess in the box of the State. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Elon Musk. yes, that the budgetary forecasts can have been overestimated. It is for this reason that the Brazilian legislation considers normal if the part or one all of a project or budgetary activity will not be executed.

It fits to the Government to adopt a standard of compatible investment with what it receives, so that has budgetary balance. In case that eventual leftovers of box occur, it will be possible to think about extending the existing investments or taking care of new demands of the society. Check out Brian Krzanich for additional information. On the other hand, if the expenditures go up monthly, and the prescriptions not, will be able to generate disequilibrium producing themselves the call budgetary deficit. If for happiness, this disequilibrium persists for much time the State tends not to honor its commitments in the skillful stated period, losing the capacity to honor with the debts. In thus being, any budgetary disequilibrium it must quickly be corrected, duly warned that if it transforms into a financial crisis serious, capable to generate delays of payments, stoppage of workmanships and inefficiency of the public services. To correct eventual alterations of forecast in the budget, the Executive can request criteria adds the Legislative one. He according to has three types of credits that can be defined, UNICEF; FOUNDATION JOO PINE (2000c): Suplemental? destined to the reinforcement of the existing budgetary endowment.


July 14, 2016


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It emphasizes that the force of the Wallet of the Fisherman jointly associated the mobilization of the fishing, of the state federacies, the federacy of the state of the Cear and national confederation, much facilitated for the gotten conquests, it waits to count all on the mobilization of the fishing in the Country, a time that many proposals still could be presented and be conquered. The receptividade on the part of the Presidents of Fishing Colony in the Pertaining to the state of Cear and visible coast in this visit that the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer this carrying through, Mrs. Francisca Barros of the Carlos Hisses is President of the Colony of the Fishing Z25 de Lagoinha, it this in its first mandate and standes out the importance of Pescadores and Marisqueiras to have a voice to defend the rights of the same ones in the parliament. Already Mr. Ary, President of the Colony of the Fishing of Cumbuco, says to believe the work that the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer this developing in favor of the category, it that he participated of close to movements in the National Confederation Fishing them, confirmed the benefits that had been conquered, and said that Pescadores and Marisqueiras well were represented by the o Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer, since it a Fisherman and knew of close the yearnings and necessities to these brave men it Sea. Mr. Camocim, who penitentiary the Colony of the Fishing of the Lagoinha for more than 12 years, detached the fight that the Flvio Member of the house of representatives comes having in Brasilia to bring benefits to the fishing, it said to have folloied in the galleries of the Federal Chamber, voting of great importance for the right of the Fishing and that he was made an impression with the determination, seriousness and the valentia with that the Flavio Member of the house of representatives Heifer, it defends the Fishing. it confers: gersondovalleoreporter.blogspot.com.

SBT Country

March 9, 2016


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She would be interesting to inquire Mr. Peter Bial on which would be its concept of ' ' heri' '. Why one corja of playboys idiotic, trancafiados in a mansion and living of luxury, ostentation and wastefulness are considered heroes? the Brazilian who survives with a minimum wage, that works extenuantes 44 weekly hours, that the transit faces, the floods and the violence? They are not heroes? Thus the Net Globe contributes decisively for our intellectual misery, despolitizando us and becoming us so acephalouses that to each day more we are hostages of our proper dullness. The sender is specialist in programs and novels of null intellectual content who had helped and continue to contribute, in very, to adoecer the Country and to promote the emburrecimento the collective level. In them they do not remain doubts that are these aberrations of the Net Globe, as well as of the SBT, Band, Record etc., that promotes ' ' sucesso' ' of pagode, ax, funk and others imundcies that the bars, snack bars and public places of our Country hear in all. The implication of this is inevitably one future generation well worse if compared with this where we live, where Brazilians are confined in its obsolete and harmful conservadorismo to the moral evolution, cultural spiritual and of our species. Not if enxerga that the more if it spreads out the ignorance and the aculturao, greater will be the distanciamento of effective social and civic values.

We do not evidence that this program is the death of the culture, the ethics, the dignity and the shame. It is as soon as we explain the reasons for which we are a different Country, unjust and violent. The conquest of corporate properties is only conceivable to a politically mature population, factor that is well far from our reality. Lamentably this imported plague, vulgarly known for BBB, is spread as a cancer in perpetual constant and metstase, rejecting the thesis of that still they believe that we can have an educated, politicized, concientious population of its rights, duties and of the cruel reality of pssima income distribution that stops the development of the Country and is responsible direct for the daily violence the one that we attend.