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October 29, 2013



With regard to the easinesses, two units had appeared: sensation of freedom financial autonomy. HEALTH PROBLEMS For Figueredo and Tonini (2006) the aged ones frequent they have more than a health problem, with atypical intensity and presentations, what it increases the complexity and the necessity of detailed evaluations lapsing of personalized nursing. How much to the health problems, it is expressed: ' ' only the problems n, treats the illnesses ' ' S.3 ' ' the only difficulty mine, pra me to live thus alone, is when I have this problem of column that attacks me ' ' S. 7 In what it says respect to the health, what it is observed is the existence of two aspects related to the condition to live alone: the problems of health and the treatment of these illnesses. On the other hand, lesser number of illnesses would be waited, that aged that they live alone they presented better conditions of health, as well as, better functional performance, important aspects so that they obtain to remain itself alone.

One another argument would be valid and imply that aged that they live alone they would have one worse condition of health, for not having somebody to help in the routine activities, to serve of company and to take care of in necessity cases. How much to the routine activities we find: ' ' in such a way in the hour of the service ' ' S. 9 ' ' it is, I pro leaves house center with the bus because I have problem in the knee I do not have courage to travel pra far. I have 3 children liveing in Santa Catarina and not yet I was to visit they, I have fear n, in the bus n, swells the foot ' ' S. 10 the aged one has some limitations generated for health problems.