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April 25, 2018


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Vertical shaft impact crusher PCL is usually called maker sand.Vertical shaft impact crusher is a new device and puts it in Pamanle of the United States and there are many products in Europe and in the United States, the names are different, in China it is called vertical shaft impact crusher.There are more than 30 years of used to crush the medium hardness on mining minerals.In 1988, Matin Stancoat company undergoes the Guesec cement factory and had good results with the cement mill. Uses of vertical shaft impact crusher? This kind of machine is used for crushing materials of any hardness level and is widely used in minerals, cement and refractory materials, bauxite, Emery, glass materials, construction sand and stones and slag metallurgy, especially for the silicon carbide, Emery, bauxite, mass and other materials of high hardness and against abrasion this appliance has more efficiency than other machines of crush. In the area of construction, is a main bearing, device transmission, engine, etc. The principle of operation is as follows: materials enter the crusher by means of classifier entering impeller rotating at high speed, the accelerator, whose speed can reach a high acceleration, then they rebotaran and they will impact at the top of the cavity of the swirl, then changes its direction and is going down, forming a continuous layer of material with the coup of the material of the impeller. Therefore, some materials will be excluded through the lower discharge hole. This can form a closed circulation through the circular sorter system. In general, the materials can be crushed in 20 Mesh through a triple circulation. The same movement of the air in the cavity of the swirl flow can remove dust and pollution. More information, please visit our website or email us! We want to be your companion Msn: