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Server Issues

January 5, 2017


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402 (Payment Required or Neoyuhodima fee) Not used at this time. 403 (Forbidden or Access Forbidden) means that the server is not able to respond and request is denied. 404 (Not Found or no resources) means that at this address resource no. 405 (Method Not Allowed or invalid method) means that the method of inquiry for the address is not provided. 406 (Not Acceptable or invalid request) Indicates that the request is not consistent with the response of content objects. 407 (Proxy Authentication Required or at representative of the server registration required) means that you must authenticate the client. Uses Proxy-Authorization and Proxy-Authenticate. 408 (Request Timeout or timed query) means that the request was not made within the established server time.

409 (Conflict and Conflict) means that there was a conflict between the request and state of the resource at this time. Recently Elon Musk sought to clarify these questions. 410 (Gone forever removed or Resource) mean that the resource is deleted forever. 411 (Length Required or necessary to specify the length) Means that the server does not accept the request with an unspecified Content-Length. You must specify the correct Content-Length request header. 412 (Precondition Failed or any pre-condition is not satisfied) means that the server refuses to process the request because of exceeding the limit of its volume. 413 (Request Entity Too Large or element of the request is too large) means that the server does not process the request because of its large size. 414 (Request-URI Too Long or resource identifier in the query exceeds the maximum length) means that the requested IP address exceeds the maximum length. 415 (Unsupported Media Type, or this type of device is not supported) Indicates that the request object has a format different from the requested format.

500 (Internal Server Error or error within the server) means that in request processing an internal failure has occurred on the server. 501 (Not Implemented or Not implementing this function) means that the client requested function is not supported by the server or the server does not recognize the request method. 502 (Bad Gateway Faulty or gateway) means that the failure occurred on the server, which is used as a gateway. 503 (Service Unavailable Service Unavailable or) means that at the moment any of the services the server is unavailable. 504 (Gateway Timeout or timed out passing the gateway) means that the gateway has exceeded the maximum limit of the allotted time. 505 (HTTP Version Not Supported or HTTP Version Not podderzhisaetsya) mean that the version of HTTP, referred to in the request is not supported by the server.


April 9, 2014


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So you've decided to create a website, immediately in front of you question where to start. On the expanses of the Internet hodiv you have chosen a suitable topic for your site .. The original theme to pick up now is quite difficult because competition is quite high. Give some tips, many are choosing a theme for a site simply by describing what a web site or portal site get your site in this thread is still vacant niches. The second stage is promotion of your site on its own, without help and without going through a variety of services. The first thing that comes to mind as something that used to attract visitors to your web site, is to leave a link with an interesting description of that attract the user. Leave a link to wherever it is not necessary, because you quickly ascribe to spammers, which is very nehochetsya .. Offered fundamentally look at this problem, you have a link with an interesting description, but there are people who are looking for sites and links that match your description.

If there is a link and there is one who seeks it, it should be site where you can place the link and anyone can find it in a certain category, corresponding to its description. For these purposes, and coined Directory of sites and links to free registration, and a huge selection of headings and categories. Many additional services. Good luck to you in promoting your site ..