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New Online Platform

March 20, 2018


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Koblenz successfully promote his ideas with professional support on pitch-point, March 12, 2008 pitch point is immediately authors such as publishers, film producers and many another sellers as market place of the materials and ideas”online available. “” pitch-point”is pitching in a term” and point “point” as a place of encounter and pitching “as short as possible presentation of a literary substance before a Decider or generally someone who you want to win for the project. Who has mastered the rules of pitching, pulls his audience from the first minute in his spell. And exactly at the pitch point is about: authors receive a cost-effective, convenient and effective way, their idea, their design, their manuscript, her expose or even her finished book with this method for a variety of selected reputable publishers to present film producers etc with the aim, to publish, to adapt or else some kind and Way to market. As a writer on pitch-point the tables will be turned: instead of knocking ever again even with countless publishers, broadcasters, film makers, etc., authors or their projects are found! pitch point can be namely looking for those, who know exactly what they want the sellers themselves. After relevant details to the individual projects in the database of pitch-point are stored in a few steps, can authors relax, lean back and spend their time with what corresponds to their desires: writing. The opening pitch point offers a special treat all new authors, by the way: the first project six months free set.

Pitch point offers a sophisticated publishers, producers and other sellers and ask relevant aspects consistently designed database; quickly and precisely which also can fit so those projects are tracked down, really into their program. For the search for suitable materials available sophisticated search functions available. So You can search the database by either online and / or create a search profile, thrown over the notification when one or more suitable projects to be set. Continue to learn more with: Brian Krzanich. The communication direction only by consumers to the author is also possible, so that the sending and testing any unsolicited manuscripts is not necessary. Contacting the author is possible in many places from the database.

We emphasize this highest reliability: all sellers be checked prior to the activation of pitch-point. On the one hand, it must be apparent that the applicant has an interest and the possibility to publish works by authors or to market. Aetna Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. On the other hand is checked whether the applicant works on the principle of the printing cost grant. Because pitch-point rejects this principle, these publishers can not register unfortunately. Materials in the following categories of literature can be adjusted on pitch-point: novels, other prose forms (short stories, children’s books, Short stories, etc.), poetry, non-fiction, screenplay, plays, radio formats and comics. A sophisticated categorisation of both the width and the depth ensures that an accurate mapping of the projects is possible. pitch point commit themselves to provide the user with special data protection. For this reason, all data resides in a protected area, separated according to authors and users. And: each user sees only his own data of course except that buyers can see the projects of the authors. In addition, pitch-point offers many other benefits and features. That is why we invite you to visit on pitch-point.de.

Daniel Dirkes

July 6, 2016


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Artland agency that specializes in artisan… Artland marketing agency specializing in craftsman has started a small artisan directory. The directory of the craftsman craft can register for free. The companies will receive an individual text to the company together with a valuable link to your own website. Here, those interested in the craft directory can enter: tradesmen directory eintrag.html objective of the platform is the mutual search engine optimization: “links are an essential part of a good ranking in search engines. Just craft place too little value on a search engine optimized page. Therefore, we give the companies a valuable, because content optimized link. “, says owner Daniel Dirkes and adds further:”of course we are pleased in return via a link on our site, then we all benefit.

” But that is purely voluntary.” The Agency from overcoming wants first to test the craft directory and, as is the interest of the companies. There should be enough Interested in give, thinks the company also about extending the platform. Then, the page is also optimized so that the companies benefit even more from the artisan directory. Artland marketing is a marketing consulting & advertising agency. The nationwide agency specializes in marketing for artisans and small businesses. The optimization of advertising budgets, development of customer acquisition strategies and planning and implementation of advertising campaigns include the focus on. Founder & owner of Daniel Darch is considered a specialist in the marketing consultancy for small companies. His articles appear in leading industry magazines.

A Small Town In The Internet – Example: White Castle

June 28, 2016


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“Lecture by Walker online journalist Diesler ++ public & non-official White Castle read more LinkWEISSENBURG, may 2011 – the Weissenburger journalist Peter Diesler gave in his talk at the city library in the series man in the network” based on the city Weissenburg an overview how the most small towns in the Internet presents. First, he presented the official sites and to official pages. In comparison to larger cities, such as be wise game Hamburg and Nuremberg, it was unusual that one encounters on the Walker Hall at the first address and only under the second on information that is interesting for tourists. Both sides provided but plentiful and good information. It is now common to back up such sites with advertising and are also a source of money. Surprisingly for most listeners was but the eye on the pages of the social networks, especially Facebook pages on social networks. Here are a large number of Groups, initiatives and local of White Castle.

There is a rain exchange of opinions and information, which is not even perceived outside these networks here. An example was the page of the Weissenburger dedication with over 1,200 fans, or the discussion of the street furniture of the Mocambo restaurant on their side. Praise, Diesler mentioned also the municipal library, which was also active on Facebook. Target groups and lack of perception of the target group of the social networks are vast younger (up to 24 years), which would move usually only within the networks and hardly use the normal Internet pages. It will barely noticed so far.

3D on the Internet concluded Diesler dealt with Google Earth, where you virtually can move by White Castle, to 3D views, which were created by a Weissenburger exist. This was very by the commitment of individuals dependent on and rather untypical for small towns. Look at the presentation: click on image above courtesy of P. Diesler Uwe Dobler