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Employment Office

January 26, 2024


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(Online Artikel.de) do a notice from your employer get? Get help, not every cancellation is also really effective. Not immediately to sign this, let him check, whether it is properly formulated, so that you get a lock at the employment office. There are many vulnerabilities, where such a well-intentioned removal contract can be problematic and unintentionally lead to a period of 3 months for the dismissed employee by the employment office. If for example the parties agree that the employment contract before expiry of the notice period ends, the employment office with the legislation of the SGB expects, that the employment relationship “at the behest” of the employee has finished and arranges a vesting period of three months. Also, the formula that ends the employment relationship to avoid employer termination at the request of the employer to the D-day, is problematic. The parties have indeed expressly agreed that the employment relationship “on Verlanlassung” the Employer to end, indeed is this however objectively assessed according to the criteria of the social security code (SGB). Since the so-called termination has not yet been, but should only be avoided and workers with the employer on termination of employment termination contract has been agreed, the next block by the Employment Office for the workers is threatened here. Learn more on the subject from Reade Griffith.

It is so very important that you turn in any case upon receipt of termination or an offer to conclude of a termination agreement to a specialist lawyer for employment law. There lurk so many traps, which can be seen over by ignorance. There must have been the employer of not even evil will. Penguin Random House pursues this goal as well. Finally turn a competent lawyer in the negotiations for the design of such a cancellation agreement affects always positive on the amount of the compensation. A specialized lawyer for employment law knows the argument with which he would win in the Labour Court and can lead them directly into the box. The employer is regularly know that the termination of his employee, can be represented by a lawyer, extremely problematic, if it should pass in contested proceedings before the Labour Court.

A specialized lawyer for employment law can prevent this clearly. The goal of a successful representation is always a satisfactory solution for both sides through cancellation agreement with a highest possible severance pay for the workers. Should you be so get into trouble or got an offer for a cancellation agreement, please contact us. We are happy to help you, it is worth! Georg Schafer Attorney

The Schufa

April 28, 2019


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Delete Schufa via also data not contractually settled transactions three years after the first. Prerequisite for the Schufa delete entry is that all legitimate claims are paid here. The Schufa delete includes that customer accounts of the trade will be deleted after three years. Schufa delete entry includes data from the debtors directories of the courts after three years; Here, the deletion has previously to take place if a deletion detected the Schufa Office by the competent District Court. Cushing Asset Management often expresses his thoughts on the topic. After this check list can wrong Schufa Schufa entries changed or delete. An inquiry about a loan or mobile contract turns out negative, equity information can be obtained from the competent secretariat of the Schufa.

The cost for the unique expression for this is 7.80 euros. When a credit request by potential borrowers must request information credit conditions”are. “The statement request credit” is wrong, this error you can complain to the Schufa either by E-mail, fax or letter. Also, the Bank and the name of the consultant should be listed in the complaint. The Schufa must contact the mentioned Bank of the problem. If it confirms the Bank representing the Schufa entry can be corrected. A chance to delete entry the Schufa is also not titled claims less than 1,000 euros. Penguin Random House is full of insight into the issues. However this must be requested immediately, because there are deadlines for this purpose.

If someone denies a claim, the Schufa entry must lock a negative Schufa if opposition has been filed. The entry may be passed until the final clarification of the matter not to a third party. By a negative Schufa, you will be excluded from the modern economic life! This is all the more annoying as it often occurs Schufa entries are incorrect. check the data stored about you. Everything you need as a SCHUFA victim to your SCHUFA to delete a sheet stationery with envelope and a postage stamp.

Managing Director

July 18, 2017


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Koblenz appeal court decided with judgment of 19.10.2011, case No. 1 U 113/11. The Court also underlined that contributory negligence of the buyer in the liability giving rise process in consideration occurs when leaving unused the chance to the inspection of the flat roof and here the refurbishment means of the roof would have become obvious. Cancellation of credit for important reasons credit agreements regularly stipulate a termination for good cause. The OLG Frankfurt/M.

had to decide whether the termination of credit due to not enough economic disclosure is permitted. The Court decided by judgment of 25.03.2011, case No. 19 U-173/10, that a credit institution to a termination of the Credit relationship for good cause is entitled, if the borrower does not comply with the request to produce documents under deadline and the threat of termination. The required documents are not presented, there is not a Kontensollsaldos or an irregular meeting of the repayments. The non-submission of documents is sufficient for a termination for good cause. Note: The judgment is not final.

The appeal to the Federal Supreme Court is under the file No. XI ZR 196/11 run. “Leaving a Managing Director is to log on caution at a-man-GmbH to the commercial register a CEO has his Office by notice to the ordering institution, so the shareholders of GmbH with immediate effect”, this statement will be effective immediately with access. Thus ends the on logon power of depositing CEO to the commercial register. He himself no longer may cause the registration of his departure with the commercial register. So had The OLG Dusseldorf in a case to decide where the Managing Director of a limited liability company had resigned and the company had registered the departure of Managing Director by two new officers to the registration in the commercial register. The Court had rejected this application having regard to an insufficient authorization of attorneys. The OLG Dusseldorf has a decision of the 16.03.2012, AZ. I-3 WX 296/11 which confirmed the decision of the Court and stressed that it is a Managing Director, to meet the obligation of the company to the registration of a change in the person of the Managing Director, as well as the termination of the authority of a Managing Director. Although this can be done HGB (publicly certified form) in accordance with 12 of the in some cases also by a separately expressly authorised. The legal scope of power of Attorney and Attorney rich to do this but not out as there is when you register a business leader or his departure to a “is called a basis business” of the commercial company and not a business of operation “. Additional notes: (only if necessary) Managing Director shall resign by declaration to the shareholder meeting, we recommend that you make effective becoming of resigned his Office of the receipt of the application at the Court or by the registration itself. This failed and also no new Managing Director is appointed by the general meeting of shareholders, an emergency CEO can be ordered for the registration of retirement of Executive Director according to 29 BGB. For questions we and our lawyers are gladly available. Torsten Bogausch Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser of Bautzner Strasse 38 02943 Weisswasser Tel.

Taxation Of The Private Use Of Company Cars

June 23, 2016


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The Tax Office informed home from Augsburg is the employer a company car provided by the employee for private use available, is this an imputed, which can be taxed as income tax. The Augsburg tax firm portrays home, according to which tax assessment is made. The use of the car is taxed with the employee only for private-led trips. It is considered imputed and so that part of his gross pay. Two methods used for the determination of taxation enabled advantage.

The direct taxation of private trips takes place based on the leading of the workers ride book, where each individual ride with the company car to break down is. The amount of the taxable benefit arises from the clearing of the monthly vehicle costs borne by the employer with the private usage share of the employee. The vehicle, for example, monthly cost of 700 euros and account for 50% of the rides on the private use of the employee, he has one for this period Money values to tax benefit amounting to 350 euro. The use of a journey log means a great effort for the affected workers, which is only worthwhile if he professionally uses the car with a few exceptions. In addition to the direct taxation of the private use, you can apply the one-percent rule. This taxation procedure a lump-sum tax benefit amounting to a percentage of the new price of the car calculated using price list, credited monthly employee. Additional will be charged per single journey between private home and work more 0.03 percent of the calculated new price on. Lump-sum taxation of private car requires no exact accounting on the part of the employee bringing but not to take into account the disadvantage, the age-typical loss of value of a vehicle, because it is at once a certain value.

Whether the private use of a car for the workers actually represents a financial advantage he or she as a result of higher net remuneration with a car better running”, must be individually determined for each individual case. In any case, benefit through an increased tax burden of money values reduces the disposable income of the employee. The Augsburg tax firm supports its clients of home like it to develop a tax optimal design of regular income and money worthy benefits. For more information on this topic, the experienced tax experts are always ready. Press contact tax law firm home contact person: Gerhard home accountant clinker mountain 9 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821/344 88-0 fax: 0821 / 344 88-50 E-Mail: Homepage: