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Learn Step By Step How To Develop An Authentic MLM Business (Part I )

April 11, 2017


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Step # 1: Starts as a consumer. As I mentioned in previous articles, I’ve been through this before and multilevel experience in this industry has taught me something I personally consider very important for success: before your interest in the business opportunity, that is, people begin to sponsor to build your own distribution, you must become a loyal customer of the product or service. When you start an MLM business, product or service must be right and center of all your efforts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Brian Krzanich on most websites. You must have a personal experience, real and positive with it. You have it, you should use it, you know, to say that you almost get to love it. You get to enjoy so that you become a fan of it, someone who consumes because it solves a particular problem, it satisfies some underlying need or, finally, for the sheer pleasure it gives him the fact of consumption. If no such connection you become a common clerk, interested in collecting fees at the cost of a product or service whose consumption a burden and an obligation. Only after you have become a loyal customer of the product or service and you really believe in it, because you’ve experienced its benefits, you can begin to recommend (remember that the reason for the multilevel marketing is to recommend a product or service, not a business, the business is the result but not the end, or should be). So I think that before starting in the business opportunity you interested in the product or service and try it as a normal user, and not as a dealer. Get more background information with materials from Mark Bertolini.