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MEDIA BROADCAST Launches New Crossmedia Advertising Campaign

March 27, 2018


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‘Many TV channels, many libraries, 0,-euro’ – extensive advertising campaign in print, online, radio, out-of-home, AmbientTV – many TV channels, many libraries, 0,-euro: multithek new TV variety of DVB-T Bonn / Munchen offers 29.08.2013 – off MEDIA BROADCAST, Europe’s largest full service provider of the broadcasting and media industry starts August 30, 2013, a new B2C advertising campaign for the multithek. “With the campaigns claim many TV channels, many libraries, 0,-Euro” DVB-T attention viewers in the currently 12 reception areas on the free TV diversity of multithek. For this, a comprehensive media mix of print and online media, an out-of-home initiative including large area (18/1) and info screens was elected radio spots, AmbientTV and Doorcards on S and stations -. The creation of the offline campaign, which is visible from late August until December 2013, comes by W43 fire DESIGN in Dusseldorf, who developed the corporate design of the multithek. For the offline implementation the media specialists from pilot responsible for Munich. The online channels are implemented in creation as well as media from the digital pros hmmh from Bremen. “The individual statements of campaign claims many TV channels, many libraries, 0,-Euro” are represented differently in the various advertising media: the great variety of the multithek is displayed on posters and info screens depicting an oversized TV. The free availability of the multithek is at the Centre of the Doorcard motif.

The radio spots inform that you can put together his request program desired time with the multithek. With our new advertising campaign we want to physically running the attractive television variety of multithek DVB-T viewers and thus further increase the popularity of the multithek”, small farmers, head of product management, hybrid-TV MEDIA BROADCAST explains Daniel. With the multithek we show once more, the future potential in the terrestrial television. But that we do not rest: in addition to DVB-T will follow soon new pathways for the multithek.” The multithek lifts free television to a new level: DVB-T viewers on the wide range of program and service providers such as ARD, ZDF, sports of digital and MySpass can currently access. In addition to libraries and additional services related to news, sports, weather, shopping, and music TV, JuweloTV, or 1-2-3.tv are receivable over the multithek even more television channels such as, for example, Bloomberg. All offers can be selected directly from the program list of the TV. The technical requirements for the use of the multithek and the Internet channel are an HbbTV ready DVB-T device and a minimum of 2 MBit/s high speed Internet access. The new TV service is already available in 12 large German conurbations Berlin, Hamburg, Saarbrucken, Frankfurt, Hanover, Brunswick, Stuttgart, Munich, Bremen, North Rhine -Westphalia as well as Kiel and Lubeck.

The multithek is a service of MEDIA BROADCAST, Europe’s largest Full service provider of broadcast and media industry. In the core business designed, built and operates the company nationally and worldwide multimedia transmission platforms for radio and television, based on modern transmitter, cable, and satellite networks. As a TDF group company, MEDIA BROADCAST serves about 750 national and international customers: public and private broadcasters, TV and radio production company, international broadcaster and network operators, media institutions and the cinema industry. The portfolio includes almost all services of the process chain in broadcasting, from the production, content management up to the release. Information to MEDIA BROADCAST under, the TDF group under.

Time Management

July 22, 2016


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The time to write efficient and goal-oriented plan who got a text on a specific date, should start work as soon as possible. If you have plenty of time between the start of the work and the date of completion, it is good to dismantle the work where you can work every day with little effort, to have assembled the entire puzzle at the end in small pieces. It should begin with discipline to the target with a text work as early as possible. This one is not under time pressure and the work is performed regularly at the best day. There is a good discipline for good time management. “The word discipline” comes from Latin, and can be translated with following words: education, teaching, knowledge, erudition, custom, breeding and habit. For time management discipline as a habit is to understand a work to do so, it has become a habit.

Succeed, by long-term planning, and instead of a single great work phase multiple small phases of work taken into account. The success is much faster and is immediately visible. At the beginning of the work, the timing should be performed starting from the date of the completion of the text (deadline). You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Bertolini is the place to go. Usually take theme making, outline and search the longest. Those phases, which is relatively smooth, and need also to less time than the previous phases are writing and correcting the text.

Whether a text is good or not, depends of the planning. If there is enough time for discussion, research and outline, then the text writes itself almost by itself, because all relevant information already been collected and sorted in advance. A small step guide for better time management at work text: Mark the deadline is in the calendar, so the day on which the text must be definitively finished. You organize your work in five phases: 1 theme making, 2 research, 3.