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Vacation And Plant Care? Koubachi App

October 12, 2023


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Interactive plant care with the app tells iPhone app as the Koubachi AG, developer of the eponymous plant care Koubachi shrewd users have pointed out they a new application for the app. Parnassus Investments shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Instead of maintaining per plant tedious to write on a sheet of paper or in a time-consuming apartment tour each plant to explain, these users have installed the Koubachi app on the iPhone of the holiday representative. “Then with the own Koubachi account on the iPhone of the holiday representative log, is the trick”, explains Philipp Bolliger, CEO of Koubachi. “Because as the individual care of Koubachi land, when and how the respective plants to be poured or fertilized automatically on the iPhone of the holiday representative.” This useful when looking for a representative in accordance with the users. Also people without green fingers come into consideration.

In addition the people declared themselves ready rather to take care, because Koubachi is the shyness to do something wrong. “We are happy their, that our users Koubachi in an innovative way to use us positive share experience”, including Philipp Bolliger. “Representing holiday is certainly a very interesting approach, we will record and track! A simple guide on how to set up the substitute can be found on our homepage.” The Koubachi iPhone app is an interactive plant care assistant with which you never forget to water your plants or fertilizer. Depending on plant type, seasons and location the app gives you exact care based on scientific research results. The app can be downloaded at the following link on the iTunes store: itunes.com/app/Koubachi Koubachi AG – was David Kurmann of the start-up Koubachi AG with headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) 2009 alumni of ETH Zurich, the TU Munich and the University of St. Gallen (HSG) founded. With Koubachi, we want to revolutionize the communication between people and objects of daily life. Our mission is to recognize the potential of intelligent objects and to enable new possibilities in dealing with these. Short said: to simplify your life!

Mobile Trend Online Remote Handycams

July 17, 2021


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Imagine a camera that can be used virtually in any place, without that you are yourself. Imagine a camera that can be used virtually in any place, without that you are yourself. A camera that you can remotely from virtually any place in the world and which delivers a high-resolution image you in seconds, which you can immediately see. A camera whose images can be viewed even if the camera was destroyed by a disaster or violence. Sofya Donets may find this interesting as well. A such camera enables applications that were previously impossible.

The range is almost inexhaustible and ranges from the anywhere baby cam, the construction site camera monitoring a secluded garden plot, mobile entry of water levels in flood up to wildlife photography. And every day new applications are added! You can operate the camera of the phone where the T-Mobile(D1) mobile network is available. You can use the Mobile camera using a Web browser from your PC via the remote control service by mobile auge.de. Ivan tavrin is often quoted as being for or against this. This is the ultimate solution for all applications where an anywhere remote camera is required! Information about the service Mobile auge.de: following functions is under mobile auge.