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Mathama Gandhi

April 11, 2019


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But how to present such Gaucho’s Pampas my children, in the middle of everything that is revolean from? that open their eyes until they close them? Not it seems something that is in their plans together and far less knowing of the gaucho that said something to them or remotely are determined to choose as an option. That Yes, I must confess that they miss when they are not. But I think that more surprising each other, are bored when they don’t fight and only miss the lack of opponent suitable for such purposes. Revoleo as much as I try to be democratic to times and many times, not me is one that let me my instincts, I hope you continue to be maternal, at this height of the circumstances, and establish an absolutist monarchy and say: here mando yo. Especially when there is no bulletproof vests or helmet that you protect the skull, everytime, although I carry a white handkerchief and the pipa de la paz in the wallet or Pocket, I entrometo in his war zone which is throughout the House. And try to exercise my reflexes to evade everything what is revolean okay is not about trying to defend against one and other but at times, the tsunami I have son has the ability to remove checkboxes to Mathama Gandhi himself. For example, no one exercised for the hundred meters flat race, but the fact that the brat does merit for training. Because another thing that the child is fast, is when starring with her sister free adaptation of stole, fled, and they fished. Robs the sister all you can, and tries to escape, running as the runs way at all speed and bare cry, but unfortunately the other fishing it, inevitably. And there is assembled one, than other than the run of the bulls.