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Real Strategies

August 6, 2019


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The last Cabinet gave origin to a project of extremely important law, therefore he defines who clearly is the king or the head of government, and nomea the heads of main ministries that dirigem the country. The text, that establishes the regulation of the parliament, also supplies information on the distribution very different being able of them, as well as the state of not-democracy where we live. In a question-answer forum Penguin Random House was the first to reply. This strategy reproduces the spirit of the new Constitution, cambaleando the image of the democratic progress and the reality of the democratic distribution enters. Basically, the king keeps its hand, saw the Cabinet presided over by it, on the majority of the public symbols. Such action comes of the sky (RAM, WAVE) for the Sea (Marsa Morocco, To refer to Med), through the bank (CIH, Crdit Agricole, Banque Populaire, without speaking of the CDG, ' ' Banco' ' indispensable for any politics of development in Morocco), of the fosfato (OCP), of measured (TRNS, MAP), etc. See more detailed opinions by reading what Barclays offers on the topic.. The heads of 39 said establishments strategical they continue to be nominated by royal decree, applied of fact for the constitutional politics, a time that to the king that if they give to the accounts.

Beyond the army, of the policy, the services of security, the land diplomacy (ambassadors), of the high magistracy, the monetary politics of the country (Bank-Maghrib), the regulation of telecommunications (ANRT), of the control of interrelation public finances judiciary resource (Court of accounts), etc, therefore everything involves the base of real dahir that it justifies one to narrow of relations to the real power. The diagnosis could not more clearly be: the king keeps a domain on the majority of the decision centers. The power, it is, completely it, it is more truth that never. Most interesting, after all, he is to examine the symbols on which the king of a impression to leave, in virtue of its heads nominated for the Head of the Government.

The Invisible Professional

October 31, 2018


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By the way, he is one against sense, therefore the wealth that is possible to add to its professional trajectory is to a large extent on to the quality of life. The old Romans distinguished between the cio and the business, wants to say, left, from time to time to recoup the batteries and to come back with bigger productivity and new ideas. He is not possible to keep the motivation and the performance if you are to the side of an attack of nerves. He develops the care of itself. Contact information is here: Laurent Potdevin. 9.

He always makes Well done the pleasure to work directly reflects in the quality and productivity. Nobody obtains to be successful in that it does not like. Thus, it develops a look differentiated for its more routine activities. When somebody obtains to surpass itself exactly and to discover pleasant things in the work, is to a step to establish a relation of long course. But, if not to obtain to find this condition, exactly trying very, perhaps is in the hour to rethink its concepts. What you like to make and make well? He is not motionless there, it goes to the search of what you make better of what the others and either happy. 10. Always Alert the modern organizations are always in search of professionals which can delegate complex tasks and get resulted consistent, in reasonable terms.

Always it is prepared to receive the delegations and demands well, exactly that they are not part of its function. One of the things detestveis for a company is to have that to hear of its employees who ' ' funo&#039 is not mine; ' or that ' ' I am not paid to make isto' '. If you to want to grow, you must show to what she came. Of course, this does not mean to leave itself to explore, but yes, to say that he is ready for challenges. Of course, this is not a complete relation of what you can and must make to improve its career, but already is a good indication of personal and professional maturity, if to obtain progressos in this direction. The corporative world does not have a defined logic, and many times the shot leaves for the butt. He has in mind, however, that one hour you will go to come across itself with some situation where these abilities are being evaluated e, if you to make the house lesson direitinho, its possibilities you will be most promising. Luis Sergio Heddle is Palestrante, Consultant and Corporative Educator. Doutorando in Philosophy, Master in Ethics and Specialist in Strategical Management of Teams. More than 65,000 professionals already had been in its courses in all Brazil. Author of Books: The Invisible Professional and Human factor.

Araujo Albuquerque Reads

June 9, 2016


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The happiness cannot be confused with contentment. The contentment is efmero, deriving passenger, fugaz and, almost always of an event, that makes in them to reach the joy and the joy at that moment. Whereas the happiness is perennial, steady, mature and it constitutes the consequence of the attitudes taken throughout a life. The wire is a construction brick for brick per years. What more it is identified with the contentment a game important is the joy for having its teams of the heart looser and to have it done of inconfundvel form. What it characterizes the happiness is to have reached the peace and the harmony throughout the years.

It has, however, of if thinking that the two conditions can eliminate the problems of the life. Not, it is not thus, any state, of contentment or of happiness, always they will be gifts in its life, as well as the problems the annoyances and the doubts. What not if it can is if to become friends of these and to make them accompanying of our day. It notices, is not a monetary question, more yes a rational question of choice I inhabit of it that it is wanted to incorporate the life: to live happy or to live unhappy. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque Reads me: – Texts on Daily and Personal Development. It has access the address below and it rolls the screen until arriving at articles: Later it contacts: to disclose its impressions.

Successful Leadership

June 5, 2016


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What it is to be leader? To be leader became very reasonable nowadays. Currently in them we come across with good leaders in all the places that we will be. Leaders politicians, communitarian, leader leaders of market and many other types of leaders. Many leaders are if raising. In the modern church almost all are leader. If to walk of closed eyes we esbarramos in leaders for the corridors of the churches. The first thing that I judge important that if it knows on leadership is accurately what it is to be leader.

To be leader is to lead. The leader is that one that she leads! Also I think that this definition seems sufficiently obvious. It is clearly that the leader is that one that she leads. In the truth the obviedade of the declaration is proposital. We are living a time where, of time in when we esbarramos in some things that oppose the obvious one. We will see to pass in the street a viatura of policy with some fardados men, then we will think: They are policemen! He is obvious! However, in many cases they are not in fact policemen. In many cases are only outlaws approved in the competitions of the military policy.

They can seem excessively policemen and not be policemen. They can until having everything that the policemen teem, also the credentials and not having the essence. Not to have the vision. The mission. The vocation. Perhaps the biggest cause of as many crimes and cases of corruption involving policemen is accurately this: They are not in the corporation because they are policemen. They are there because they needed a job. Not ' ' so' ' policemen, only ' ' esto' ' policemen. The number of professors in the public schools is impressive that do not like what they make. They are there, day after day only why they do not teem another source of income.

Civil Construction

June 1, 2016


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In almost all the countries has immigration, where a variety of new cultural activities is observed, commercial and industrial inserted in the native society and that they are worthy of recognition because they are part of a significant impulse in the Society in general of a nation that received its new inhabitants. In the United States I had the chance to observe this phenomenon that mobilized millions of people who had left its countries and relatives to search in distant America one better condition of life, many times pressured for wars, persecutions or simply for facing new challenges, marking positively with its character the peoples had received who them. In Brazil and more specifically in our Estado (RS) it is not different and we must be grateful for this variety of etnias that had arrived until us: Africans, Italians, Germans, Arabs, Jews, Japanese, Chinese, native of Koreas, Portuguese, Spaniard amongst others as many nationalities that they are incorporated in our day the day and that nor in we give account to them. Not only in Agriculture, but in the Gastronomia, the Arts, Music, Literature, the Civil Construction, the Economy, the languages and others as many professions they had developed the diversity in our land. They had planted and irrigated with its sweat the seeds of the progress and that she generated innumerable positive fruits propitiating one better condition of life for itself and for its descendants. The first immigrants had suffered more, therefore they had had that to fill many gaps, lacks, therefore they did not have infrastructure and they had almost suffered preconceptions, they mobilized great efforts to alicerar a better society, to carry through its dreams and for its children, its grandsons and with beneficial consequences for us until today.

But I believe that they had been happy when the Nature offered the fruits to them of its work. We live many experiences that they had left in them, marked for its bravuras in facing inhospitable, infertile territories that they had transformed into oasis for the resident futures. They had simply not measured efforts to implant the future that stops they already had fond. The immigrants had made a true pacific revolution for where they had immigrated with its cultures, creations and its instruments of work that had been enchadas, shovels, axes, its stoves the firewood and its tachos, its primitive machines that with its adept hands and callous they had set in motion the gear of the progress that crossed generations. The mutual integration of the immigrants with the natives enriched the peoples in all very the directions. The ethnic variety colored our society and its unconditional devotion bequeathed us a better future, of new values, and cidania that until today we usufruimos. The museums of the Immigrant are alive witnesses of these peoples who had given everything of itself, believing and investing in our land and are living in our genetics, our blood and our hearts for the love joined that them, generating we all, its children – (newnaturall@ yahoo.com.br) – o-o-o-o-o-.

The Symbolic

July 30, 2015


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It thinks, in a revealing letter? of its joy, in a declaration of love, friendship, happiness. It thinks about verses, poems, written for you? he dedicates a time of its life to think good feelings and the dirigiz them it who you love. He personalizes its gift, with what really valley the penalty to be personalized? he joins its better feelings in the symbolic one, in what he is perpetual and not in what it is transitory and material. 3. If you have money, accurately know the physical and mental effort that cost to gain, you cannot, just therefore, to want to give its day of work its namorada one, because thus it goes to be if asking: He will be that I am not valid more than this? Or he will be himself different, exactly thus goes to ask itself: More I am valid everything this? He will always have a comparison? with the intrinsic value in the gift. Then, people cannot be evaluated by monetary values? thing that all the gifts want to transmit. more, we must know: that things of the heart cannot be bought with money. A thing is a thing? another thing is another thing.

4. A child to play of truth does not make difference some, or with lada of milk in dust pulled for a string, or with a remote-control car I acquire in the Shopping. The fancy is not on the prices, unites is much more on to the imagination that the remote control wants to inhibit. This linking is to subliminar is created for the market to enslave you to a consumerism irrational. You, still, think, therefore not? 5. The pleasure to have technical advanced a new object in such a way lasts how much the time of a new and brilliant launching? e, you have money to follow these launchings? E, more the functionality is always same, or the very next one to the previous one, what it differs are the promocionais apelos for new functions and many of the completely unnecessary times, beyond, almost always, air-tight and intelligible, for the common man.

The Psicopedaggica Performance Front To The Group Interpersonal Relations

November 21, 2013


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The interest appeared of the necessity of that the interaction happens between all, diminishing or even though curing existing gaps between the employees and, from now on, to help in the development and growth of the educative unit/company and, consequentemente, to desmembrar the groups with negative performances inside of these. Therefore, this work if makes excellent for the formation of affective bonds and the use of the interacionais relations/group refusals as useful in the development and growth of educative units/companies. In the scientific scope, it considers to collaborate in the combat to the formation of groups with negative performance and in the dismemberment of that already they had been formed, through the strategical creation of considered internal movements.

Socially, it will contribute in the interaction between the employee, employee employees//activities proposals, employees/direction and in the creation of new affective bonds. Word-key: psicopedaggica performance, interaction, growth, dismemberment. Introduction Has the gift, the purpose to raise the performance of psicopedagogo in the institucional scope, either in the Educational or Enterprise area and to define the interpersonal relations, the factors that influence the formation of groups or the exclusion of them and as to act in these relations, being the organization, the communication and the motivation of extreme importance in these environments. Since, due to great amount of people that they work in the majority of the educative units and in the companies, it is noticed formation of groups that want to be distinguished a little more than others, not searching the growth and the socialization between all, but yes, assuming inconvenient positions and imposing opinions nor always of common agreement, what it finishes generating failure in meeting of information and misunderstandings between employees, hindering the performance correct and waited by the direction. Moreover, in the work environment, it always has people that they possess more affinity with ones of what with others, what is normal in any group. However, those exist that are more bashful and have fear to demonstrate its interest and to even interact with that they have more time of service or they show to be more experienced.

Sustainable Development: ** Starts For You

October 7, 2013


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The search for the development sustentaveldeve to be something first personal, therefore demonstrates to the agreement decade on this necessity, and thus the work in team will only make adiferena to reach the waited results so that if terum can better world for this generation and the next ones. To be sustainable, estimates the first moment only in the ambitosocial, harms and necessary that possamo to go beyond this simple assumption, therefore he is resulted of all the personal acts that if practise all osdias, since the choice of a product come of not sustainable origin ata lack of commitment and devotion the social causes in the way where sevive. The great companies have a great parcel of culpanodesiquilibrio that today exists, harms to deny perhaps that talvezproporcionalmente the small enterprises contribute maisnegativamente that these companies can be something made a mistake. Both precisamesta in accordance with the rules you specify of its activities, nojustifica to leave of side its obrigao with the sustentablidade alone for queainda if she is a small company. It is clearly that she is necessary that has development, harms what seprecisa to understand is the cost of that this development estacontencendo, therefore if so that it aconte is used more recursosque the necessary one to keep what he is used for this and asfuturas generations, this development will not be sustainable. One is paper decade to be to charge all to its redor its participation econcientizao on the subject and that all can contribute so that sustainable hajadesenvolvimento in sau house, quarter and city. When if it had is expression, if it is necessary to have in mind that oprincipal objective and obligation of each one, it is to make use of that setem available in resources but in such way that the generations futurastenham the same chance and conditions that today have been offered. Personal Acontribuio, either with a project to plant trees, sejapara to teach devoid communities to develop new chances dese to have alternative incomes, or only one group that helps the pessoascarentes in social projects, everything this will generate positive impacts noambito social-economic-ambient, and only based in this tripexistara so longed for sustainable development.