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Brazil Construction

March 13, 2019


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In the past, the English scientist, Charles Darwin, in its Theory of the Evolution, affirmed that in the world they survive strongest, where the environment has a basic paper which is to select, to inside choose of a group ' ' organismos' ' who &#039 has the variations more; ' interessantes' ' to the environment. In the period that precedes the discovery of Brazil, the native peoples inhabited that it lived in groups or tribes. However, he perceives for the historical registers that enter they did not exist great barriers when politician mentions itself to the aspects, social, economic and religious. The arrival of the Europeans, in 1500, and consequentemente the colonial period, had unchained a series of conflicts between ' ' men nus' ' , as already Vaz de Caminha says, and the European navigators. Aetna Inc. spoke with conviction. Conflicts these that had resulted in social inaqualities, preconceptions, etnocentrismo, racism and exclusion, actions that unhappyly are part of the daily one of the Brazilian citizens. With the necessity of if having new technologies, the Industrial Revolutions had inserted in society contemporary the globalization which brought radical transformations and a way of life where benefited to some in detriment of the majority, dividing the sciedade in the classrooms of ' ' proletrariados' ' ' ' burgueses' '. Today, we attend the scenes of desigualdes that each time more cooperates to unjust, different Brazil, estratificado, discriminated and sick. Sick person for not finding solutions that can minimize the suffering of that in it they are victims, of that in it are ' ' instrangeiros' '. Article based on the text ' ' Instrageiros' ' of Cristovam Buarque.

Real Candidate

February 1, 2019


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What it chooses wait the ideal in the Real. The relation between Real and ideal could be described in the following way: the candidate knows its limitations and exactly thus he considers to the voter ideal solutions for what they are considered excellent in the social life of voter. This does not mean that the candidate does not know the reality, but that if distance of the same one when idealizes solutions that disrespect the real impediments politicians, social, ambient, cultural and economic that had not allowed that the idealized one is carried through. For the voter, its ideal corresponds what it was offered in campaign for the candidate. being the voter I propitiate to compare, what the elect candidate carries through and what the same idealized to carry through, then will perceive that it parcels out of what it was offered was not delivers. In this direction ' ' placebo' ' he is conditional for the considered ideal, that if becomes possible reality in the conception of the voter; its vote will be based on the confidence that has in the candidate and the ideals of change considered by it. The perception in ' ' placebo' ' it is modified by the expectation that if has on it. The newspapers mentioned Mark Bertolini not as a source, but as a related topic. The expectation if bases on the experience in given situations that suggest transformations that if present favorable to perceive who them, are indications or signallings that lead to think reality and to imagine solutions on what favorable problem is considered or the changes. That if it does not confuse what we call ' ' placebo' ' with what it is formulated as alienation. The first one has relation with expectations that if fortify with identification of the voter with the ideals of what it desires if to choose, the candidate; as has relation with the queerness, to the condition to be other people’s to the events.


June 7, 2016


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To the afternoon continuity was given, with the received one at the moment of appreciation of Music, To rain of Magic Fire Twine. After that, it had the explanation and presentation of the graph worked per the morning in pair. As the dynamics of the explanation of the graph was analyzed plus a graph. With this graph it allowed the quarrel on the importance of the use of the calculator. In this analysis, it was possible to evaluate if it was certain, the scale, the ratio, the column, legend lack, in end the parts of the all that composes the graph. For the fulfilment of the activities they had been used bristol boards for the graphs, you clip, penxses and papers. In these activities, the Formadoras had explained as to make the use of half metodolgicos, easy to elaborate and that all can confection as, for example, to use the penxs as unit of measure and others. They had made the use of the twine literature, on sum.

E thus gave the ending of the performance of the Formadoras that tralharam objective. At night, it had the cultural moment, what it favored us to know to integrate them of playful form, making possible us reinforcement of the interpersonal relations, that are so important, to congregate the measures of our being that they need to be balanced with the measures of that they are and they are of our side. Sixth? Fair 16? 07 the -10 morning surprises? in the ones with its indetermination; with its appearance in being or not, it has seen rained another hour the sun it shone, and it was thus the day all. We begin this day with the dynamics of the second fair, that is, the group organized for Cities, where they were the Beautiful Water Cities, Handle and Is Bento of Una. The morning was indecisa for many, therefore many were tired of a distendida night, after the consecrated schedule of the rest.

Social Structure

May 12, 2016


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The social structure is many times in some teoriasapresentada in opposition to the social organization. The social structure corresponds estabilidade of one definitive society capable to characterize it, where aestrutura is subjects to the few circumstantial variations. In this direction, aestrutura tends if to differentiate of conjuncture (COAST, 2005, P. 393). Oliveira (1998, P. 191) appraises structure socialcomo one ‘ ‘ commanded set of chained parts that form one all, is atotalidade of the existing statuses numdeterminado social group or in one sociedade’ ‘ (grifo of the author). The author aindaressalta that the social structure is the static aspect of ‘ ‘ organization social’ ‘.

SegundoCosta (2005, P. 406) ‘ ‘ status is quedefine in one determined social structure, the position that each individual occupies nahierarquia of social papers estabelecidos’ ‘ (grifo of the author). The status comumente is called posiosocial, having been a comparative element enters the members of a society, capazde to determine norms, duties, rights privileges for its members. The social status serves to distinguish osmembros from a social group, sobrepujando situations of dependence, domination esubordinao. Oliveira (1998, P. 203) affirms that she is for the status that the individual is classified and for whose reference its conduta judged.

What to podeobservar itself it is a hierarquizada society. Where leadership functions socially remain in the top the privileged posiesmais corresponding its high prestige socialdesempenhando. According to Coast (2005, P. 407): Some statuses are optional, that is, depend on the agreement or not on the individual in assuming certain posiosocial, as, for example, the occupation of determined public offices. Other statuses are attributed and independem daescolha individual. In a family, for example, to occupy the position of avindepende of the will of who occupies. (grifo of the author) the social paper is configured as a set denormas, rights and duties that involve a person in its performance in umadeterminada institution, this social paper is attributed to it. The organized papers sociaisso of complementary and hierarchic form, and in such a way involve umgrande number of social actors. These forms of papers hierarquizadosencontraram in the social division of the work a form of organization of the work. Oliveira (1998, P. 198) when appraising social paper concludes that ‘ ‘ it is ocomportamento that the social group wait of any person who ocupedeterminado social status, is oaspecto dynamic of status’ ‘ (grifo doautor). When the individual ocupaum relative social status in umdeterminado group, this occupies a social status (OLIVEIRA, 1998, P. 199). On social structure, Coast (2005, P. 393) affirms that the study of the new technologies of information and communication it has levadoalguns authors to extend the structure concept in order to incorporate noode net? set of contracts indirect right-handers and between agents, creators denovas forms of sociability, different of the depoder or blood relations. In summary, the estruturasocial is present in the society and is related to at the outset dynamic concept of estvelcontrapondo of the society. The position, the social paper and the status are concepts similar for queambos are many times established through an effective, other people’s social context to the choices of each one. The fulfilment of the rights and duties of each umindependem of the position, the paper and the statussocial of each individual that composes one definitive society.

The Supercomputer

July 21, 2015


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Also this supercomputer make to think could me or to feel that I am now writing these lines on the impossibility to be a brain in a Cuba. It is clearly that the problem of the relation mind-world treated in this text is not a problem of easy resolution, because, by the way, she is not this the proposal, however this is the object of primordial study of the philosophy of the mind and to think a brain about a dissociado Cuba of a body is with certainty a theory that creates more difficulties of what the proper one disciplines if considers to decide. Still to this it could add the fact of that it was not only my brain that was in Cuba and yes this was a collective hallucination and that we would really be in a tank, better saying, only the brains without bodies receiving stimulatons from a supercomputer. as if this were of little account thing to take the idea to the extremity to infer that we are not only a brain in a Cuba as all the sencientes beings that our brains know as existing they were fruits also of electric stimulatons produced by the supercomputer. It would be as to affirm that it does not exist beyond what my mind obtains to conceive, in other words, it only has existence what to think me to the supercomputer or to feel that exists. But it remains to ask, as Putnam, if in the case of that this was really truth, that we are a brain in a Cuba, would be possible that now we would be reflecting on the fact of that we are a brain in a Cuba? Putnam approaches its problem for the bias of a relation mind-world and for the fact of the brains in a Cuba to be unprovided of bodies, is clearly that of guarded form it has the idea of the relation mind-body.

The Being

November 12, 2012


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' ' We call ' ' ente' ' many things and in diverse directions. Being is everything of that we speak, everything of that we understand, with that we hold in them of this or that way, being is also what and as we ourselves we are. To be is in what it is and as it is, in the reality, in the being simply given (Vorhandenheit), in the text and resource, the value and validity, the presence, ' ' h' ' ' '. (HEIDEGGER. 2004, P.32) In this manner the being is what we give to meanings it, a being it to be is something that if he distinguishes from excessively for the fact of the being understanding and giving meant to the world where if he inserts. The being is dismissed of world for needing significao and sensible that is given to it by the being, it he only exists for the being.

Carrying this idea to what he calls yourself of alienation he is clearly that the alienation is not in the being more receives significao for the being, to have meant is necessary that he understands it to the being in ' ' daily pay-sena' '. ' ' The presence is not only one being who occurs beings among others. In contrast, from the ntico point of view, it if it distinguishes I privilege for it of, in its being, that is, being, to be in game its proper one to be. But also it belongs to this constitution of being of the presence the characteristic of, in its to be, that is, being, to establish a relation of being with its proper one to be. This means, explicit and in some way, that the presence if understands in its being, that is, being. He is proper of this being who its being if opens it and manisfeste with and by means of its proper one being, that is, being.