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Professors People

November 26, 2013


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How good that people exist who make of its life an activity of love and devotion to the next one! People who, ahead the problem, do not give up, but if inquietam to such point that they entusiasmam themselves in searching solutions. Infatigveis, if delivers and loves what they make. t future in this idea. How good that people exist who love people! They place how them in the center of its lives and, confident, they believe that she is possible to happen substantial changes! They know that difficult moment is temporary and that, acting in the certain point, in the alias process and of the certain skill, these people can become owners of itself, autonomous worker, conscientious of its abilities and abilities. That good that mediators exist who want and believe a significant learning, capable for becoming the slow process of learning at a special moment, in a vital energy, an unconditional positive relation, therefore he knows that ' ' all belief is an energy factor that stimulates in them to busca.' ' That good that people exist who, if compromising to the life human being, they become this its reason, its reason of life. They they have an energy that it puts into motion, it stimulates and it makes to believe in the development of the intelligence of that they have learning problems. That good that people exist who believe that the other is capable, useful, competent, susceptible of substantial changes, worthy of all our devotion, that can be modified structurally through an experience of mediated learning, that can learn to think, to search strategies, to plan its work, to abstract, to apply its learnings in the life Each one of us can be this person who believes more the capacity of being something and that we do not scale, still, the top of our capacities. To believe itself and the other is the first step of the way to develop basic abilities and to get significant learnings How good that you exist, professor!