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Optical Imaging Technology

June 6, 2019


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Another scanning technology, called optical imaging, initiated by Professor Amiram Grinvald and the Weizman Institute in Israel, works in real time with very high resolution and allows researchers to observe how the neurons become active individual. It is expected that around 2030 and further development of these technologies will enable capturing the electrical activity of central nervous system and preserve, therefore, emotions, feelings and thoughts. In other words, mental activities that take place in the brain from the seen, heard, or thought that may be detected, recorded, analyzed and automatically arranged in a computer system designed and assigned to that purpose. 3 – Clinical studies on near-death experiences (NDE) A near-death experience (NDE) is the report of the memories of all impressions during a special state of consciousness, including specific elements such as out of body experience , pleasant feelings, and seeing a tunnel, a light, deceased relatives, or a life review. The uniqueness of ECM is an episode when it occurs while the brain activity logs determine that it has ceased.

Dutchman Van Lommel’s cardiologist, has reported a score of cases of patients who have had such experiences expansion of consciousness during a period when their brains registered activity. For more information see Dan Zwirn. This no doubt is impossible according to the current level of medical knowledge, since, according to conocimieto accepted by current neuroscience, consciousness occurs in the brain. .


March 30, 2019


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Finished the conjunct, April the eyes, I looked at for my wife and its fisionomia, of peace, love and tranquillity, of when my grandmother if it communicated, moved total. It had a loaded feio, gasping breath, as somebody that is if controlling, or being controlled, not to attack somebody. It started then: ' ' There that hatred. Ah ….., that hatred! That hatred of this people that come here to confuse. Laurent Potdevin pursues this goal as well. I tava so well going. I went to finish with everything this here. They do not want to help it? As many years I fighting to arrive where checked. Nobody to confuse goes me now.

What? He is this here same, this that you here in my front. It also is guilty. I go to continue making what I you making; to confuse everything. This place here. First they had moved away to me from it they had pulled, me they taken, me even so. This people that work here, this white people all moved away to me from it. it went to commit suicide.

this in my front hears also me here. You saw as I you obtain? It helps that plague, that bad thing. I know what that plague made and it if arrepende.' ' At this moment I did not contain and initiated a dialogue with it, which go to try to reproduce to follow of the form more faithful than to remember I me and to obtain: My brother, said I, wants to say then that you are with anger of me, because I am trying to help somebody, you are this? U, it you speaking with me? Yes, my brother, I am speaking with you. You are with anger of me why? What made I you? You with anger of you and all this staff daqui. But why my brother? What he had? What they had made to it of so bad, it brother to be feeding these feelings? So helping that plague.

Simple Strategies

September 18, 2018


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The social phobia is something very frequent at present. In the world very many people exist suffer who it and are anxious to find the way to solve this problem. In order to surpass the social phobia you need to have more confidence in same you. Perhaps your lack of confidence or timidity comes motivated by problems that you had in the childhood or adolescence and manifest from pronounced form more in your adult stage. But luckyly for this kind of problems remedies exist. To consider to cure the social phobia is something that you must consider you suffer if it, because if not it beams, very hard become an obstacle for your personal development and relation with the other people. So we are going to begin to try to eradicate the social phobia, you can begin with these three advice. You must go out and know more people.

It is the first step if you want to be able to surpass the social phobia. It sees sites where it is frequented by enough people, rodeate of them. It can be a bar, some local celebration, to char them colloquy, etc. You do not think about anything or you are scared than you can be found when you go. Rodeate of people who are accustomed to socialize. It is a good form to begin to surpass the social fobial, seeing as others act. With this you will secure two things, first he is empaparte of how other people make to be related and second she comes from the hand of first since you are going to be able with this to have more confidence in same you.

It uses your imagination. With this I talk about, if you must go to a meeting or celebration, before imagines the night for example vindote in situation. It takes advantage of the mind and visualizate as if you were a person with confidence in same you and speaking with the others of pleasant way, you have the control. The fact to imagine a pleasant situation for you, is a very powerful resource to confront of positive way the future social meeting which you must attend. It remembers that all the people we must speak with other people are or not known. To socialize is something fundamental to live, thinks about the benefits that report to you. You secure one more a more pleasant and interesting life. To surpass the social phobia releases to you of that state of anguish that you suffer constantly.

Coll Development

April 20, 2015


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In relation to method, this research of field of the qualitative type used for acquisition of data, interview half-structuralized with professors, and had been made systematic comments of the practical integrators of special education in the referenciada school. For analysis of these data we use the technique of analyzes of content. 2 the PICTURE OF the DEFICIENCIES To know the nature of the deficiencies is of extreme importance, therefore the same ones can affect consequently in the process of development in the learning. According to et.al Coll. (2004, P. 283): The pupils with decurrent special educative necessities of sensorial, motor or psychic deficiencies present a series of peculiarities that happen in its process of personal development and that she is necessary to know the deep one to adjust the educative reply and to provide the necessary aids to them. For in such a way, &#039 is necessary; ' to go alm' ' of the professors, you are welcome it advances to look for to know the peculiarities of each special pupil, if the formation and specialization offered the faculty of education they are devoid in this area. It is necessary thus, responsibility on the part of the authorities with the special education, to understand that it is not enough to have available professors, but qualified to deal with the demand.

Intention biggest is that it has one better interpretation regarding as to deal with the diverse situations that occur with the pupils special. They are of these answers, that many times have that to be immediate, that Coll comes to bring in relation to the personal development of the pupil. This sensitivity if relates between the learning and the deficiency of the pupils special. They are factors that bring indispensable subsidies in the work in classroom and are of it also, in the relation with the too much students, its proper family and in the too much contexts where they live.

The Worker

December 11, 2013


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For Rasp (2007), the concern with the quality that it induces to the increase of the participation of the worker in the productive process is a justification so that this exactly is of its environment of work exclusively carried to the personal life the idea from efficiency, canalizing the quarrel for the conquest and overcoming of objective measurable goals (RASP, 2007). The funcionalista-mechanist-comportamentalista paradigm predominantly in the organizations, to give account of ' ' factor-humano' ' that it appears as an important 0 variable of the process opens ticket for another one, transforming, that not more ' ' objetaliza' ' the man as ' ' recurso' ' (LOSICER 1995, apud DAVEL, 1995). However, it is important to stand out that the new model of management for quality also brings new forms of alienation, submission and psychic suffering of the worker, being that these factors are tied with the employment stability, that is, the worker has fear of the unemployment, being this, consequncia of one ' ' no-adaptao' ' ace changes provoked by the model. Moreover, it has the precarizao of the work, conditions unprovided of rights and transformation of the subjectivity of the worker in object, that are characteristic of the process of resultant terceirizao of the insertion of new technologies, reduction of costs and the proper system of total quality. Humanizar the work relations narrowly is related to the respect and valuation of the dignity human being who is intrinsic to the human being (COAST, 2004). In such a way, the organizations open space why they depend on the people so that the total quality happens. All the procedures are only carried through executed if the employee to internalizar and if to compromise to model philosophy. This results in a management that has as objective the welfare of the worker to the organizacional effectiveness, and ahead opens space for more expressive and strategical performance of the psychologist of the relations of being able and the meaning of them for the citizen-worker.

The Service

November 22, 2013


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Of the psicanaltico point of view, we are as the babies who have its necessities readily taken care of by its mother, that is, we live the imediatismo, and thus we are sovereign. The adolescence if inserts in a psychological disposal for the discarding, where emotional the affective plan also it follows the rule of the dismissable one, a mark of the contemporaneidade that enaltece the adolescence and vitimiza the aged one. Being is instantaneous, dismissable, imediatista, and passes to be treated not as an affection between two people, and yes as a merchandise any, that can be negotiated. This culture and way of behavior invade the subjetividades solapando the classic figures of the identity of an individual. The imediatismo of being for the adolescent implies in not fixing the nothing and to nobody, with a praticidade character, that in will go it to the future to spray with diverse frustrations in the emotional scope. According to ROLNIK (1997) the adolescent ahead of the behavior to be, can be considered as a kit, as standard of available identity in the market for ample consumption, being also renewable. He has some time come close themselves observing changes in the organization of the family due the transformations in the affective bonds and the relationships that gave support to the traditional nuclear family.

Thus, the relations they pass more fluid, brief, instantaneous, to be diversified and unstable. As it designates GIDDENS (1991) the romantic love is giving place to the plastic love, something seemed as a business inside of a relation, and where it has validity stated period, that is, lasts while to last the co-satisfaction between the partners. For BAUMAN (1998) one another aspect of the affective relationship of the contemporaneidade, seated in the sexuality, is that before the sexuality was placed the service of a life project, and today the sexuality is placed simply in hedonista, egoistic, imediatista and also isolacionista way.

Transactional Anaylsis

November 11, 2012


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The group had beginning with six participants locking in itself with five; the meetings had been carried through inside of the proper space of the institution, the participation were placed as voluntary, being that the participants who remained its schedule after gained overtime. In the first meeting a questionnaire was applied to know the name, escolaridade and the complaint that they brought; after that clarification on the contract was made, in this contract contained some rules as: to always arrive in the defined schedule, not to have more than three lacks without justification, to keep the secrecy on the boarded subjects and witnessed events of the meeting. Meeting had been carried through sixteen where if it worked the contents: self-knowledge, interpersonal relationship, interpersonal communication, leadership, responsibility, autonomy, adaptability; with the use of the dynamic theory of the transacional analysis and of group. During each meeting the process of development of the group was observed, having been possible to evaluate some reactions of the participants. RESULTED the initial meeting they had had as objective the comment of the expectations of the group regarding the work that would be carried through, presentation of to be worked proposal, I tie to establish it with the participants. The group if showed distant in the first meeting, did not interact between them and with the trainees, they only collaborated answering some questions and participating of the activities of dynamics, that would not be possible the accomplishment without the participation of the group, with little enthusiasm.

In elapsing of the meeting on activities to the self-knowledge had been worked, displaying the theory of the Transacional Analysis, this activity if it extended for other meeting. To each meeting if a group dynamics worked, of the autoconfiana was one of the most used. To the end of meeting the participants had changed feedback ones stop with the others, had recognized the fact of the reliable lack in them and the team of trainees.