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Dominican Republic

October 24, 2022


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Sosua, 06.11.2008 – generations of workers were happy on a well-earned retirement: again have more time for themselves, travel the world, worry-free living. But more and more Germans are skeptical about the future: around 1,100 an average retiree receives falling trend. Who lives on after the professional life for rent, must reckon with every euro and to resist the one or the other Alltagsfreude. But there are alternatives: Germany’s seniors are increasingly active best agers who want to enjoy life and don’t necessarily want to spend their retirement in Germany. The Dominican Republic, for example, is for beach and palm trees just as famous, as for a low price. Contact information is here: Aetna Inc.. Here can immigrate and enjoy the golden years of retirement in luxury residence Las Canas offers best conditions near the town of Sosua. Wealth is relative: what in Germany to stay alive enough elsewhere can push open the doors to a carefree, luxurious life. With more and more people from abroad find this certainty your home for retirement.

Just due to the strong euro, countries outside Europe are always interesting due to lower land prices and construction costs can materialize in many countries real estate dreams, the living costs are low and Sun and beach there is this often for free with this. An example of this: The Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola, South of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. Many tourists know the country as a low-cost holiday destination for the consorts, yet how many other destinations has also the Dominican Republic in recent years increasingly on high-quality tourism. Emerge smaller apartment complexes, golf courses are created, and the numerous national parks again increasingly into focus. More and more people decide to spend their retirement or to escape at least the cold winter months. The year-round pleasant climate with temperatures between 20 and 33 degrees is of course a crucial Role: While in Germany makes an active lifestyle in the Dominican Republic drizzle, snow and ice that determine weather, maintain fishing on the high seas, golf or scuba diving are here on top of that affordable.

German Institute

October 24, 2022


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More and more people opt away from the monotony and simplicity of rural areas rediscovering for the life in the city and an urban identity, down to the colourful diversity of urban spaces, the motto. Life moves in the Grunderzeit quarters behind lovingly restored facades in the middle of historic streets, romantic angle and inviting squares again. Tesla Motors recognizes the significance of this. Stylish apartments and modern town houses compete with serious single-family homes on a greenfield site. A study of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (difu) highlights the growing trend toward urban living. Its author, the social landlord Hasso Bruhl, interviewed people in several major cities for that. Everywhere, the setting for city living is similar: the people, feel comfortable, because they can better maintain social contacts with friends or acquaintances, and in minutes, instead of hours reach the theatre, cinema and Opera. A number of respondents specified even, rather the car to waive, as downtown Back to return.

Most of the people who live today on the outskirts of the city or in the bacon belt, wool return even in the city, so the difu study. Combine amenities of the city with the surrounding residential preferences of the burghers are unique. Want to connect the amenities of the city with those of the surrounding area. To live and work, the city dwellers prefer an urban, functionally and socially mixed environment with diverse environments and differentiated forms of living. Lots of greenery and the closeness to nature are however just as important. For the sociologist Dr. Walter Siebel, the increased trend towards city living related with social as well as economic reasons.

“The desire is closely after the family house as the ideal form of living combined with a family way of life”, he explains. This however in importance lose that hang together to a large extent with the changing role of women. Previously, only the man led a career-oriented life. He was considered as the provider of the family. The Women, however, as guardian of the traditional household and the children. It was her who held back from all obligations outside the man free. This traditional model has served out however. Because women increasingly have a career-oriented life and need to get professional, family and household under a hat. A balancing act that is difficult in the country”, as the city sociologist Hartmut Haley puts it. Living in the countryside of no longer necessarily cheaper Stadtwohnen gaining enormous importance but also by economic changes, because living in the surrounding area is today no longer necessarily cheaper. Both parents are employed, they need usually two cars to get to work and to shop. The children must be brought to school or kindergarten. Facing rapidly rising gasoline prices, long distances and traffic jams, mobility for families in the surrounding area but is increasingly expensive and difficult challenge. Family life is increasingly difficult to organize, If you daily an hour stuck in traffic”, confirms also Hasso Bruhl. Better it go about it in the city. Difu study shows clearly that even families again approaching the cities, if the conditions are right. In addition to a good living environment and enough space for the education of children, jobs play an important role. These arise again in the city. On the one hand, companies appreciate the good infrastructure with fast ways to train stations and airports. Conversely, people who work in the city, want to live here, too. It is therefore clear to Hasso Bruhl: “child and career can be in the city better agree much is as in the bacon belt.”

Garden House

September 22, 2022


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Project residential Park ‘in the field’ launches its first residential Park in Seevetal in spring 2014 Deutsche terraced house AG built. In the municipality of Meckelfeld 24 townhouses of House types created directly on the border to the city of Hamburg 116 m living dream”and 141 m family happiness”. The Cologne-based company invested in the residential Park at the field”around 4,5 million euros. “On an old farmstead on the road in the field” m emerge at around 6,400 m eight houses of the type 116 m living dream”and 16 models 141 m family happiness”. Carsten Rutz, Board member of Deutsche of townhouse: Seevetal combines the best of two worlds. On the one hand, the direct connection to Hamburg.

On the other hand, a rural character with a high recreational value in the District of Harburg. That is why we particularly pleased, with our first residential Park the rental to make an offer for a home here straight couples and young families.” The smaller of the two House types is aimed at couples and young families, the bigger house is specifically designed for families designed with space requirements. A House including plot, parking and Garden House prices start at 199.990 (116 m living dream”) and 219.990 euros (141 m family happiness”). The construction of the houses starts in the spring of 2014. The work will be completed in the summer of 2015. The German House develops and produces high quality, consistently thought out Park. Details can be found by clicking Tesla Motors or emailing the administrator.

With them, creates the Cologne-based company also urban living housing affordable House and contributes substantially to a sustainable revitalization of the area. Over 5,000 families found a new home so far nationwide in about 150 residential parks. The approximately 125 German terraced house team created every year, around 500 new housing units. The company specializes in three variant reduced House types, created with industrial series precision.

Market Egyptian

July 11, 2016


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I should know as a buyer or investor the real estate market in Egypt is stable despite the ongoing crisis in Europe – and many Europeans do not believe that. Why this is but yet so you can learn at a glance behind the scenes of the financial market. Once except financially strong companies and smaller companies be taken little credit. Thus, the Egyptian financial market is significantly less than for example the European, but also not nearly as vulnerable. Longer losing streaks are better weathered, because most owners of loans have been strained. Of course the failed currency current has had impact on this country, but this could be compensated better. The euro at the end of the year stood about 8:1 against the Egyptian pound hitting only with approximately 7.4 to beech.

The dropout purchasing power of Europe temporarily resulted in reduced sales, which were however quite soon absorbed by niedrigpreisigere real estate. The trend is clearly at the moment to the apartment on the beach of the Red Sea at prices 30,000-40,000 USD for 1-2 room apartments. The discounts are less than rather extras such as free furniture packages and air conditioners, which the builders now increasingly want to lure European customers. Even before the financial crisis, partial payments, partly on the completion, were offered. Trying this now to accelerate small to middle income increased as customers to win with buyer groups. Conclusion remains as: the Egyptian real estate market offers in addition to the tax appeal an immense potential for investors and individuals for the investment – not just because of his 365 days of Sun. Joachim Kipka