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December 11, 2013


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Why write an article on this topic? What perhaps seduction is not an innate talent? You have it or not. As well, came time to refute this. The seduction is an art, and as such is developed. While it is true that it is likely that we we do not become a Mozart at the piano or a Da Vinci to paint, as well so that we can learn to play certain melodies and pieces or learn to draw a beautiful landscape. That’s what happens with the seduction. It is evident that there are techniques and tools, and must know how to use them, otherwise you will not get the desired objective. We are of those who envy the neighbor because each week loaded with a different partner? Is it because he has the gene of the Conqueror? Of course not. The answer is that consciously or unconsciously applied techniques of seduction, and takes so long doing that makes it with an ease and naturalness that seems to wearing it in the blood.

We believe that money and physical attractiveness are basics when it comes to flirting; the truth is that if either is true that they are factors, for nothing are the most important. Or just have never known an ugly with an economic position average which is a don Juan. Is true that fear is the first step, but it is also necessary to know the techniques, knowing what to say, how to say it, when, how to act, what to do. If not any winnowing he would have a new conquest all weekends and believe me that it is not. Me is fun to see those fanfarrones in discos as well as they stop their officers returning them which ball of baseball, bateados. So how this work becomes the primary task for those who no longer want to return only to his house, be mockery it from your friends, or simply you want to enjoy the pleasure of being with a woman, either for your lifetime, or one every week, that’s decision for everyone. We learn because, friends, the secrets of seduction, we are masters of the art of conquering, as well as classes for other activities, we take must also instruct us in this that, believe me, It is them that are more worthwhile.